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Special Report on

Beyond Labour Market Flexibility

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“Flexicurity” denotes an optimal configuration of flexible labour legislation and secure social protection. But which combination of flexibility and security is advantageous, and for whom? Rather than staying within the confines of the often dichotomous “flexibility”-“rigidity” discourse, this paper outlines different configurations of employment protection laws (EPL), collective relation laws (CRL) and social protection around the millennium. Only the totality of legal statutes and loopholes mirrors the protection status of any given worker. In accord with this regime notion of socio-economic protection, these three continuous ...
function through the interaction of workers and employers. Labour economics looks at the suppliers of labour services (workers), the demanders of labour services (employers), and attempts to understand the resulting pattern of wages, employment, and income. In economics , labour is a measure of the work done by human beings. It is conventionally contrasted with such other factors of production as land and capital . There are theories which have developed a concept called human capital (referring to the skills that workers possess, not necessarily their actual work), although there are also counter posing macro-economic system ...
Forum Pendamping Buruh Nasional: Memburu Revisi UU 13/2003:
Terdiri dari : 1. SPIS - Jakarta 2. Lembaga Daya Dharma (LDD)- Jakarta 3. PSE Keuskupan Tanjung Karang 4. PSE Keuskupan Bogor 5. Pastoral Perburuhan Keuskupan Bandung (PPKB) 6. Young Christian Workers (YCW)- Bandung 7.Komisi Justice & Peace Keuskupan Purwokerto 8. Institut Solidaritas Buruh Surabaya (ISBS) 9. Kerukunan Pekerja Katolik (KPK) 10. Vincentian Center Indonesia (VCI) - Malang 11. PSE Keuskupan Denpasar 12. Komisi Migran & Perantau - Batam Oleh M. Sumartono PJ FPBN wilayah Jabotabek dan Batam Aktivis perburuhan Lembaga Daya Dharma Keuskupan Agung Jakarta Sejak 8 Februari 2006 lalu, seakan mendung kelabu bagi sebagian ... market research, surveys and trends
The next stage of this leadership campaign - Ed Miliband's full speech
Ed Miliband gave a speech this afternoon in which he sought to explain the way he thinks the party, and then the country, need to change. He also took the opportunity to reach out to Lib Dem voters and make some breaks with New Labour. -- Today I want to talk about the next stage of this leadership campaign. So far in this campaign we’ve talked about where we went wrong as a political party and as a government. Since last week we have focussed on what is wrong with the Budget the coalition put forward and it is right that we fight it every step of the way. The Liberal Democrats vote for the Budget has forever forfeited ... market research, surveys and trends


Economic Survey of Mexico, 2007
also be found between labour market flexibility and worker protection in ..... Barrels per day (millions)1 .... Percent .... Beyond health care provision, as the budget constraint is eased, more measures will have to be introduced to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Labour Market Trends and Globalization's Impact on Them
Compared to the early 1970s, unemployment rates are now higher in almost all developed countries. In the early 1990s, overall unemployment in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries rose from its already unacceptably high level at the end of the previous decade.  Since 1994, the trend has been downward in almost all developed countries. Especially grim have been developments in Europe. In OECD countries in North America, unemployment has declined more than in Europe in recent years. In Japan, the unemployment rate has traditionally been much lower than in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Passing the hat to stop Abbott
NEXT Tuesday, the nation's senior union leaders will convene at ACTU headquarters in Melbourne to map out the next stage of their quest to stop Tony Abbott from taking the Lodge. High on the agenda will be a bid by ACTU secretary Jeff Lawrence to have unions bankroll a new advertising campaign aimed at securing the federal Labor Party's re-election. Union officials have been asked to contribute $1 per member, which will equate to as much as $1.8 million if all national unions agree. According to Lawrence, the reason for the pre-election fundraising drive is simple: the ACTU does not have enough cash at its disposal to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
EU 2.0: towards sustainable integration
The European Union needs to undergo a revolution founded on “pragmatic wishful thinking” that will make it more modern, global, networked, and effective. But for “EU 2.0” to become possible, says Kalypso Nicolaïdis, there must be a new governing idea for the European project: sustainable integration. At a time when Athens is in turmoil, Berlin in angst , London in retreat,  and the euro dissolving, the continent's predicament leads us back to a familiar question: what future can and should Europe create? Are there alternatives to the all-too-familiar answers of a core Europe for the few, or an ever-closer federal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Beyond Labour Market Flexibility: Issues and Options for Post ...
BEYOND LABOUR MARKET FLEXIBILITY: ISSUES AND OPTIONS FOR POST-CRISIS. INDONESIA. Iyanatul Islam. Abstract This paper argues that the notion of labour market ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB: Speech, Greenspan--Economic flexibility--October 12, 2005
It is a pleasure once again to speak before the National Italian American Foundation. I have long since been awarded the status of honorary Italian, for which I am sincerely appreciative. In my more than eighteen years at the Federal Reserve, much has surprised me, but nothing more than the remarkable ability of our economy to absorb and recover from the shocks of stock market crashes, credit crunches, terrorism, and hurricanes--blows that would have almost certainly precipitated deep recessions in decades past. This resilience, not evident except in retrospect, owes to a remarkable increase in economic flexibility, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
We are nursing these jobs - 'We are nursing these jobs': the ...
Labour market flexibility has received much publicity over the past few years .... In the case of casuals, normally if a worker worked beyond 24 hours per ...
Human Resources: Nation States and the National Labour Market ...
To globalize means to "make worldwide in scope or application," and the globalization of trade means freer and more intense worldwide trade across national borders. Technology helps to make globalization possible. With computers linked across companies, countries and continents, geography and time no longer weigh down the flow of information. The  trade  and  business  are  influenced  by  the  International political - economic agreements and organizations such as NAFTA, the World Trade Organization (WTO), Canada - Chile Free Trade Agreement and Asia Pacific Economic ...
Slashdot | Non-Compete Agreement Beyond Term of Employment?
I've had such agreements placed before me before. I specifically demanded that they be removed, and that I have specific assurances to the contrary. One time I even got it. I wouldn't sign such an agreement with anyone, personally. Money is too easy to find to justify indenturing yourself in such a way just for a job. Fair warning, it's not always that simple. I've been dismissed 12 months into a job because I wouldn't sign (That wasn't the stated reason- I was "laid off"; which in reality was they let me go, they "let go" someone in the California offices and ...