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Special Report on

Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

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The 20-year effort by environmentalists to establish climate science as the primary basis for far-reaching action to decarbonize the global energy economy today lies in ruins. Backlash in reaction to “Climategate” and recent controversies involving the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s 2007 assessment report are but the latest evidence that such efforts have evidently failed. While the urge to blame fossil-fuel-funded skeptics for this recent bad turn of events has proven irresistible for most environmental leaders and pundits, forward-looking greens wishing to ascertain what might be salvaged from the wreckage ...
that affects the environment, and leads to financial, environmental and/or human losses. The resulting loss depends on the capacity of the population to support or resist the disaster, and their resilience. This understanding is concentrated in the formulation: "disasters occur when hazards meet vulnerability ." A natural hazard will hence never result in a natural disaster in areas without vulnerability, e.g. strong earthquakes in uninhabited areas. The term natural has consequently been disputed because the events simply are not hazards or disasters without human involvement.
The Breakthrough Institute: Daily Caller Interview: Ted Nordhaus ...
about climate skepticism. So as to avoid any confusion about my views on the subject, I post below the full text of the extended email correspondence from which Riggs pulled the quotes: Share Mike Riggs: Do you see skepticism as a rational reaction to recent news about "climategate," inaccurate studies in the 2007 IPCC report, or criticisms of Dr. Phil Jones? Ted Nordhaus: You have to ask yourself what you mean by skepticism. Are you talking about skepticism about the relationship between CO2 and global temperatures? Skepticism about whether temperature trends over the last decade are consistent with the predictions of ... market research, surveys and trends
Firefighting and extreme weather conditions
Predictive ability for emergency service requests represents a great potential for a safer community and cost-savings. The ability to predict the everyday variety of crimes, fires, and emergency medical calls is within reach. After 9-11, the trend toward information analysis and intelligence in law enforcement accelerated rapidly. Business intelligence analysis software and geographic information system technology has found its way into policing, not just in large urban areas but in small towns as well. National databases and information sharing among all levels of law enforcement make it possible to reduce the risk of terrorism ... market research, surveys and trends


Disaster Recovery Journal - Dedicated to Business Continuity Since ...
Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal have partnered to field a number of market studies in business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) in order to gather data for company comparison and benchmarking, to guide research, and for the publication of best practices and recommendations for the industry. The first study focused on gathering a baseline of company DR preparedness. This is the second study and focuses on gathering a baseline of company BC preparedness. Specifically, this study was designed to determine: To what extent have companies formalized ongoing BC management programs with executive level ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
07.04.10: Modeling Natural Disasters with Mathematical Functions
Mathematics is an extraordinary exercise of the human mind in abstracting the results of observation to find similarities and differences between phenomena. These relations between phenomena make it possible to organize the natural world into discrete sets of objects that can be studied using similar mathematical objects and methods. Nature, as an object of mathematical study, bridges the gap between the concreteness of the everyday environment and the abstraction of mathematics. Mathematics, in turn, allows us to summarize, formalize, interpolate, and extrapolate from observations that have been recorded. The mathematical ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Action plan needed to face extreme weather events
 GUWAHATI, June 12 � With its peculiar climatic and geographic conditions, Assam should have a comprehensive action plan to combat disaster situations emerging from extreme weather events. Unless that is prepared with urgency, there is a real chance that both human beings and biodiversity would suffer irreparable harm. This was the unambiguous message generated during a State-level workshop on �Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change� organised by Gramya Vikash Mancha, Action Aid, and National Union of Journalists in the city recently. Sponsored by the European Union, the workshop helped shape a demand that in accordance ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Growth potential tangos with high disaster risk
INDONESIA and Iran are most at risk from extreme weather and geophysical events, according to a new study ranking 229 countries on their vulnerability to natural disasters. The Natural Disasters Risk Index (NDRI), released by London-based global risks advisory firm Maplecroft, has been developed to enable businesses and investors to identify risks to international assets. It is calculated by measuring the human impact of natural disasters, in terms of deaths per annum and per million of population, plus the frequency of events over the last 30 years. The methodology has been refined to reflect the likelihood of an event ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Fire Department Preparedness for Extreme Weather Emergencies and ...
This report examines the impact of extreme weather and natural disasters on the fire service. It also addresses the types of service calls most likely to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Extreme Weather Sourcebook
Economic & Other Societal Impacts Related to Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Lightning, & Other Weather Phenomena Data Sources and Methodology Overview Extreme weather accounts for many billions of dollars in damage every year in the United States. The size of the U.S., along with its particular geographical and societal conditions, make it susceptible to a wide range of weather phenomena. This website presents a summary of damage suffered from hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes in the United States and its territories. The goal of the website is to educate and stimulate interest in the societal impacts of weather ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WikiAnswers - What extreme weather conditions or natural disasters ...
There were a number of blizzards, probably the worst was the Great Blizzard of March 11 to March 14, 1888. It produced up to 50 inches of snow, and drifts of up to 50 feet. Another particularly bad one was in 1947. There were vary bad heat waves in New York in 1883 and August 9-15, 1986. The history of New York has also seen a number of other disasters. See the related link. First answer by ID3634616322 . Last edit by GeoHarvey . Contributor trust : 27 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 51 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these New York questions? Related answers: What
What's up with all of this crazy weather and natural disasters ...
global warming? well, it cant be left out as a major factor.. but with the massive disasters now it seems like something more.. i was in katrina and i actually stayed.. that was the first time i was ever afraid of the's only getting worse.. i dont really take the bible literally but it does make me start to think much more about it.. SCARY! Asker's Rating: Asker's Comment: It is scary, I think it is prophecy, if you read in rev. and the book of daniel , the bible does speak of these events...I'm sure global warming falls into place with it to. There are currently no comments for this question.