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Special Report on

California Department of Finance

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California labor markets and residential real estate markets brought mostly good news in July. Although the State�s unemployment rate rose, the number of jobs lost was the smallest in 11 months. Existing home prices rose for the fifth consecutive month. With only two major industry sectors adding jobs, California lost 35,800 nonfarm jobs in July. However, this was the smallest month-over-month loss since August 2008. Leisure and hospitality added 2,400 jobs; and professional and business services gained 500. The small natural resources and mining sector held steady in July. Eight industry sectors lost jobs in July. Trade, ...
one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. California is the most geographically diverse state in the nation, and contains the highest ( Mount Whitney ) and lowest ( Death Valley ) points in the contiguous United States . Almost 40% of California is forested, 3 a high amount for a relatively arid state. Beginning in the late 18th century, the area known as Alta California was colonized by the Spanish Empire , being part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain . In 1821, Mexico , including Alta California, became the First Mexican Empire , beginning as a monarchy, before shifting to a republic . In 1846 a group of ...
Why is California so broke ? - Forums
We are a Louisiana Based firearm discussion board for anyone who is a fan of the shooting sports. We are happy to have you here. Here are some of our guidelines: Our forums are for any and all subject matter that is relevant to shooting sports or their respective subject matters. Please be respectful of people's opinions, even if they differ from your own. As this is our "home" and we would want you to treat others as you would like them to treat you. With this being said, Any acts of disrespect towards owners, admins, moderators, or any other members will not be tolerated. Discrimination of any kind will not be ... market research, surveys and trends
One Million More College Graduates by 2025 « Women's Foundation of ...
It is simple common sense–education matters. This is a lesson I learned early in life from my parents, the first and only of their siblings to go to college. After my parents graduated in 1949 and as they were beginning the process of starting a family, they drove around the state of Nebraska searching for the best public schools for their children. Somehow they found Holdrege, a tiny town of five thousand people. They picked Holdrege because its school always won Nebraska’s scholastic contest. Those who don’t have some college education are twice as likely to be unemployed. College graduates earn more and their families are far ... market research, surveys and trends


California Department of Finance: Demographic Research Unit
Linda Gage produced the state and county estimates and prepared this report.  Mary Heim contributed expert consultation and insights into the estimating methods and data sets.  Melanie Martindale produced the birth projections.  Douglas Kuczynski collected and prepared the group quarters data.  Evaon Schnagl produced the school enrollment projections and prepared the driver's license address change data.  Walter Schwarm validated input data, formulas and methodologies used in the current state and county estimates series. State of California, Department of Finance, California ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Facts About California's Elderly/Demographics/Aging in California ...
California is projected to be one of the fastest growing States in the nation in total population. In 1990, California comprised 12 percent of the nation's population and is expected to have 14 percent of the nation's population by 2020 (an increase of 15.7 million people). In California, the elderly population is expected to grow more than twice as fast as the total population and this growth will vary by region. The maps show the percentage increases for the elderly (age 60 and over) and the oldest old (age 85 and over) populations from 1990 to 2020 for all 58 counties in California. The numbers encircled refer to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hopes dim for quick legislative action to boost California's food stamp ...
With concern growing in Sacramento about the millions of Californians struggling to get sufficient nutrition, advocates for the poor had hoped for progress this year on recommendations to improve access to federal food stamps. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislators in both major parties have shown interest in cutting red tape that has California lagging far behind most of the nation in obtaining the benefit. But hopes that this would translate into speedy legislative action have dimmed as reform efforts have become caught up in horse-trading to close a $19.1-billion budget gap. Most of the proposals have previously died in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
San Jose college leader worked at DeAnza College while on sick leave
Bayinaah Jones, who is on medical leave from San Jose/Evergreen Community College District, is teaching at Foothill-DeAnza Community College District. . A top executive at the financially troubled San Jose/Evergreen Community College District earned a full salary while on sick leave this spring — yet, during that same period, she earned a separate salary teaching at another nearby district. Bayinaah Jones, whose title at SJECC is executive director of institutional effectiveness, earned $30,672 on sick leave there, but was apparently healthy enough to hold down a $5,775 teaching position in the Foothill-DeAnza Community ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE BILL ANALYSIS Analyst/Principal Date Program ...
DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE BILL ANALYSIS. Analyst/Principal. Date. Program Budget Manager. Date. (0221) R. Baker. Todd Jerue. Department Deputy Director. Date ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
California Department of Financial Institutions
The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) oversees the secure operation of California�s state-chartered financial institutions. DFI ensures public confidence in financial institutions by protecting the interests of depositors, borrowers, shareholders and consumers through enforcement of state laws. DFI is responsible for administering state laws regulating: banks , credit unions , industrial banks , trust companies , offices of foreign banks , money transmitters, issuers of travelers checks and payment instruments/money orders , and premium finance companies . The Department also administers the Local Agency Security Program technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Payee Data Record STD 204 (Rev. 6-2003) (SDSU Rev. 9-06)
STATE OF CALIFORNIA-DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE. PAYEE DATA RECORD. (Required when re eiving payment from the State of California in lieu of IRS W-9) ...
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The California Department of Finance 2008 Population Estimate is ...
"Los Angeles' population will grow by 2.4 million by 2030, resulting in a total of 7 million cars on the roads each day. Already, congestion in Los Angeles is one of the worst in the nation, and the city's rapid transit surely does not have enough connections or lines to serve the entire city or region. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of commuters who use public transportation in Los Angeles County is 7% (10% within the borders of the city of Los Angeles), far lower than in other major American cities: 30% of San Franciscan workers use transit, 25% within Chicago, and 54% in New York City."
Google Answers: California State Budget
Dear terry1, The California State Budget always refers to a fiscal year covering parts of two calender years. Do you desire pie graphs for the 2001/2002 Budget and the 2002/2003 Budget? I could provide these, while no proposed budget for 2003/2003 exists yet. Please let me know whether the data available meets your needs. Regards, Scriptor Clarification of Question by terry1-ga on 07 Dec 2002 11:28 PST The 2001-2002 budget pie graph would be good. If you have a purposed budget for 2002-2003 in a pie graph that would be appreciated. Dear terry1, Please follow this link to see the 2001/2002 California State Budget. You ...