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Books on Corporate Finance

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More than 30 leading scholars and finance practitioners discuss the theory and practice of using enterprise-risk management (ERM) to increase corporate values. ERM is the corporate-wide effort to manage the right-hand side of the balance sheet—a firm's total liability structure-in ways that enable management to make the most of the firm's assets. While typically working to stabilize cash flows, the primary aim of a well-designed risk management program is not to smooth corporate earnings, but to limit the possibility that surprise outcomes can threaten a company's ability to fund its major investments and ...
is a general term for any technique to multiply gains and losses. Common ways to attain leverage are borrowing money, buying fixed assets and using derivatives . Important examples are: A public corporation may leverage its equity by borrowing money. The more it borrows, the less equity capital it needs, so any profits or losses are shared among a smaller base and are proportionately larger as a result. A business entity can leverage its revenue by buying fixed assets. This will increase the proportion of fixed , as opposed to variable , costs, meaning that a change in revenue will result in a larger change in operating income .
Achyu's Realm: Do I need an MBA?
Don't get an MBA. I just finished mine at one of the schools in your blog, and I can definitely tell you that it was not worth the investment of time, money, and the opportunity cost of doing something else with your life. I have a lot of Indian friends that have not found a job (or received a crappy job offer) that graduated. And the benefit of networking and "connections" is helpful, but it is also a lot of hype since your connections are worried about their own jobs. You can get close to 90% of the MBA experience by going to your library to read a few books on corporate finance, operations, and marketing ... market research, surveys and trends
Advanced Corporate Finance
to modern advanced corporate finance, this volume provides a comprehensive exploration of theoretical and empirical literature on corporate financial policies and strategies—particularly those of U.S. nonfinancial firms—defined in rational, economic terms. Throughout, Cases in Point show theory in relation to financial decisions made by specific firms; and Real-World Focus highlights numerous articles from the financial press, providing insights from practitioners' points of view. Empirical Perspectives On The Financial Characteristics Of Publicly Traded U.S. Nonfinancial Firms. Valuation And Financing ... market research, surveys and trends


Columbia Investment Management Association
Bill Ackman is the managing member and portfolio manager of Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P., a concentrated research-intensive fundamental value investor in long and occasionally short investments in the public markets with assets under management of approximately $6 billion. Pershing Square has played an active role in creating value at companies including Wendy's International, McDonald's, Ceridian Corporation, and Sears Canada. Prior to forming Pershing Square, Mr. Ackman co-founded Gotham Partners, L.P., a public and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Columbia Ideas At Work : Feature : Climbing+out+of+the+Aid+Trap
The aid trap refers to the problem that most development aid, though well-intentioned, actually hurts the poorest countries because it ultimately prevents the growth of local business sectors. History shows that local business development has been the source of prosperity throughout the world. Each year, the World Bank publishes a report called Doing Business, which includes a ranking of countries based on the relative difficulty for local citizens to launch and maintain businesses. The report clearly illustrates that countries that receive the most foreign aid have the highest cost of entry for entrepreneurs. The bottom end of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pedro Espada's Primary Challenge
took himself to one of the city's best tailors. He made an appointment at Custom Men on West 57th Street, a small shop down the block from Carnegie Hall . He took the elevator to the fourth-floor showroom, where he pored over their fabric samples, ordering a half-dozen fine suits. He was measured and photographed so that the clothing, hand-stitched in Hong Kong, would make the ex-boxer from the Bronx look like the millions of dollars controlled by powerful legislators. "Gorgeous," he said upon delivery. He shook hands all around. The check would be in the mail. A few days later, a call came from the senator's ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Dr. J.'s BF Commentary No. 152: Tipping Points
I speculated that perhaps the primary objective of the Iraq Invasion from the beginning was not "oil and bases" which so many of us figured it was when the war was commenced. Rather, I then surmised, it was to establish the basis for Permanent War. At that time I thought that the reason for doing this was political, to establish the basis for Karl Rove's dream of a Permanent Republican Majority. The real purpose of the so-called "Surge" in my view, an action that was strongly opposed by none other than James Baker et al and Bob Gates (see the article referenced above), was to establish the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


and Information Sources
plemented with a small collection of books on corporate finance, economics and current affairs. The periodical literature was also relatively limited. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Service Industries: A Guide to Finding Business Information at ...
The Business Reading Room reference collection contains a number of standard directories for these fields, as well as professional technical guides and handbooks. ADVERTISING General Works Advertising age. -- [Chicago, Ill.] : Crain Communications. -- Weekly. HF5801.A276 Business Reading Room, Current Journals Special issues (see chapter 3) appear on the fourth week in January and the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tirole, J.: The Theory of Corporate Finance.
The past twenty years have seen great theoretical and empirical advances in the field of corporate finance. Whereas once the subject addressed mainly the financing of corporations--equity, debt, and valuation--today it also embraces crucial issues of governance, liquidity, risk management, relationships between banks and corporations, and the macroeconomic impact of corporations. However, this progress has left in its wake a jumbled array of concepts and models that students are often hard put to make sense of. Here, one of the world's leading economists offers a lucid, unified, and comprehensive introduction to modern ...
What is the best introductory book to corporate finance you know ...
Sort of like corporate finance for dummies . I am looking for a couple of books or softwares that not only can explain things well , but also have plenty of practice exercises and correct step by step solutions , for self study purposes. If necessary I will also get hold of their instructor's manuals and study guides. I have talked to some university lecturers and tutors and a couple of websites and received the following suggestions: Fundamentals of Financial Management (Hardcover) by Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Standard Edition by Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W Westerfield, Bradford D ...
Should employees be discouraged from posting comments and liking ...
I'm curious in hearing feedback on what social media experts and marketers think on employees posting comments and liking posts on their company's various "fan" pages on Facebook. My concerns are data and insights. Wouldn't this cause the data to be skewed and admins not to fully understand how well their "fan" pages are doing? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks! posted 3 months ago in Internet Marketing | Closed Share This Interim CEO, Future-Proof C-Level Strategies, Proprietary Trend Tracking, Unmatched 30-yr Record, Keynotes, Seminars see all my answers Yes. I recommend you switch of that ...