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Special Report on

Environmental Safety and Emergency Management

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Managing and training for the evacuation of disabled and special-needs patients in hospitals and nursing homes has taken on a new urgency since the 9/1 1 and Katrina. The shortcomings demonstrated in those disasters and in other incidents have spurred investigations and the acceptance of new approaches reviewed in this report. These include the need for backup power for central air conditioning; the use of elevators in fire emergencies; replacement of cumbersome chairs and blanket-carrying procedures with lightweight, heavy duty sleds; and the virtual recreation of a hospital or nursing home to train employees in evacuation ...
Important Notice Concerning Disaster Training Education Courses ...
Please check here often; all email communications, special events, and other physician related information will be posted to this blog. The Environmental Safety and Emergency Management Dept will be hosting 3 disaster training courses in the coming months at Baylor Medical Center at Garland. This training is open to all BHCS employees so please register early because seating is limited. Below are course descriptions for you to review and there will be CEU's are available for $15 on the BDLS and ADLS courses. We are working to try to get CEU's for the Decon course as well. Baylor Plano and THE HEART HOSPITAL ... market research, surveys and trends
asbestos management program | Everything Asbestos
Australia like all developed countries is facing the challenge of waste management, especially regarding how to deal with the waste from industry. One method is through the use of facilities management – the comprehensive management of industrial to ensure maximum safety and minimal environmental impact. The challenge of waste management concerns not only how to get rid of the waste but also how to make sure that the maximum value is recovered through recycling and the rest disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, firms have to find ways to minimise the volume of waste they produced in the first place. ... market research, surveys and trends


has more than 20 years of experience directly related to the development, management, operation, and evaluation of research participation, fellowship, and internship programs at national laboratories and federal research centers.   He currently serves as Director of Science and Engineering Education for Oak Ridge Associated Universities.   He is responsible for a staff of more than 50 individuals who are dedicated to various aspects of science education program operations ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Biosurveillance Data Steering Group (BDSG) Minimum Data Set Page ...
Decontamination loading Percent of decontamination facilities currently utilized ... Ron Kasowski, Facility Director of Environmental Safety and Emergency Management, .... About $15 -18 million for the nation's 4500 hospitals per year. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Marcellus Shale gas drilling put under microscope
This month has not been a quiet one for the booming Marcellus Shale natural gas well drilling industry, and the commotion has the attention of Debbie Borowiec of Upper Burrell, where two gas wells are planned near 67 homes on Chapeldale Drive. The industry noise began with a "blowout" on June 3 at a Marcellus Shale well outside Penfield in rural Clearfield County. That well, adjacent to the Moshannon State Forest, spewed natural gas and drilling wastewater contaminated with toxic chemicals into the air for 16 hours. On Monday, drillers hit a pocket of methane in an inactive deep mine, causing an explosion and fire that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
State has plan that deals with oil spill
North Carolina has a plan for dealing with the possible incursion of the BP Deep Horizons oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico into the state’s coastal waters. That plan may be found on the N.C. Department of Crime Control & Public Safety’s Web page under the heading for the Division of Emergency Management, said department spokesman Ernie Seneca. The department’s Web page may be found at . To find the plan, visit and review pages 433-480. The plan was developed in the “remote chance some of this oil will make its way up here,” Seneca said in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Record Retention Guide
*Act = while active, employed, or enrolled; Life= life of affected employee; P= permanent. Public Safety/Environmental Safety and Emergency Management ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IEMA - Division of Nuclear Safety
The Division of Nuclear Safety is responsible for protecting Illinois residents from the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation. The division is recognized across the nation and around the world as a leader in radiation safety. The Division of Nuclear Safety administers over two dozen programs to protect citizens and the environment, including: Resident Inspectors at each nuclear power plant to conduct independent safety inspections of critical safety systems Site History and Environmental Monitoring Report for Sheffield Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site This 2009 Site History and Environmental Monitoring Report technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Storm Water
to report observations of individuals discarding materials into storm drains, Goldsworth Valley Pond, or the stretches of Arcadia Creek adjacent to campus. In addition, anyone discarding chemical materials or leaking automotive fluids in parking lots or along roadways on campus should call this number before doing so. Where does water on Western's campus go? Rainwater and snowmelt on Western's campus flow into the storm drain system through curb inlets and catch basins. All dirt, oil, trash, and ...
Google Answers: What companies provide emergency management services.
I would like a list of companies that provide services to local and state municipalities after hurricanes or other natural disasters. Such services might be debris management and/or they might help local and state municipalities apply for funds from FEMA and State Agencies. The services they offer are both actual and technical and can cover a broad range. Their SIC codes might be 8711, 8741 or 8742. They might also have NAICS codes such as 541330, 541611 or 541612. A single company might provide services that fall under all of theses codes and more. Examples of companies that provide one or more of these ...
Can anyone advise me on Health and Safety requirements for the US ...
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