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Electronic Commerce/E-Commerce

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Electronic commerce or e-commerce, has completely revolutionized the traditional concept of doing business by enabling a presence in the global market. Here are some of the important advantages and disadvantages of electronic commerce. Electronic commerce or in short e-commerce, refers to business activities like selling and purchasing of products and services carried out over electronic systems like the Internet and computer networks. The history of e-commerce dates back to 1970, when for the first time, electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic fund transfer were introduced. Since then, a rapid growth of e-commerce has ...
The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily with widespread Internet usage. The use of commerce is conducted in this way, spurring and drawing on innovations in electronic funds transfer , supply chain management , Internet marketing , online transaction processing , electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least at some point in the transaction's lifecycle, although it can encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail as well. A large percentage of electronic ...
e-commerce Definition, Electronic commerce Definition
While some prefer the narrower ecommerce definition of conducting financial transactions through electronic means, I prefer the broader ecommerce definition because there are still a lot of people trying to sell things over the ‘Net who aren’t actually conducting financial transactions electronically. There have been many discussions and outright arguments about just what e-commerce is (and isn’t). If you like this sort of thing, “The Evolving Definition of E-Business” is just one example of the many papers written that attempt to elucidate a more rigorous ecommerce definition. E-commerce may be ... market research, surveys and trends
E-Commerce Business-to-Business Model | Moganz
In the B2B model, e-commerce is conducted between two businesses. The interaction between the two business parties takes place through computer applications. In this model, large amount of transactions take place between the business parties. The B2B model is gaining popularity because it reduces the cost and streamlines the transaction process. This model is characterized by: High volume of products Low price margin transactions Consider an example of two companies that form a B2B model. The first company sells automobile parts, and the second company assembles these parts and then sells the automobile to the customer. The ... market research, surveys and trends


Electronic Commerce and Internet Service Providers in Canada
The paper aims to increase the understanding among industry, government, and the public of the challenges that Internet service providers (ISPs) face in supplying and using electronic commerce (e-commerce), and the myriad of ways they are addressing these challenges and seizing the opportunities of the digital economy. The results provide a rigorous understanding of the nature of ISP activities in Canada, with a focus on e-commerce and other value-added services, making a significant contribution to knowledge on many relevant fronts. Key areas examined include e-commerce and other value-added services, economic performance, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
E-Commerce and Top Online Retailers Trends: 4th Quarter 2009
E-commerce is one of the few industries, which is not badly effected by the recent financial crisis. Though it may have some lean patches in the last year, it recovered quickly and has the growth potential over next year. The harsh economic situation drove companies to choose online retailing as it has more efficient solutions with easily measurable results at lower costs. However, it didn�t disappoint them, as e-commerce was not much affected by the crisis. E-commerce spending recorded a 3 percent year-over-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2009 signaling a positive note for the next year. According to a latest comScore ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
INTERNET LAW - E-commerce Taxation In Georgia
Georgia was the last of the 13 original colonies to tax its citizens, but today its state tax structure is among the broadest in the US. It has full-fledged statutes to govern e-commerce taxation to complement its robust R&D technical sector and high level of statewide personal and commercial Internet usage. In 1997, a Resolution expressing the consensus of the Georgian General Assembly was passed stating that Internet access and other electronic communication services should remain exempt from government imposed fees, assessments, or taxation. The motivation behind this was that the development of Internet access and other ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
A GIANT STEP: NAMA Cashless Solutions Program Eases Transition To Cards
The National Automatic Merchandising Association announced a newly formed relationship with Bank of America Merchant Services at the recent OneShow in Chicago. This alliance may be the catalyst for widespread acceptance of cashless vending in the United States. Formed in 2009, BAMS is the nation's largest bankcard merchant acquirer, with comprehensive knowledge of card brand rules and regulations. It has applied this expertise to designing a custom program offering NAMA members rates negotiated exclusively across relevant industry segments: vending, coffee service and foodservice. The NAMA Cashless Solutions program is a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Web Acceleration for E-Commerce Web Applications
electronic commerce (e-commerce) Web sites. For many e- commerce sites, Web pages are created dynamically based on the current state of a business stored in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Electronic Commerce: Legal Issues
The Electronic Commerce Working Group (ECWG) of the Department of Justice consists of lawyers from throughout the Department who are in regular contact to discuss legal issues related to electronic commerce.  The ECWG provides a convenient vehicle for Justice Department attorneys to disseminate information quickly regarding electronic commerce developments. The ECWG has studied complex and novel legal issues, and helps to coordinate Justice Department positions on emerging legal issues.  For example, the ECWG has a sub-group that meets regularly to study legal issues related ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Subject Research Guides: Business: Electronic Commerce (Rutgers ...
With the rapid growth of the World Wide Web, the Internet has become the new medium for commercial transactions. There is much advice to be found, and some of it is quite useful. More research continues to be conducted, especially on the buying behavior of Internet users. Here are sites with resources to aid the would-be online marketer: steps for doing business on the Internet (e.g. Website hosting, Webpage design, search engine optimization); data about Internet users; and tools to support electronic commerce (e.g. payment mechanisms, security technologies, digital-rights management). Many other resources (such as ...
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WikiAnswers - How does electronic commerce e-commerce affect you ...
How does electronic commerce e-commerce affect you as a consumer and how do you think e-commerce affects the way companies do business? This question has not been answered yet. What is a E - commerce ? E-commerce is basically an online store. You (the business owner) sell your products and / or services via the Internet using special software called shopping cart. There are lots of open source and... How does E - commerce help to do business ? You have a global presence instead of specifically local. You can conduct a transaction as easily with a guy from Spain as a next door neighbor. What is e - commerce ? E-commerce is ...
How does electronic commerce (e-commerce) affect you as a consumer ...
They need to control prices more. The ebusinesses dont have as much overhead so they are less expensive. Competition is good for all. 2 years ago 100% 1 Vote There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . No other answers.