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Special Report on

Annuity Advice and Personal Finance

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Annuities are one of the most popular investment products available today. One reason annuities are attractive is that they can help build more value over time. By providing potential growth that is tax deferred, an annuity's investment earnings can accumulate and compound untouched by federal, state, or local income taxes until you begin making withdrawals, which is usually after retirement. Keep in mind that withdrawals made from an annuity before age 59 1/2 are taxed as ordinary income and may be subject to a 10% federal penalty tax. In addition, the issuing insurance company may ...
) is a Washington, D.C.-based publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice, available in print, on line, audio, video and software products ( ). Its best-known publications are The Kiplinger Letter , a weekly business and economic forecasting periodical for people in management, and the monthly Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine. The total paid circulation of its periodicals exceeds 850,000, and its Web site, receives nearly 1.2 million unique visits per month (spring 2010). Through syndication, its personal finance content is regularly featured on the home pages of such portals ...
My Favorite and My Best - MFAMB home - lottery wisdom...i think.
anyway...i want to know how many times these people bought tickets. was there a randomness to their winning numbers? did they use the same numbers every time they played?  or did they let the computer randomly select them?  what did they do with the winnings? how soon did they spend it all etc..etc.. i never play the lottery bc i am convinced i will never win.  so i believe the $1 or whatever that i spend would just be a gigantic waste of time. and money.   mike plays all the time.  he recently won $100. i guess you won't win if you don't play. the point of this post? well. my mother in ... market research, surveys and trends
Essential Decisions For Your Retirement.
It seems to me that you should be ready to take essential decisions in your financial planning. Perhaps you can’t understand what I mean. But it’s very simple. I just mean that your retirement isn’t so far now. So as follows from this you ... market research, surveys and trends


The Five Signs of Bad Financial Advice - Yahoo! Personal Finance ...
In a recent survey conducted by Fair Isaac, the company behind the FICO credit score, 79 percent of respondents said that financial professionals were their most trusted source for personal finance and credit information. (Family members came in second at 70 percent.) That doesn't really surprise me, but it sure concerns me. The fact is that there are plenty of professionals out there who sell clients financial products that put a lot of money in the adviser's pocket regardless of whether they're truly the best choice for the client. I'm not making a blanket statement that all financial professionals are bad; ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ben Stein - Expert Financial Advice Columns on Yahoo! Personal Finance
A word of warning: This article is not going to contain any stock suggestions or tips. This column is warning of a different sort -- about the U.S. economy and the problems it faces. I can summarize the shape of the U.S. economy by telling an anecdote. One of my closest friends is a lovely 45-year-old woman whom I will call Vivian. She has a good job in real estate, a lovely rented apartment in a city in California, a sweet little car, and elegant clothing. She earns about $75,000 a year. Not Thinking Ahead A few days ago, I asked her if she had considered variable annuities, bought with a very sharp eye on fees, for her ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
For NJ couple, selling added homes is critical to retirement
‘‘The current economic slowdown has affected my business, so my biggest concern is getting to retirement without tapping too much into my current savings and IRA accounts,’’ Robert says. ‘‘At age 57, my highest earning years were in my early 50s and now I just need to make a living until age 66, and hopefully I will be able to retire then.’’ The couple, whose names have been changed, hope to keep their vacation home on the Jersey Shore and downsize their primary residence to a townhouse. They’re also currently trying to sell a rental property in which they own a 50 percent stake. market trends, news research and surveys resources
TIAA-CREF chief: lessons from turbulent times
Ferguson notes that even as people take on more responsibility for their investments, they still aren't saving enough for retirement. He urges giving Americans more education and tools so they can achieve a more secure future. Ferguson joined TIAA-CREF, which offers mutual funds and other investment products geared toward higher-education workers, in 2008. He is also a member of President Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and served as vice chairman of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve. He was the first African-American to hold that office. Ferguson spoke with Associated Press Personal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Wharton Financial Institutions Center Policy Brief: Personal ...
Policy Brief: Personal Finance. Investing your Lump Sum at Retirement ... “ Perfect Storms and Ticking Time Bombs.” Sage Advice, October 2005. ..... private annuity purchases. Given the alarming confluence of economic and demographic ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Personal Financial Advisors
assess the financial needs of individuals and assist them with investments, tax laws, and insurance decisions. Advisors help their clients identify and plan for short-term and long-term goals. Advisors help clients plan for retirement, education expenses, and general investment choices. Many also provide tax advice or sell insurance. Although most planners offer advice on a wide range of topics, some specialize in areas such as retirement and estate planning or risk management. Personal financial advisors usually work with many clients and often must find their own customers. Many personal financial advisors spend a great ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Personal Finance Myths
No, no, no, that is the wrong attitude. So many people seem to think it is beneficial to have a huge mortgage so they can have a huge "tax savings". I will lay it on the line. Having to pay interest by itself is BAD! You are being forced to pay more than something is worth because you do not have the cash to buy it yourself. However, with mortgage loans you get to write off the interest as a tax deduction. This is great but it really is not a "savings", it is really a "discount". You are still paying a bucket load of money to borrow for your home, but you are getting a percentage of it back as a ...
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Need advice on Indexed Annuities and Roth IRA.? - Yahoo! Answers
I am 37yrs, recently laid off from work and have about $23000 in my company retirement account, And a financial adviser I know is strongly recommending that I move the entire $23k to an Indexed Annuity. But I am not very sure, as much I have read about Annuities, they are for long term investment with not many options for early withdrawals. I already have a few thousand invested in Stock, so don't want to put these $23k there. So how do these Annuities compare to a Roth IRA? Which will be a better option on Returns, early Withdrawals, taxes, etc? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you. 3 months ago (Tiebreaker)
Is it possible to transfer (or rollover) a non qualified annuity ...
I have an annuity and I am past the 7 years where you get surrender charges. I am just tired of its poor performance (lost value...) and I want to transfer it somewhere else to consolidate my accounts. I have a roth IRA. Is it possible to transfer the annuity (which is of type non qualified) to a Roth IRA ? I have read both answers on the net... so I am confused whether I can or I cannot... Thanks to all people who answered. Since my annuity is a non qualified annuity it cannot be rolled over to a Roth-IRA. Provided the fact that it has lost value since when I bought it, I am going to liquidate it: I will not have surrender ...