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Special Report on

Threats to Attendance Allowance

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It is with sadness that I begin my first newsletter with the report of the loss of four of our members over the last year.  We extend our sympathies to the families of Ron Lawrence, Gilbert Calway, Rose Griffiths and Beryl Higson. I would also like to send our best wishes those members who are not so well at the moment, namely Edna Curd, Bridget Moran, Betty Mepham, Doris Brighton and John Bullied.  Our thoughts are with you. Get well soon. We have had a busy year fundraising bringing in a total of £1716.93 to boost our funds from four main activities.  The Open Garden at Hailsham Grange raised £566.97, ...
often reflects when young people are seen to be mature enough within their society, but not necessarily when they are old enough to be regarded as an Adult. In England and Wales , this age has been raised numerous times since the introduction of compulsory education in 1870. The most recent Raising of School Leaving Age occurrence was on 1 September 1972, following preparations which began 8 years prior in 1964. 1 This increased the legal leaving age from 15 to 16, leaving a gap year of school leavers who, by law, had to complete an additional year of education from 1973 onwards. There are several reasons why the Government may ...
From CCTV to IPVS – do we get from evolution « CCTV
is bankrupt Circuit Television. It commonly refers to the ecology of concrete areas area aegis is a affair by alone companies or organizations. It generally implies the attendance of a aegis bouncer who will adviser the cameras in the ascendancy allowance in absolute time. IPVS is Internet Protocol Video Surveillance. It is a avant-garde adaptation of CCTV by employing the aforementioned technologies that abutment the operations of the Internet. IPVS can break as bankrupt circuits if the buyer desires and can use the Internet to advertisement camera footage economically. This cardboard discusses CCTV and IPVS in the ambience of ... market research, surveys and trends
Of storm trooper street thugs, Jefferson enobled and leaflet cock ...
Cowardice seems to be spreading through the ranks of the BNP locally. First we had Lord Clive Jefferson running away from a newspaper-sponsored web-chat for fear that he would be asked awkward questions relating to his extremely dodgy past (and present), then Debra Kent, a lady (allegedly), running away from a confrontation with the opposition in the form of a small demo outside a venue where a hustings was being held in Fleetwood on Monday evening. If the BNP website is to be believed (and it isn't) the demo was set to be the beginning of World War Three, and Debs was right to fear the demonstrators. With its usual mixture ... market research, surveys and trends


Nov 12, 2002 ... violence that continue to pose threats to public safety as well as the ..... billion U.S. dollars. This represents 3.1 percent of the registered Gross Domestic .... and regularity of school attendance and thus educational ... making allowance for considerable error, this is a fairly large drug ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Becker-Posner Blog
The Bush Administration, especially in the person of Vice President Cheney, had an expansive view of presidential authority. It was articulated as an interpretation of the Constitution, in particular Article II, which is about the presidency. Truman similarly took an expansive view of presidential authority when he seized the steel industry during the Korean War, but the seizure was overturned by the Supreme Court. (The Bush Administration had a mixed record in the Supreme Court in defending its expansive view of presidential authority, which centered on antiterrorist policy.) Clinton used administrative regulation to try to get ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Peers £300 attendance pay remains tax free
Peers' expenses will remain tax free when they move to a £300 daily attendance allowance in October, Lords Leader Lord Strathclyde assured the House today. He said: "Tax is not paid on the current expenses system, on the basis that membership of the House is neither an employment nor an office. "Any change to this position would require primary legislation and would require reconsideration of the level, £300, at which the attendance allowance is set. "The Government currently has no plans to legislate to change the tax status of the scheme that is on the table today." Lord Strathclyde, who was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Campaign Briefing - Autumn 09 - your_money_briefing_autumn_09
Defend attendance allowance against threats to abolish it. In the past we have campaigned to: · Make the mobility component of DLA available to all blind ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
For Debate
to the attendance allowance unit within three months. Reviews can also be requested at any .... with the American experience) the threat of litigation is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
H1N1 Virus Notification Information - Pushed Communication
As you have likely heard by now, there has been a recent declaration of an international public health emergency due to the outbreak of a new strain of Swine Flu, which appears to have originated in Mexico and continues to spread among humans across the globe.  While the number of cases in the United States is less than 100, the number of cases in California is only 16 (as of April 30, 2009). Although no cases have been reported in Kern County, we continue to monitor the situation closely.   In response to the ongoing Swine Flu epidemic, the World Health Organization has elevated their threat level to ...
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