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Creating an Employee Handbook

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Must employees wait a certain time to receive benefits? Can probationary employees begin to accrue (accumulate) benefits? Paid time off (vacations, personal days, sick time) This section is handled in a variety of ways. There is no federal law that requires you to pay an emloyee for time off, including vacations, holidays, personal time, or sick time, though "time off" is high on the list of expectations by employees. Employees do have the option of taking time off without pay. Any paid time off will directly affect your productivity and customer service. One way to handle this is to provide an overall “paid ...
founded by John W. Nordstrom. Initially a shoe retailer, the company today also sells clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and in some locations, home furnishings. The corporate headquarters and the flagship store are located in Downtown Seattle , Washington .
Guidelines for New Employee Orientation | Human Resources 101
Why bother, they will figure things out soon enough, I just give a new employee to a trusted employee and they take it from there In Canada anywhere from 5.5% – 7.5% of employees will quit their job this year? This works out to an average of 3,700 employees who have their first day on a new job, each work day of the year. One reason why people change jobs is that they never feel welcome or part of the organization. As a result, they choose to quit their jobs shortly after being hired and move on to another company. The cost of hiring, orienting and training a new employee can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 per ... market research, surveys and trends
How to Write an Employee Handbook - Sample Employee Handbooks ...
Wondering how to write an employee handbook? Communicating your personnel policies in a professional employee handbook is essential. If you've been tasked with writing an employee handbook, this article is a must-read. Enjoy! You can find sample employee handbooks on the web, but writing an employee handbook is more than just an exercise in quickly completing employee handbook templates and calling it a day. (article continues below) An effective employee handbook is a key ingredient in a healthy business. If done properly, your employee handbook can effectively communicate your company's policies and procedures in a ... market research, surveys and trends


human resources and policies and procedures and workplace ...
must respect workers legal rights to privacy and nondiscrimination. Many employers, especially small business owners, rely on... Tags : Workplace , Drug Testing , , Policies And Procedures , Recruitment & Selection , Human Resources , Workforce Management White papers 1999-01-12 Is The Time Right For Impairment Testing? Advocates say this decades-old method, which has undergone significant changes, has advantages over drug testing in ensuring safe workplaces. A transformation is under way, though few have noticed. While governmental pressure for workplace drug testing remains, many HR professionals have begun to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
In-House or Outsource It? - HR World
human resource (HR) functions can be a simple way for a company to get a monkey off its back. The true question, however, is how much of the HR functions a company should outsource — is it more effective to offload specific areas like payroll and hiring or to hand over the entire process to professionals? Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to fit every company and every scenario. Yet there’s no doubt that a growing number of companies are eyeing some form of HR outsourcing as an attractive alternative. According to Kennedy Information , an information resource for buyers and sellers of IT and management ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Appellant challenges the grant of summary judgment disposing of his breach-of-employment-contract and promissory-estoppel claims. Because we conclude that there are unresolved issues of material fact, we reverse. Appellant Henry Hempel had discussions in February 1999 with representatives of respondent NOR-SON, Inc. about potential employment. Discussions continued over a nine-month period. According to appellant, during these discussions Robert Sweeny, respondent's president and CEO, repeatedly stated that "everybody is replaceable" in references to other employees who had been terminated. This concerned ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Plaintiff, Mark H. Foshee, filed suit against Georgia Gulf Chemical & Vinyls, L.L.C. ("Georgia Gulf") seeking to recover certain profit-sharing distributions, as well as penalties and attorney fees. The district court rendered partial summary judgment in favor of Georgia Gulf on the issue of penalties and attorney fees, and the matter proceeded to trial on the merits. At the conclusion of trial, the district court awarded plaintiff $17,263.35 in profit sharing, with legal interest from date of demand. On appeal, the court of appeal affirmed the district court's judgment granting partial summary judgment in favor ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Creating an Employee Handbook
Last updated: 11/3/2007 page 2 of 6. B Resource Guide: Creating an Employee Handbook. What's in this Guide: I. Definition. II. Why Have an Employee Handbook ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
How to Create an Employee Handbook |
An employee handbook is the most important communication tool between you and your employees. A well-written handbook sets forth your expectations for your employees, and describes what they can expect from your company. An employee handbook should describe your legal obligations as an employer, and you employee’s rights. This basic Employee Handbook Template can be customized using your company’s specific policies. Using this free template can help save a lot of time so you do not have to create a handbook from scratch. The most effective employee handbooks cover the following topics. If you use the Employee ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Policies set forth in this handbook are not intended to create a ... procedures are detailed in the Employee Handbook, and are listed on the BTI web site. ...
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Writing an employee handbook.. Question about emergency call offs ...
I work at a limited service restaurant. We had previously only hired through people we could know and trust, but we need to hire some outside employees now, so I am creating an employee handbook. I'm not sure how to word my 'emergency call off' section.. Right now I have: "Any medical emergency call offs must be supplemented with a explicit notice from a physician stating that the conditions prevented an employee from fulfilling general limited service restaurant responsibilities. A notice of an appointment will not suffice. This is due within 3 days or by the following Monday by 4:30 PM, which ever ...
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Here are forms, templates and software and other products Business Know-How recommends to save you time and help you produce more professional documents. Time Management, Goal-Setting and Productivity Templates for Microsoft Word Time management and goal-setting don't have to be dull! Make better use of your time, track your goals and brighten your day with these ready-to-use, pictorial time management and goal-setting templates for Microsoft Word . Employee Handbook Template Save time and money creating an employee handbook or employee manual for your business. This Microsoft Word ...