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Accused of Being a Spendthrift

accused of being a spendthrift special research report Photo by
So I was honored when Him & Her asked me to guest post during their wedding and honeymoon. Since my blog focuses as much on personal finance failures , as on our rare successes, I decided that in my first guest post, I should discuss the worst money mistake that I have ever made. Shopping for a mattress when you've been sleeping poorly is like riding your bike to a car dealership. Shopping for a mattress when you've recently gotten a raise ... is just plain dangerous. And that is how my husband and I ended up with a $4,000 mattress. More precisely, we ended up with a $2,000 mattress, for which we paid $4,000. It ...
The Hoosierpundit: 100 Things About Obama's First 100 Days
Obama has now been in office 100 days. Let’s review his record, shall we? So far, the Bringer of Hope, Change, Peace, Administrative Transparency, Bipartisanship, Fiscal Responsibility, International Admiration, Multilateral Accord, and generally Unprecedented Competency has: 1. Insisted that his administration would have strict rules about lobbyists. 2. And then changed his mind . 3. Nominated former Senator Tom Daschle to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, and then accepted Daschle’s withdrawal after it was discovered that Daschle owed over $100,000 in back taxes. 4. Nominated Tim ... market research, surveys and trends
the simple dollar weekly roundup: experiments in podcasting edition
So, I’ve recorded six test episodes of my podcast over the last few weeks as I try to figure out my “voice” and how exactly I want the podcast to go. I recorded one, sent it to a small handful of readers, got some feedback, and moved on. The first four or so were awful and left me doubting whether I even wanted to do this. By awful , I don’t mean that the recording or material was bad – I mean that they were really boring. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t listen to them. With the last two, though, I think I’m starting to really hit my stride. I moved it in a very conversational direction ... market research, surveys and trends


Tightwads v. Spendthrifts - TierneyLab Blog -
results of the survey, which gathered more than 10,000 responses from Lab readers, appear in the April issue of the Journal of Consumer Research , in an article by Scott Rick, of the University of Pennsylvania, and Cynthia Cryder and George Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon University. The article begins with an apt line from Dante’s “Inferno” describing two kinds of people consigned to the fourth circle of hell: “They were so skewed and squint-eyed in their minds, their misering or extravagance mocked all reason.” So perhaps the best news from the survey is that most of the Lab readers who responded may not end up in this ... industry trends, business articles and survey research - Trinidad and Tobago - Manning and the Jet
The spokesmen for the government on the Bombardier jet deal have been trying to convince us that the deal was aborted because of government's insistence on a strict anti-corruption clause, and not because of widespread public outrage. CAL to return jet $$ to Govt Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) plans to return every single cent, plus any interest accrued, on the US$54 million which the Government provided for the purchase of the Bombardier executive jet. ...PM ducks questions Reporters who sought answers to questions on Caribbean Airlines Ltd's (CAL) now aborted private jet deal from Prime Minister Patrick Manning ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Blagojevich to take stand at corruption trial
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (R) and his wife Patti enter the Dirksen Federal building for the start of his corruption trial in Chicago, Illinois in this June 3, 2010 file photo. Credit: Reuters/Frank Polich CHICAGO (Reuters) - Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, accused of conspiring to sell his office and barter President Barack Obama's old Senate seat, will try to persuade jurors in the defense phase of his corruption trial next week he was only engaging in politics as usual. It's an open question whether the tarring of Illinois' political culture -- the state's last two governors have ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Henry Blodget's Risky Bet on the Future of News
Henry Blodget is a man who will be neither easily riled nor insulted. When, in March, he learned that a blog had labeled a section of The Business Insider, the gossipy financial website he founded three years ago, "The Hooters of the Internet," Blodget waited a couple hours before tweeting: "The Hooters of the Internet. I like that." In May, Blodget predicted on his website that within just a few years, The Huffington Post will take in over $100 million in advertising revenue—more than triple the $30 million the site says it will bring in in 2010—and that by 2015 or so, it would be generating more ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Spendthrift, or Sophisticated Borrower?: Institutional Response to ...
income with which to make installment payments.11 “The development of a definite ... accused of “breaking down character and resistance to temptations, to ... causing “many young people to get their first experience of being dead ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
creasingly recognized by psychiatrists that focusing attention ...
accused her of being a spendthrift. During the acute phase of the father's disablement,. Mrs. E. successively felt guil-ty over not having been ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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---Henry VIII was perhaps the first English monarch to be trained as a Renaissance Humanist. He received a remarkably well-balanced education that would have originally equipped him to enter the Church. The carol "Greensleeves" {"What Child is this") is attributed to Henry VIII. ---Early in Henry's reign he received the title "Defender of the Faith" from the Pope for his intellectual defense of the Roman Catholic faith in a rebuttal of Lutheranism. ---Until Henry broke with the Roman Catholic Church because the Pope refused to grant him an annulment from Catherine of Aragon, he had been relatively faithful during his ...
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