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Special Report on

Economics and Entrepreneurship

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I have been reflecting on the aftermath of communism while here in eastern Europe.  In listening to people here -- entrepreneurs, workers, managers -- I am struck by the lingering issues from their socialist past. Although I am now worried about our move toward socialism in the US, I have become more worried about the aftermath.  Economic decisions have a major impact on a culture.  Although the communist economic system is officially gone, its effects remain everywhere.  People here have become innately dependent upon the state.  It is become so much a part of the culture that it is difficult if not ...
The BA School of Business and Finance has become a prominent institution in the higher education system in Latvia in the 15 years since its founding, establishing a strong reputation in both the local and international arena. It prepares specialists with a broad knowledge of economic theory and general economic subjects, offering in-depth studies and professional skills in entrepreneurship with a focus on banking and finance. The BA School of Business and Finance has developed extensive relations with universities in Europe and worldwide. In 2008 the Scientific Committee of EDUNIVERSAL ranked the BA School of Business and ...
Tulare County's 4-H advisor Carla Sousa retires June 30
Carla Sousa’s involvement in 4-H stretches all the way back to the age of 3 months, when her dad served as a volunteer lifeguard at 4-H camp near Lake Tahoe.  She followed up with 9 years as a 4-H member in San Joaquin County and 33 years as advisor before she retires from the UC Cooperative Extension 4-H program in Tulare County June 30. Sousa earned a bachelor’s degree in home economics at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in 1976. That summer, she served as a volunteer intern in the San Joaquin County UC Cooperative Extension office. She soon learned of a 4-H home economist position open at the ... market research, surveys and trends
Be Prepared - The Entrepreneurial Mind
In the last year running our healthcare company, we had a major hurricane and one of the worst ice storms in North Carolina history both within about five months.  While we survived this double whammy, many small businesses did not.  Ever since then I have tried to warn small business owners about the need to prepare for disasters. Be it floods, like we just experienced here in Nashville, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, ice storms, and so on, small businesses are much more vulnerable to the impact of such events than larger corporations.  There are steps that an entrepreneur can take to prepare: 1. "Cash is ... market research, surveys and trends


CTE :: Economics and Entrepreneurship Education
Economics is an area that is becoming more attractive to private industry as companies try to design domestic and international marketing strategies. To do this, they need a good, solid understanding of how consumers and producers make decisions. Economists collect and analyze data. These men and women study the trends and statistics that affect the economy, thereby impacting the decisions of a company and the marketing direction it might take. Careers in economics include, but are not limited to: Economics: Economist, Government or City Planner, Researcher, Analyst Small businesses create most of the nation’s net ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
More Than Two-thirds of Teens Hope to Become Entrepreneurs ...
Taking a cue from business moguls such as Donald Trump and Richard Branson, today's teens are excited about the possibility of being their own boss, according to the JA Worldwide (Junior Achievement) 2005 "Interprise Poll on Teens and Entrepreneurship." Sixty-nine percent of those taking the poll indicated they would like to start their own business, a five percent increase over last year's results. When asked what kind of business they would be most interested in starting, "Professional services" - such as an accountant, lawyer, or insurance agent - was the top category selected ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
inJAz Bahrain, Citibank Hold Banks in Action Competition
Bahrain - Five school teams have recently participated in InJaz Bahrain Banks in Action (BIA) Competition, sponsored by Citibank Bahrain and held at the bank's Headquarters at the Seef District. Muharraq Secondary Commercial Boys School team was declared winner following a stringent grading process. Citibank is a global partner with Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, the parent organization of inJAz Bahrain. JA Worldwide is the world's largest organization dedicated to educating young people about business, economics and entrepreneurship. Through a dedicated volunteer network, JA Worldwide provides in-school ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Sunday Espresso: Father's Day Playboy, World Cup, Joan Crawford tomatoes
Stages across the Bay Area are full-on gay these days. And that, of course, is not a bad thing. The timing is peculiar, however. How can so many theaters be producing so many shows with gay leads, love interests and themes, all at the same time? Is it the Glee factor? Or perhaps, it’s just the law of averages. After all the Bay Area is all about freedom of speech and expression, and it’s one of the reasons why I enjoy living here so much. Father’s Day Playboy Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I’m especially fortunate in this regard, because I have the best dad anyone could ever ask for. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Economics and Entrepreneurship: Teaching Strategies
Master Curriculum Guide: Economics and Entrepreneurship, copyright © 1991,. National Council on Economic Education, New York, NY. All rights reserved. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Economics of Entrepreneurship: What We Know and What We DonŁt
unpredictability and complexity of entrepreneurship, economics develops ..... models in the Economics of Entrepreneurship address all of the problems ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image lindamah23 i studied economics, entrepreneurship, globalization, and types of protests in university. perhaps these people should go to school.
  2. profile image mikjaer I need some inspiration while swimming, podcasts concerning business, economics, entrepreneurship etc. wanted, please recommend? (and rt)
  3. profile image REYA_Consultant I'm considering to start also a law study beside my master strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, government and organisation economics
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Good morals is good economics, is this statement true or false ...
4) The real estate speculators lying about their income on their mortgage applications, and the complicity of their mortgage brokers encouragement of their lies just so they can make a commission. The resultant sub-prime mess exacerbated the housing mess and resulted in what will be a nationalization of US banks. Tens of Trillions lost in housing and stock markets worldwide. 5) S&L crisis. Another example of bad morals hurting everyone. 6) Junk bond and insider trade debacle of 1980's. 7) Current baracuda's in market manipulating markets and using short selling to gang up and destroy stocks. There are ...
Has anyone gotten certified as a CPA, and was a non-accounting ...
I majored in public communications, with minors in economics and entrepreneurship & emerging enterprises. I work in the film/tv business, I want to get certified as a CPA so I can work on accounting projects and do accounting jobs in between production gigs. Being a CPA will also help me produce more stuff in the future. I'm looking at post bacc accounting certificate programs so I can get all the credits i need to get a CPA (which really just means 24 accounting credits in my state, since I meet the other academic requirements with my minors minus the experience of course), and I was curious if anyone has gone that ...