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Campaign Finance/Money

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One of the most powerful lobbying groups, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), announced on Tuesday that Business Roundtable President John Castellani will become the group's new leader. According to a Center for Responsive Politics review of campaign finance records, Castellani, along with his wife, has given $65,400 to federal candidates, parties and committees since 1994, with 84 percent of that sum benefiting Republicans. Members of Congress Seek K Street Cash Twenty-eight members of Congress and congressional candidates have received at least $100,000 from lobbyists during the first five ...
Paul Tonko holds huge cash lead on Ted Danz - Local Politics ...
First-term Congressman Paul Tonko holds a huge cash advantage on Republican challenger Ted Danz, according to campaign finance disclosure forms filed this week. Tonko, an Amsterdam Democrat elected in 2008 to represent the 21st Congressional District, raised $190,531.15 between April 1 and June 30, leaving him with $318,246.46 on hand to fund his re-election. Danz, the former Guilderland GOP chairman who launched his campaign last month , raised $15, 360 — leaving him with $7,930.47 on hand to fund his campaign. Danz is also owner and proprietor of Family Danz Heating and Air Conditioning. Check Danz’s filing here . ... market research, surveys and trends
Candidate comes to Lake Placid
It was one of the first things Rick Scott said after he arrived at the Main Street America Eatery. That's a measure of how suddenly he's become a political rock star. Fourteen weeks ago, Scott's principal claim to fame was resigning from Columbia/HCA, a health care conglomerate that perpetrated the largest Medicare fraud in history. Today, news reports show health care is a centerpiece of Scott's whirlwind campaign. He's reportedly spent $21 million of his own money - a fact he didn't dispute Wednesday morning in an interview after the Lake Placid appearance - to finance his own campaign. And ... market research, surveys and trends


Campaign finance: Money's influence not easily curbed ...
The former governor, brought down by an insatiable hunger for campaign cash, could have played by tight fundraising rules and still had plenty left over to clobber rivals. The anything-goes campaign finance system in Illinois has become a prime target for reformers, who argue that restricting donations would help level the playing field among candidates and restore confidence in cleaner government. But a Tribune analysis of tens of thousands of contributions from the last decade illustrates the limits of plans designed to rein in fundraising inequities in a state where the candidate with the thickest wallet usually wins. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Money Bombs: A New Political Organizing Tool — Campaign finance ...
R-Surfside, raised more than $4.2 million in a day through what's known as a "money bomb," the national media took notice. But so did grassroots activists and campaign strategists. Think of a money bomb as a high-speed pledge drive, usually conducted over just 24 hours. Used successfully, the tactic can inject life into a campaign, fueling other organizing efforts and underscoring its more traditional strengths. “What a successful money bomb will indicate, beyond money, is depth of support,” says Democratic consultant Harold Cook. “If you can communicate with a supporter and say, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Campaign finance battle heats up
Scott is suing in federal court to overturn part of the state's public financing law, and a judge granted McCollum's motion Monday to enter the case opposing Scott. Scott, who estimates he already has spent $21 million in the race, opposes a provision in the law that would give McCollum a dollar of public money for every dollar Scott spends over the limit of $24.9 million. Scott calls that an unconstitutional infringement of his freedom of speech. An affidavit by McCollum campaign manager Matt Williams filed with McCollum's motion states that the campaign had only $800,000 in the bank as of Saturday - barely ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
GOP campaign finance fight continues
Hartford, Conn. (WTNH) - “Stop spending unconstitutional money” is the message from Republican Tom Foley's campaign to rival Mike Fedele. The Foley campaign will be asking the state's highest court to order Connecticut TV stations to return money Fedele has spent on campaign ads. The Foley campaign lost in state court last week but a federal court ruling appears to have bolstered at least part of his argument. Now the Foley campaign wants the state's highest court to stop rival Mike Fedele from spending public campaign funds. Republican Tom Foley has curtailed his public campaigning following his wife ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Media Slices Its Share of the Campaign Finance Money Pie. Chapter 7: 27. OK, Fine, Let George Soros Replace the DNC. Conclusion ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Public Funding of Presidential Elections Brochure
This brochure gives a brief history of Presidential election public funding and an overview of how the process works. The brochure also explains the ways individuals may support publicly funded Presidential candidates and the various materials on Presidential campaign finance available from the Federal Election Commission. The brochure was written to help students, reporters and other members of the general public understand the basics of public funding. It was not written for Presidential candidates and committees that wish to apply for public funds. They should consult the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Fallacy of Campaign Finance Reform by John Samples, introduction
On March 20, 2002, the United States Senate, by a vote of 60 to 40, passed the McCain-Feingold Act, otherwise known as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. Because the House of Representatives had already passed it, the bill needed only President George W. Bush’s signature to become law. Despite his past promises to the contrary and urgent pleas from leaders of his political party, Bush signed the bill into law on March 27. He described the bill as “flawed,” however, and refused to hold a public ceremony for the signing, a typical ritual for major legislation. The law’s chief sponsor, Senator John ...
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WikiAnswers - What is Campaign Finance Reform
Campiagn finance reform is when corporations give the one of the presidents money for their campaign. If the president that the corporation gave money to wins the campaign then the president will treat that corporation better and special. First answer by ID1626129879 . Last edit by ID1626129879 . Question popularity : 1 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these business and finance questions? Related answers: Why is there a concern to have campaign finance reform ? There are a series of campaign finance loopholes in which allow factions to take control of certain portions of the government. A concept in ...
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