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The quality of accounting information is influenced by an array of factors, most of which stem from the demand for such information for use in contractual arrangements and from the incentives and opportunities of management to manage the reported numbers. Both the demand for quality accounting information for contractual purposes and management incentives to adjust the reported earnings are likely to be influenced by whether the equity of the company is privately held or publicly traded. This study examines the differential earnings quality of private equity and public equity firms in order to shed light on how public ownership ...
In addition to publishing scholarly articles on finance and investing, Dr. Watkins has made regular appearances in various national media outlets, including CNN , Good Morning America , MSNBC , Fox News , BET , NPR , Essence Magazine , USA Today , The Today Show , ESPN , The Tom Joyner Morning Show and CBS Sports . He is also the favored financial expert and social commentator for the radio show The Wendy Williams Experience ; host Wendy Williams has called him "one of the most eligible bachelors in America and the most significant voice of our generation." Dr. Watkins is also a faculty affiliate with the College ...
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Take a look at the idea shown in the beginning of this article: I need you to do something similar... Need 30 article relating to personal finance. Word count: 325 at least. Fee: $32. Paid via paypal. (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Article Rewriting, Articles, Financia... I need 60 articles on these subjects: Finance Authority of Maine Finance Auto Sales Tampa Finance Authority of New Orleans Finance Auto Calculator Financ... Thank you for bidding on this project. I need 10 high quality, original, casual articles on the topics of personal finance. I expect the ... market research, surveys and trends
When To Pick Stellar Stock Online - Eternlive Free Articles
Online investment, like any other online business, require you to learn the basics. Regardless of whether you plan to pursue stock trading as s full-time career or not, knowing when to pick stellar stock options is primarily based on knowing the ins and outs of online stock trading. If you are still starting you hand at stock trading investment, it is essential to have a working background on online stock trading, or, instead of learning how to pick stellar stock, you might be the one being taken for a ride. The best way to learn all about online stock trading rests in your choosing a reliable and reputable online trading firm. ... market research, surveys and trends


Articles about Finance Director by Date - Page 4 - Baltimore Sun
State income tax payments to local governments fell sharply in November, with Baltimore and Montgomery counties and some jurisdictions on the Eastern Shore recording drastic declines, according to a new report from the Maryland comptroller's office. Income taxes are the second-largest source of money, after property taxes, for local governments, which use the funds for schools, libraries, highways and other services. The news from Maryland's comptroller of a $339 million drop in revenues - which represents a 28.3 percent decline from the corresponding period a year earlier - reflects the impact of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Articles About Finance: Accounting & Control — HBS Working Knowledge
The need for organizations to both exploit current resources and explore new opportunities is a central and long-standing theme in the literature of organizations. The challenge, of course, is that these two imperatives require very different structures and skills. Exploitation demands a focus on efficiency and effectiveness in executing preset plans and procedures. Exploration requires the ability to step outside these routines by emphasizing experimentation, creativity, and novelty. In this study, HBS professor Robert L. Simons focuses on the relationship between two organization design variables—span of control and span ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Six things laptops can learn from Apple iPad
Apple sold 3.3 million iPads in Q2, the product’s first quarter on the market. That was more than the number of MacBook laptops (2.5 million) that the company sold in Q2. Plus, the two products combined catapulted Apple from No. 7 in the global notebook market to No. 3 . Meanwhile, all of the other top five notebook vendors saw their growth slow during the same period, suggesting that the iPad cut into their sales. Will these iPad numbers be a short-term bump based on the unparalleled hype and anticipation for the product, or will it be amplified even further during the back-to-school and holiday seasons? That will ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The story that the Bank of Israel doesn't want told
Last week the Finance Ministry sent a text message to Israel’s business reporters: “Huge success in sale of state’s shares in Discount Bank today. State of Israel sold 8.33% of Discount’s stock to Swiss bank UBS for NIS 552 million.” Some of Discount Bank’s many employees moan their lot, which could actually be a lot worse. What are we to understand from that “huge success”? What exactly is the great coup? Was it that the shares were sold for some extraordinarily good price? Was it some terrific increase in the bank’s value during the years the state owned the shares? Was the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Finance and Investment Sources
Some articles about finance and economics may be of interest to accounting students. Kluwer Electronic Journals (varies). Electronic Resources ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB: 2004 SCF
article, one using the the internal SCF data and another using the public SCF data; and a chartbook that includes time series charts using triennial SCF data covering the period 1989 to 2004. Recent Changes in U.S. Family Finances: Evidence from the 2001 and 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances Brian K. Bucks, Arthur B. Kennickell, and Kevin B. Moore Federal Reserve Bulletin , vol. 92 (February 2006), pp. A1-A38. Article (448 KB PDF) | Article (3.03 MB Postscript) Erratum Expanded Versions of the Tables in the Federal Reserve Bulletin Article, in Excel Format Additional tables are available in Excel format (users without Excel ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Articles About Finance — HBS Working Knowledge
share their perspectives on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, slated to be signed this week by U.S. President Barack Obama. Summing Up: The word profit provoked a wide range of issues and emotions among respondents, says Jim Heskett . It also launched debates, and many readers argued for measures of success other than profit. (Online forum has closed; next forum opens August 5.) Bank lending falls in economic recessions. In particular, it shrank considerably during the recent economic downturn. Does such cyclicality of bank lending reflect a decline in banks' willingness to lend (the "loan ...
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About Google Finance : Basics - Google Finance Help
Google Finance offers an easy way to search for stocks, mutual funds, and public and private companies. By combining content licensed from financial data providers with content from the Web, Google Finance lets you easily find and manage your financial information online. Here are some specific Google Finance features: You can search for stocks, mutual funds, and public and private companies, using both company names and ticker symbols (where available). Google Finance charts correlate market data with news stories from corresponding time periods to help you determine if there's a relationship between them. For instance, ...
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Are you ready to move your business to the next level? Are you planning to target big corporations because you think acquiring some major accounts will put your business on the fast track to greater profits and success? Working with big customers may bring more profits, but it can also bring requirements and expenses that are hard to fulfill. Here's a guide to the pros and cons of working with big companies. A Different Alternative for Business Financing: CDCs Community Development Corporations, or CDCs, exist in many communities to provide financial assistance to businesses that are beneficial to the community.