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Campaign Finance Special Report

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JAKE TAPPER, HOST: I know that there are some in the White House who feel Wall Street reform, health care legislation, stimulus, and yet the public still overwhelmingly thinks this country... MR. GREGORY: Good morning. With the midterm congressional campaign already in full swing, the president lashed out at Republicans during his weekly radio address, accusing the GOP of,... MR. GREGORY: Good morning. Another attempt this weekend by BP to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The cap catching some of the oil was removed in an effort to replace it with... Panel on the Berwick Recess Appointment - Special Report ...
Clinton presided over the continuation of an economic expansion that would later become the longest period of peace-time economic expansion in American history. The Congressional Budget Office reported a budget surplus in 2000, the last full year of Clinton's presidency. After a failed attempt at health care reform , Republicans won control of the House of Representatives in 1994, for the first time in forty years. Two years later, in 1996, Clinton was re-elected and became the first member of the Democratic Party since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second full term as president. 3 Later he was impeached for perjury and ...
ARRA News Service: Incumbent Advantage: Putting Your Tax Money In ...
News for social, fiscal & national security conservatives who believe in God, family & country. We seek to uphold the rights of citizens under the U.S. Constitution, traditional family values, Republican principles / ideals, transparent & limited government, free markets, liberty & individual freedom. The ARRA News Service is an outreach of the Arkansas Republican Assembly. However, all content approval rests with the ARRA Editor. While numerous positions are reported, our beliefs & principles remain fixed. Curtis Coleman, Contributing Author: The July 12, 2010 issue of TIME magazine [Vol. 176, No. 2, p.28ff] has an ... market research, surveys and trends
Special Report: Many lawmakers dependent on lobbyists - Pasadena ...
Approved by voters in 1990, the term-limits law - which restricts Assembly members to six years and state senators to eight - was pitched as a tonic to prevent corruption. The ballot argument for Proposition 140 promised it would "put an end to the Sacramento web of special favors and interests." But with the growing dominance of sponsored bills, many insiders now worry that term limits have instead increased the dependence of inexperienced lawmakers and staff on the lobbyists who help them get bills passed. "Imagine what it's like for lobbyists when one-third of the members of the Assembly are in their first ... market research, surveys and trends

On March 20, Texas businessman John Flavin gave Lamar Alexander's political action committee $5,000, the legal maximum. The same day, Flavin wrote a $50,000 check to another Alexander entity — his Tennessee political action committee, which is allowed to accept unlimited donations. Alexander's PACs, which have raised more than $1 million so far this year, then paid for an array of activities that read like a road map for a fledgling presidential race by Alexander, from polling in Iowa and New Hampshire to a lobster-fest for 1,300 in New Hampshire last August. Potential presidential candidates since Ronald Reagan ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Jersey - RealClearPolitics
WASHINGTON -- In this high-stakes election of 2010, much attention naturally focuses on Republican efforts to come back in Congress and the Democrats' drive to retain their large majorities... New Jersey is ground zero in the national fight between taxpayers and government unions, with new Republican Governor Chris Christie trying to pull the state from the brink of tax-and-spend... Give New Jersey Gov. Christopher J. Christie credit - he got the state budget he wanted, closing an $11 billion deficit without a statewide tax increase.That's a stunning turnaround in a... Interview with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie - ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Schumer to push new campaign law
Sen. Charles Schumer has introduced a new version of a controversial campaign-finance reform bill opposed by Republicans and special-interest groups — changes he hopes will give Democrats enough votes to break a filibuster when the bill comes up for a vote Tuesday. Schumer, chairman of the Rules and Administration Committee – which has jurisdiction over campaign-finance issues – dropped the new bill Wednesday night. By late Thursday evening, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) filed cloture on the legislation and announced that the Senate will vote on the motion to open debate on the bill Tuesday afternoon. The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
GOP may miss chances in NE
WASHINGTON — New England Republicans this fall risk squandering their best opportunity in years to break the Democratic Party’s throttlehold on the region’s US House seats, a situation political specialists attribute to a shortage of GOP candidates with enough experience and credibility to mount serious challenges. National polls are showing a rising tide of voter anger, and a fertile political environment for Republicans, who hope to win back a majority in the House this November. But fewer than four months before the election, political analysts say the GOP is seriously challenging just three of 22 House ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Campaign-Finance Reform: A Public Choice Perspective
Campaign finance special report. Part 4: 1–2. Website: -srv/politics/special/campfin/intro4.htm. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Campaign Financing
Does the appearance of quid pro quo relationships between special ...... CRS Report 98-282. Campaign Finance Reform: A Legal Analysis of Issue and Express ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Maryland Newsline Special Report: Elections 2010
WASHINGTON - The amount of out-of-state funding pouring into the campaigns of Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil and GOP state Sen. Andy Harris shows that the First District rematch is getting national attention.   Roughly half of the two rivals' campaign contributions this quarter have come from outside Maryland, according to a Capital News Service analysis of campaign finance reports.   Kratovil, D-Stevensville, got almost half of his $248,000 tally this quarter from special-interest PACs and other political committees. Harris, an anesthesiologist who has taught at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, raised ...
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Eliminating Soft Money as a Campaign Finance Reform? - Yahoo! Answers
"Soft" money is money and in-kind donations made organizations other than a candidate's campaign and political parties. What kind of organizations are these? Groups of individuals pursuing a common interest, such as the NRA and Greenpeace. Groups of individuals joined to effect an ad-hoc, more transient, social interest, such as Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth, MADD, SADD. Alliances of groups: Move On, Open Society Institute. Others. In aggregate these are often referred to a "special interest groups". (b) Argument in favor: General argument against corruption of representatives by these special interest ...
How to Start an AdWords Campaign? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Create additional and more specific ad groups, like the one detailed below. Create ad groups for people who are looking to actually buy a product. Add more descriptions into your ad groups, Google will auto-optimise and show the one that generates the highest click-through rate. You have a limited amount of space for your description so use it wisely with accurate, sales driven copy. It should be seen as a filter; you want to entice relevant people to click through to your website but you don’t want people who are not interested in your product to click through to your website. posted 4 months ago Internet Awareness, Web ...