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Charts, diagrams and graphs have been used to present statistical data and results for centuries.  The purpose is to present a finding or a summary of information in a manner where it can be readily understood.  However, they also have a dark side, where graphics are used to present a particular view or a biased interpretation of the data.  Hence, it is important to consider just what makes a �good� graphic. Data is often presented in tables, but these have long been recognised as a particularly poor means of communication.  In 1786 the English economist William Playfair wrote Information, that is imperfectly ...
Similar to the way that rotations in 3D space can be represented by quaternions of unit length, rigid motions in 3D space can be represented by dual quaternions of unit length. This fact is used in theoretical kinematics (see McCarthy), and in applications to 3D computer graphics and robotics . In 1891 Eduard Study realized that this associative algebra was ideal for describing the group of motions of three-dimensional space . He further developed the idea in Geometrie der Dynamen in 1901. B. L. van der Waerden called the structure "Study biquaternions", one of three eight-dimensional algebras referred to as biquaternions
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Upgrade | Eva Stark
While it remains easy enough to use, a number of critical issues have arisen. The “TABLES” feature, which we needed to simplify the creation of many documents barely works and is missing key features we needed. The “EXPORT” command does not work very well in creating files that other, non-Corel programs can use. It does not like to open up old files from the previous version of Corel, and font substitution in those older files is a chronic problem, even though the actual fonts are on the machine. We have returned to the previous version of Corel for our production work, and I do not plan on upgrading ... market research, surveys and trends
Vibrant Exhibition Stands from Ambient Graphics
– Looking for bold exhibition stands for your event or trade show? Or maybe you have a product launch and need something light and portable to carry around to promote it. Leading graphic creators, Ambient Graphics, have a range of quality exhibition stands for all uses and events. From pop-up exhibition stands to roller banner stands, the firm has it all. The banners and stands come in a variety of sizes and are so easy to put up, you won’t need more than one person to do it! The full range of exhibition stands includes pop up display and stands, beach and feather flags, event lighting transport cases, portable counters ... market research, surveys and trends


Intel Survey Reveals Laptop PC Users Don't Like to Leave Home ...
Americans have an unlimited imagination for unusual and creative ways to use their laptop PCs, according to the "Laptops & Lifestyles" survey released today by Intel Corporation. The survey of more than 2,400 computer users found that people have used their laptop PCs at weddings and funerals, in coal mines and on top of grain towers, from a Grand Canyon hiking trail to a "dodgy youth hostel in Amsterdam," while riding a horse, milking a cow and building a chicken coop. Americans use their laptops to be kind (helping a deaf man understand a church service), joyful (sharing thoughts from a wedding with those ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Gamasutra - News - State Of Game Development Survey Reveals iPhone ...
Gamasutra sister service Game Developer Research has debuted its latest report, the 2009-2010 State of Game Development Survey, revealing among other things a surge of iPhone developers and a lull in those making games for the Wii. The 100 page report is a result of a survey of more than 800 video game professionals from North America and beyond who read Gamasutra, subscribe to Game Developer magazine, or attend Game Developers Conference. Those complete results are available as a 100-page report from Game Developer Research , and more information from the survey is also available in the February 2010 issue of Game Developer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Qualcomm Introduces Mobile Augmented Reality Platform and Software Development Kit
Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today unveiled plans to offer an augmented reality platform and software development kit (SDK) to enable a new generation of vision-based augmented reality applications. Initially available for Android devices, Qualcomm’s augmented reality platform will enable developers to build applications that merge reality and cyberspace. The SDK will be made available at no charge to developers for use in the development and distribution of commercial applications. Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT), a worldwide leader of toys and family products, is one of the first consumer products companies embracing ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Amazon Introduces New Kindle DX with 50 Percent Better Display Contrast and ...
today introduced the new latest generation Kindle DX and new lower price of $379, down from $489, and still with free 3G wireless--no monthly bills or annual contracts. Kindle DX is the 9.7-inch large screen member of Amazon's family of revolutionary portable readers. The new Kindle DX features a new graphite enclosure and an all new, high contrast electronic ink display with 50 percent better contrast for the clearest text and sharpest images. The new Kindle DX is available for pre-order starting today at and it ships July 7. "There's ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2 (680) p. 84-242 (09).pmd
(eds Rai DV, Behari J, Koul A) Ideal Ideas Graphics, Chandigarh. (2008). Kaur, T ., Gupta Rajesh, K. Rakesh, V. Kim, Gupta, N.M. and Kahnduja, K.L. Interplay ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Motion Graphics Requirements and Best Practices
Jan 21, 2010 ... determine if a motion graphic project is the ideal channel for your message. .... For other ideas on how to incorporate motion graphics into ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
TL71/Ch. 4
and expensive type of symbol to obtain. To employ a graphic artist to visualize ideas is the ideal solution, but few faculty have the funds for this. ...
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before you recommend anything know that i am a console gamer, but i am shopping for a desktop PC to replace my old dying one, so basically the primary use for the PC is for general home/entertainment purpose, but i would still like to play some PC exclusives like the witcher etc, i am not a sucker for graphics either, as long as the system runs smoothly i am fine with it, i just dont wanna break the bank for it. i got my eye on ^^^ this one, seems to have some impressive specs, good processor, big memory etc. do you guys think this would play a some PC games ? i ...
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I am currently in the process of hiring a web designer. The quality of applicants that we are receiving is startlingly low. Quality is subjective, so let me explain what I am looking for. In a nut shell, I'm looking for someone who can design a website and create graphics better than I can do myself. I am a web developer, responsible for coding. I have an extensive knowledge of usability and accessibility and I do have an eye for design, but I lack in the creativity that someone who is focused in web design should have. I survive designwise by borrowing ideas I like on the web and putting them together for what works on the ...