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About Offshore Investment Accounts

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Offshore investment accounts simply refer to investment strategies that capitalize on investment opportunities that are located outside the United States or other country of residence of the investment client. These investment accounts are known for having low tax liabilities, thus making them also sometimes thought of as investment tax havens. Investing in offshore accounts also tends to provide financial and legal benefits. Some of these benefits may include: - Less controlling legal regulation - Little to no taxation - Greater discretion - Easy access to investment funds (including earned ...
money with others to participate in a wider range of investments than feasible for most individual investors, and to share the costs and benefits of doing so. Terminology varies with country but collective investment schemes are often referred to as mutual funds , investment funds , managed funds , or simply funds (note: mutual fund has a specific meaning in the US). Around the world large markets have developed around collective investment and these account for a substantial portion of all trading on major stock exchanges . Collective investments are promoted with a wide range of investment aims either targeting specific ...
Advantages of Offshore Investment Accounts
Many of us think of offshore bank accounts as something that applies only to celebrities or spies, but they actually have some great advantages for regular investors. Offshore investment accounts are mainly about reducing taxes and liability. Read on to learn more about this exciting method of investing. What is an Offshore Bank Account? As exciting as the term “offshore bank account” sounds, it’s really less about James Bond than you might think. Offshore bank accounts are any bank holdings you have in another country. Despite the associations many people have, there isn’t anything illegal ... market research, surveys and trends
What is a QROPS?
QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme and is a pension scheme that is offered to those who hold a UK pension plan but reside in another country. There are tremendous financial benefits if you plan accordingly. Why do you have to plan? That’s because you want ... market research, surveys and trends


Problems With Offshore Banking |
Offshore banks are banks located in a tax haven outside the country and are used by domestics to avoid taxation as well as to obtain other legal and financial advantages. However, there are several problems with offshore banking procedures as they exist today, including lack of financial security, associations with the underground economy and organized crime, lost government tax revenues and others. Offshore banking locations have been criticized for their relative instability compared with established domestic banking industries. During the financial and banking crisis of 2008, only one bank's depositors actually lost ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How to Create an Investment Portfolio in Your Early to Mid-30s ...
A high-performing portfolio is every investor's goal. First, you'll need to develop your own objectives… More How to Create an Investment Portfolio in Your Early to Mid-30s To create an investment portfolio in your early to mid-30's, invest in companies that have potential to… More About Stock Portfolios & Options Stock portfolios and stock options provide diversification for investors to prevent major loss and provide… More How to Create a Portfolio Putting together a viable investment portfolio is something that more people should do. With the wide… More How to Diversify Your Investments industry trends, business articles and survey research
VanceInfo Reports Record Results for the Second Quarter 2010 and Raises Full ...
BEIJING, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- VanceInfo Technologies Inc. (NYSE: VIT) ("VanceInfo" or the "Company"), an IT service provider and one of the leading offshore software development companies in China, today reported its unaudited financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2010. Second Quarter 2010 Financial and Operating Highlights -- Net revenues in the second quarter of 2010 increased to $51.8 million, up 49.8 % from $34.6 million in the second quarter of 2009. -- Operating income in the second quarter of 2010 was $8.3 million, up 54.3% from $5.4 million in the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Morning Must Reads: Running the Gantlet
As much as I respect the sensitivities of people, there is a fundamental mistake behind it, and that is how can you -- and I can quote any number of some of the people who have commented on it, and what they are saying essentially is how can you put a mosque there when, after all, Muslims attacked us on 9/11, and this is ripping open a wound? Well, the fallacy is that al-Qaeda attacked us. Islam did not attack us. Islam, like Christianity, like Judaism, like other religions, has many different people, some of whom regard other adherents of the religion as heretics of one sort or another. It is only insensitive if you regard ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


WOC BROCHURE 09:WOC BROCHURE 06 - Offshore Investment Magazine
Stanford and other recent scandals tell us about offshore? .... and Financial Accounts have intensified. What is the form? Who must file? Is amnesty ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Abusive Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes - Talking Points
The Abusive Tax Scheme Program is concerned about taxpayers who exploit secrecy laws of offshore jurisdictions in an attempt to conceal assets and income subject to tax by the United States. Some different types of entities and schemes being used in Abusive Offshore Tax Schemes include: 1. Foreign trusts 2. Foreign corporations 3. Foreign (offshore) partnerships, LLCs and LLPs 4. International Business Companies (IBCs) 5. Offshore private annuities 6. Private banking (U.S. and offshore) 7. Personal investment companies 8. Captive insurance companies 9. Offshore bank accounts and credit cards 10. Related-party loans Abusive ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CID Working Paper No. 069 :: Offshore Investment Funds: Monsters ...
exchange rate movement to be taken into account. ..... In this paper, we study the behavior of offshore investment funds as compared ...
Google Answers: Offshore Outsourcing
I am looking for inflow and outflow investment data for the offshore outsourcing (offshoring) market. I do not need empoyees figures, revenue figures, or general foreign direct investment. I need total investment of US firms offshoring and total foreign investment within the US (eg Honda opening a plant in Ohio). Hello, I am following up on your question. Here is information on total U.S. offshore outsourcing investment, and on total foreign investment in the U.S. The GAO (Government Accountability Office) and BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) are the two most authoritative sources, and the most often quoted, for ...
Using Banks and Bank Accounts: Offshore Bank, traditional ...
I am a U.S. lawyer with offices in Houston, Texas and in Belize. I can answer questions on U.S. Immigration, U.S. corporate law, and Offshore Tax and Asset Planning. Experience I am a U.S. attorney with offices in the United States and Belize. I have experience helping to protect assets, reduce taxes, and improve investment performance by utilizing global investment techniques. Education/Credentials Harvard University, A.B. degree; University of Houston Law Center, J.D. Degree; Fulbright Scholar You are here:   Experts > Real Estate > Banking: U.S. > Using Banks and Bank Accounts > Offshore Bank Expert: Alexander J. Hay - ...