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Special Report on

Precarious work and human rights

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which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The fundamental importance of human resources for the development of health care systems is recognized the world over. Health districts, which constitute the middle level of the municipal health care system in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, deal with demands from all parts of the system. This research seeks to provide the essential features required in order to understand the phenomenon of increase in precarity of employment in these health districts. The legal and human resource management documents ...
The PRC government argues that the notion of human rights should include economic standards of living and measures of health and economic prosperity, 1 and notes progress in that area. Controversial human rights issues in China include policies such as capital punishment , the one-child policy , the social status of Tibetans , and lack of protections regarding freedom of press and religion. A number of organizations work to create awareness and campaign for change with regard to human rights in China. These include Amnesty International , Human Rights Watch , Human Rights in China , Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) and ...
Putting a Face to the Brand Name | The Fine Print
Every day, average Americans drive to their jobs, work for about four hours and then take a legally mandated lunch break for 30 minutes to an hour. After about four more hours of work, they go home. But Gina Cano and Lowlee Urquia’s workdays were nothing like that. Gina and Lowlee were Honduran sweatshop workers, and they worked as long as it took to make their quota with unpaid overtime, a 15-minute lunch break and medical deductions from their $40 weekly paychecks that amounted to a lack of decent medical services. But as horrific as that sounds to students in the U.S., this job provided them with the few resources that they ... market research, surveys and trends
Defender Network » Blog Archive » Let Us Not Be Fooled
A few months back, Marc Morial of the Urban League, Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP and I met with President Obama in the White House on a day that could best be described as troublesome and unpredictable. It was a precarious afternoon as we battled our way through a blizzard that literally blanketed DC and left it functioning like a near ghost town. But on that cold February day, the inclement weather was not the grave challenge; rather, it was the pressing realization that African-Americans were bearing the brunt of a catastrophic economic downturn. And as fears of a double-dip recession emerge, some four months later, sadly, ... market research, surveys and trends


In early December 2008, just a month after the historic election ...
IMMIGRANT WORKERS, PRECARIOUS WORK AND THE U.S. LABOR MOVEMENT. Ruth Milkman .... Although it uses the rhetoric of human rights and/or civil rights, ... Today, about 15 percent of the U.S. workforce, or 23 million workers, are foreign- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Women's Rights — Global Issues
Yet, despite many successes in empowering women, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic. For example, women often work more than men, yet are paid less; gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime; and women and girls are often are the ones that suffer the most poverty. Many may think that women’s rights are only an issue in countries where religion is law, such as many Muslim countries. Or even worse, some may think this is no longer an issue at all. But reading this report about the United Nation’s Women’s Treaty and how an increasing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Supreme Court upholds anti-terror law
The Supreme Court upheld the government's authority Monday to ban aid to designated terrorist groups, even when that support is intended to steer the groups toward peaceful and legal activities. The court left intact a federal law that the Obama administration considers an important tool against terrorism. But human rights organizations say the law's ban on providing training and advice to nearly four dozen organizations on a State Department list squanders a chance to persuade people to renounce extremism. The justices voted 6-3 to reject a free-speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups to the law that bars ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
E-Verify and the unintended consequences of immigration reform
EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. — About seven of them are idly kicking the curb of the Home Depot parking lot on a Sunday. The lot is empty except for a few cars parked in the spaces near the entrance. They scan pickup trucks for wooden planks, tools, and a rolled-down window through which they can call, What are you building? Do you need help? Alejandro (who asked to be referred to by his first name only, because he’s an illegal immigrant) is sitting on the curb, letting his flannel shirt rattle in the breeze. His baseball cap hides his eyes, but the unease is in his voice. His life is difficult enough as it is, he says; he ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


precarious work and human rights
International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant,. Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations. 8 Rampe du Pont Rouge, Petit Lancy, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Testimony before the Subcommittee on International Organizations ...
Jun 9, 2010 ... appreciate the interest the Committee is taking in our work in support of the .... The gains that have been made are precarious, and must be nurtured ... debate, they adopted a strong constitution with human rights ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Supranational Norms and Discourses about Precarious Work
sons, both the problem of precarious work and the range of possible .... dom ( Sen, 1999); the recognition of human rights as both a constitutive part ...
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Where can I find the precarious penguin pyramid print, "The ...
At least that's what I think it was called. It made so many good points about organizations in such a humorous way (like the way some penguins had to support those above them, for example) that I had a copy in my office until it was irreparably damaged in a move. Does anyone know how to locate a copy? If you've seen the print, you know exactly what I;'m talking about and why I want it; if you haven't, you think I'm crazy and you may be right.  Discuss this question (1 comment) why can't I answer? Show all details , Hide all details  by Spamgirl on Jan 23 2007
What makes work meaningful?
Work is meaningful when you are fulfilling your objective in doing the task. Not to be confused with enjoying the task. You may be working and getting a great paycheck which is meaningful in terms of your financial goal, but then you may be working for a horrible boss that you can’t stand working for. The pain can be part of it, you may feel accomplished. Another thing that may make work meaningful is meaning itself. When you work, you are contributing one way or another, making one feel like they have a purpose or they are needed. Making something happen that never happened before that also makes a profit! Hearing a ...