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Special Report on

Self Employment in the Arts

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Ping Wu, is best known for her place on Season 7 of Project Way. Yet, what most people don't really know is that she actually immigrated from China to study medicine in the states. She is an American Trained Physical Therapist with licenses in the states of IL, CA and NY. It was in her late 20's that she followed her heart to fashion and Italy. She is also now an Italian trained Fashion Designer. She has Interned with Luisa Beccaria in Milan, and with BLESS in Paris. Currently, she designs and manufactures her own Fashion Accessories as a whole sale business for the international market. The CFTE was incredibly lucky ...
not even a year old, has the support of leading figures in the arts, politicians from across the political spectrum and policy makers who recognise the urgency of protecting, nurturing and investing in the arts if we are to prevent a generation of creative talent being lost to the recession. NDotM developed from an article written in the New Statesman in January 2009 by Martin Bright , the magazine’s former political editor. In this piece, Martin suggested that cultural elements of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), part of US President Franklin D Roosevelt ’s post- Great Depression New Deal , be adapted for the UK today. ...
Getting Started :: Paul Hannon
A couple of years ago in 2008, I attended a weekend seminar here in Halifax hosted by Visual Arts Nova Scotia titled “Email is So Dead!” The main presenter was Tiiu Poder and the audience of about a dozen were people like me, artists and members of VANS. Likely one other common experience also linked our group. We’re baby boomers. Yes boomers, both awkward and cranky about our lack of understanding where web technology is going and how we are missing the boat. Fortunately, Tiiu Poder is such a gifted and patient presenter with keen insights and experience in the arts and in the business of art. We were invited to take ... market research, surveys and trends
unraveling the mystery of self employment in the arts
This is for transitional counselors, vocational rehab counselors, and people with disabilities interested in the arts. Registration deadline is January 19, 2007. VSA arts of Texas presents Unraveling the Mystery of Self-Employment in the Arts an ArtWorks Workshop featuring guest speaker David Hammis Tuesday & Wednesday, January 23 & 24, 2007 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Crowne Plaza Hotel 6121 North IH-35 - Austin, Texas Workshop fee is $125 CEUs available Unraveling the Mystery of Self-Employment in the Arts is for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the literary, visual, musical, or performing arts and the support network of ... market research, surveys and trends


Northwest Arkansas Community Indicators:
In 2000, nearly 10 percent of the populations of Benton, Carroll, .... Northwest Arkansas counties have higher rates of self-employment in the arts than other ... foundations throughout Northwest Arkansas, and over 2.5 billion dollars ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Entrepreneurial Mind: March 2007 Archives
As we have been predicting, the federal government is moving to implement legislation that moves us toward a policy of socialized entrepreneurship. The National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship reports that Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE) Act of 2007 is moving forward. Why is this bad? It sets up a system that creates the potential of government picking winners and bureaucrats using the entrepreneurial economy as a tool for social engineering. Instead, we should let markets work. The bill gives tax credits for investment in small businesses. Simple enough as it is written now. But we all know what happens. First ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Book Excerpt: 'The Four Fingers of Death'
Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool at the bottom of any article or visit by Montese Crandall People often ask me where I get my ideas. Or on one occasion back in 2024 I was asked. This was at a reading in an old-fashioned used-media outlet right here in town, the store called Arachnids, Inc. The audience consisted of five intrepid and stalwart folks, four out of the five no doubt intent on surfing aimlessly at consoles. Or perhaps they intended to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Private, For-Profit Colleges Under the Microscope
Dallas personal injury lawyer Julie Johnson’s foray into the fight against private, for-profit colleges began with a handful of would-be interior designers. A few years ago, a group of students had come to Johnson for help: They had forked over thousands of dollars at a private, for-profit school, but their non-accredited course work didn’t pass muster for an interior design license. Since then, Johnson has devoted most of her practice to hounding “proprietary” or “career” colleges for failing to make good on their claims. She’s not alone in her focus. Career colleges find themselves in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Cultural and recreational industries in the United States
Greater detail on the levels of self-employment in the arts, entertainment, and recreation sector is given in Table 2. This table shows relatively low ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. ECONOMY - State & Federal Finance
This report discusses the place and behavior of the business firm and initiative in the American economy. It includes data on the number, type, and size of businesses; financial data of domestic and multinational U.S. corporations; business investments, expenditures, and profits; and sales and inventories. Domestic Trade Presents statistics relating to the distributive trades, specifically wholesale trade and retail trade. Data shown for the trades are classified by kind of business and cover sales or receipts, establishments, employees, payrolls, and other items. Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Federal Energy Management Program ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tabor Times - Spring 2010 - Millikin University
Millikin was represented by nine people at this year’s CEO Conference at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago.  The conference took place in October 2009. CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization) is the premier student entrepreneurship network with chapters on university campuses across North America and beyond.   The conference hosts over 1,600 students, faculty, and others interested in entrepreneurship with more than 80 professionals making presentations.  This year, Millikin senior Andrew Schenk finished in the top 20 with his business Chimp Studios, an iPhone and iPod Touch ...
Can i put self-employment in my employment history application ...
I am applying for a public library and it says I need at least 6 months of clerical or customer service skills or 1000 hrs of volunteer work. I was wondering if i can put self-employment in my employment history application for public library. But I don't have employer name or phone number because its self-employment. and there is no salary because its commission-based. Also does afterschool teacher count as customer service? its a private school and i have to deal with parents and students at the same time.. Also if i 7 months ago Member since: August 08, 2009 Total points: 9915 (Level 5) Badge Image: you can put ...
LLC and self employment taxes | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
My question concerns and LLC with two owners. One owner works only for the LLC; I understand that this owner must pay the 15.3% self employment tax on the first $106,800 and then the 2.9% medicare thereafter. The other owner has a regular job in addition to his share in the LLC and we assume that his regular job pays more than the $106,800 - in which case his employer is currently paying half of the Social Security and Medicare and he is paying the other half on his salary. Now that the LLC is profitable, what self employment tax would the second partner have to pay on share of profits from the LLC and would this reduce the ...