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All About Term-Time Working

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Jennifer Smithson was thrilled the first time she got pregnant – but she hid her growing tummy from her bosses as long as possible. “I tried to conceal my bump for as long as I could,” says Jennifer, 43, a business executive from south London, whose son Callum is now nine and daughter Noelle four. “I had just been transferred to a new position in my company and I thought they would be upset, so I let it go until I was four and half months' gone. I was very big at that point and when I told my immediate boss he pretended to be shocked, but I didn't really believe it,” she says. “I was really paranoid that they ...
employers and employees. In Canada, employment laws related to unionized workplaces are differentiated from those relating to particular individuals. In most countries however, no such distinction is made. However, there are two broad categories of labour law. First, collective labour law relates to the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union. Second, individual labour law concerns employees' rights at work and through the contract for work. The labour movement has been instrumental in the enacting of laws protecting labour rights in the 19th and 20th centuries. Labour rights have been integral to the ...
A Drive-By Glossary: A Fast Look at the Benefits of Branding ...
Imagine this scenario: You feel frustrated. You agonize over what the best brand positioning for your business might be, and you get agitated easily because no one ever gave you any clues about brand loyalty or brand extensions, in the first place! Then you get paralyzed and decide, you’ve got to be nuts to pay any attention to this crazy talk about branding. Well, no need to panic! Take a look at this Drive-By Brand Glossary. I call it ‘Drive By’ because if it’s fast, quick and easy and you have a bit of fun along the way, you just might start to feel differently about the personality, the magic and ... market research, surveys and trends
It Is Time For You to Stop All of Your Spending - Hit & Run ...
Given how many people rely on government for virtually every need or want they have, the call to "stop spending" is bound to cause a huge outcry amongst three sizable groups: those that are dependent on the largesse, those that administer the largesse and those that support the system ideologically or emotionally. Whether these three groups constitute a large enough to scotch any spending reductions is, of course, the issue. The entire focus of modern prgressivism is to foster the growth of these groups to make reduction in the size of Leviathan impossible. We'll see how close to their goal we are very soon. With ... market research, surveys and trends


Home Alone: Leaving Children on Their own - A Working Mum (UK)
Think how easy it would be if our children could look after themselves! However, that's not the case, and many busy working mums hire babysitters, childminders, nannies and au pairs to look after their children in their absence, or else rely on the services of nurseries, day care centres, after-school clubs and play schemes. But what about older children? Should they be allowed to be on their own, even for 10 minutes while Mum pops to the shops? How safe is it to leave a child by him or herself, if even for a short while? And what does the law say about it? Believe it or not, the government has set no specific age at which ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Working as a Single Mum: A Case Study - A Working Mum (UK)
When Karen Beadle got pregnant with son Matthew, little did she know that in less than three years she'd be single again. But Matthew is now a well-adjusted, happy eight-year-old, and Karen, a professional make-up artist, is a confident single mum running her own successful business. “My job is pretty full-on but my priority is that no matter how career-orientated you are, no matter how much you love your work and how much money you make, your children should be your priority completely,” says Karen ( “Matthew is my priority and almost everything in my life revolves around him. If he's not well, I have ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Russian Spies: FBI arrests 10 alleged spies
Looks like the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight to me. The pictures of the 26-year-old divorcee in New York look straight out of central casting for those needed for surreptitious spywork. Did they score any successes, and if they did, are these people who were co-opted in some trouble now? Are there more indictments coming or is it all over? Jeff Stein: Hi, sorry I'm late. . .first time here.... Too early to say how successful they were. FBI will hold back evidence. But at first glance nothing big has turned up. _______________________ Washington, DC: With all of the necessary emphasis on the Middle East in recent ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Francona takes injuries in stride
Terry Francona was not about to play the `Woe is me' card when he fished out an index card from his back pocket before this afternoon's pregame chat with the media at Fenway Park. "Actually brought notes here,'' Francona said, anticipating questions about injured catcher Victor Martinez, second baseman Dustin Pedroia and pitcher Clay Buchholz, et al before tonight's game against the visiting Tampa Bay Rays. Martinez was placed on the disabled list today after suffering what Francona termed "a minimally-displaced fracture'" of his left thumb Sunday in San Francisco, prompting the Sox ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


UK institutional responses to undergraduates' term-time working
when the average number of hours worked are averaged over all term weeks ..... findings about the extent of take-up of term-time working amongst under- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Part time working and job sharing in the NHS
the norm, with only 9%/o of all consultants having an NHS commitment of eight sessions or less. ... limited hours, term time working, and local banks-and a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Yale University Financial Aid > All About Education Loans
Financial aid packages at Yale include an amount called “self-help” that is the responsibility of the student, and it is met with term-time work. The composition of self-help is completely customizable by the student. While it is possible to borrow the entire amount of self-help, a more prudent approach is to minimize the amount of borrowing. Our staff at Student Financial Services stands ready to help you make an informed decision about borrowing. There may be other reasons to borrow, besides covering your self-help. For example: You may wish to borrow to replace a shortfall in your summer savings. Some students opt to ...
Anorexia/Eating Disorders: Am I Bulimic?, term time, healthy appetite
I am male, 33 years old, married with 2 kids, I consider myself slightly over weight and constantly feel I want to look trimmer.  Unfortunately I don't get much time to exercise and I have a very healthy appetite.  Now after every meal (just about) I make myself sick, this is extremely easy for me, as I just have to breath in, as if I am rifting, and every thing comes up. This has been a habit since I left the army 11 years ago, I suppose its my way of continuing a healthy appetite, however, as I don�t exercise as much as I used to, I find this easy to control my weight. I went to the doctors about 8 years ago, ...
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog
I have been at my current job for five years; 2 years ago I transitioned from an active-duty (military) position to the same job as a civilian hire on a 2 year contract. I was hired at a salary below the median, with the understanding that this would be expected to increase. I have been upfront that I would like to stay, but would want my compensation to be more commensurate with industry standards. As the end of my contract approaches complications ensue... I just got a parking ticket for a lot I was never in. I'm pretty annoyed. What can I do? How can I prevent my toe from tearing through my running shoes? I just ...