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Asset Finance Practice

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The latest news direct from law firms. If you would like to submit press releases for your firm, send an email request to The meltdown in global financial markets has triggered a consolidation of the financial services industry as securities firms, asset managers, insurers and banks alike spin-off assets and restructure their operations to shore up capital. These transactions are often global in nature, involving substantial Hong Kong operations. In this article, we review the basic Hong Kong legal and regulatory framework for these transactions and present some lessons learned. Legal Developments and updates from the leading ...
whose value and income payments are derived from and collateralized (or "backed") by a specified pool of underlying assets . The pool of assets is typically a group of small and illiquid assets that are unable to be sold individually. Pooling the assets into financial instruments allows them to be sold to general investors, a process called securitization , and allows the risk of investing in the underlying assets to be diversified because each security will represent a fraction of the total value of the diverse pool of underlying assets. The pools of underlying assets can include common payments from credit cards, ...
Mark Riedy joins law firm Mintz Levin's clean technology practice ...
Before joining Mintz Levin, Riedy was a partner with Andrews Kurth. While at Andrews Kurth, Riedy assisted to build a global project development and asset finance practice group where he represented clients from around the globe in various industries including energy, environment, communications, infrastructure, manufacturing and technology. Throughout his 30-year career, Riedy has represented domestic and international clients in negotiating and drafting project development and debt and equity financing contracts and in general corporate transactions including acquisitions, mergers, private placements and the establishment of ... market research, surveys and trends
bill finances and assets in latin america
From Latin America infrastructure needs are increasing. The governments of the host countries in the region continue to propose reforms in the hope of attracting foreign investment to help modernize their basic infrastructure and manufacturing. The bodies of export credit, multilateral development banks and will continue to support operations in the region through direct loans and guarantees to private lenders. The knowledge of global markets is essential that the products and technologies developed in a court or in a sector are often applied to others. Innovation and creativity are essential attributes for project finance ... market research, surveys and trends


September 2009 (9) - Corporate Reputation Metrics
MISSION:INTANGIBLE, the blog of the Intangible Asset Finance Society, offers critical comments on intangible asset, corporate reputation, and finance; supplemented by quantitative reputation metrics. Intangible assets include business processes, patents, trademarks; reputations for ethics and integrity; quality, safety, sustainability, security, and resilience; and comprise 70% of the average company's value. MISSION:INTANGIBLE is a registered trademark of the Intangible Asset Finance Society. Read future M:I posts via RSS In the world of intangible asset management and value, there are those who argue that the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Association (FLA) members alone provided £27.5 billion of new finance in 2006 to the business sector .... electricity prices rose by 10.7 percent in the UK alone during ..... not fit with current asset finance practice and structures. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dems' convention will pick nominee
For the first time in recent memory, the Nebraska Democratic Party will choose a gubernatorial candidate at a floor convention — which more than 400 delegates are expected to attend Saturday in Columbus, Neb. Mike Meister, 49, has said he plans to have his name put in for the nomination. But the Scottsbluff attorney may not be the only candidate, said Vic Covalt, chairman of the state party. “Who knows? It’s an open-floor nomination. We’ll have to see who gets nominated,” said Covalt, who added that he has heard of a few others talking about a run. The Democrats found themselves without a candidate ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Export-focused craft brewer seeks route into UK pub market
BrewDog co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie recently completed filming for a TV pilot. The proposed series, for an American network, would see them acting as ‘evangelists’ for beer produced by independent brewers from all over the US. In the four minute pilot, their meetings with eccentric artisan producers are punctuated by shots of the pair smashing bottles of famous lager brands with golf clubs, shooting one with a shotgun, clay pigeon style, and flattening the rest with a bowling ball. As Scottish craft brewers producing cask ale, their admiration for independent American brewers ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


London Asset Finance Practice at a Glance A4 Asset Finance. Asset Finance. With more than 25 lawyers in offices in Abu Dhabi,. Dubai and Riyadh,. King & Spalding is among the largest ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SEC Speech: How the Division of Corporation Finance Influences ...
My topic this morning is the role of the SEC in the process of setting accounting standards. But, in particular, I want to talk about how accountants in the Division of Corporation Finance affect the way accounting is practiced, the way financial information is presented and analyzed, and sometimes even the way a public company�s stock is priced. Let me preface my remarks by reminding you that the Securities and Exchange Commission, as a matter of policy, disclaims responsibility for any private publication or statement by any of its employees. Accordingly, my remarks are solely my own views and do not necessarily reflect the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Wharton / CFA Institute Wealth Management in Practice ‐ Finance ...
CFA charterholders and members will receive a discounted tuition rate of $5,450. Tuition includes lodging, meals, and use of the facilities. Plan your stay . Building and sustaining a successful wealth management practice in today's competitive and volatile environment is more challenging than ever. To grow a successful wealth management practice, you must be able to apply the latest advanced financial concepts across the fields of behavioral finance, asset allocation, alternative investments, and tax and estate planning in your client portfolios. You must also be able to communicate this financial information effectively ...
In finance, short selling is the practice of selling securities ...
In finance, short selling (also known as shorting or going short) is the practice of selling assets, usually securities, that have been borrowed from a third party (usually a broker) with the intention of buying identical assets back at a later date to return to the lender. The short seller hopes to profit from a decline in the price of the assets between the sale and the repurchase, as the seller will pay less to buy the assets than the seller received on selling them. Conversely, the short seller will incur a loss if the price of the assets rises. Other costs of shorting may include a fee for borrowing the assets and payment ...
Asset recovery says no repo they just want payments? - Yahoo! Answers
In 2007 I was financed on a 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo. The institution that financed me is called Nuvell Financial Services. The first two years of the auto loan went great; however, in 2009 I missed two payments and the company was aware of the reasons. Ultimately I paid a total of 3 payments on the 1st of March to get caught up. They advised me I was not able to pay with a debit card and needed to do a western union. I called them back after I made the western union payment to give them the conformation number. They took the number and the call was disconnected. I called back and the recording played advising me to call back ...