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Certificate of Participation

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Through the Youthpass certificate, the European Commission ensures that the learning experience gained through the Youth in Action Programme is recognised as an educational experience and a period of non-formal learning. Youth in Action Programme Guide, 2009 With over 60,000 people participating directly each year, the programme has something to show for itself as it builds on nearly 20 years of experience since the original Youth for Europe Programme was established. Up until now there has been no overall strategy to help people show what they have put into or gained from their experiences in it. Some exchange and training ...
The initial success and popularity of the competition induced QUANTA to be organized as an international competition from the year 1995. QUANTA is the only international competition for Science for school children in India, it is organised by CMS Lucknow . Certificates of Participation are awarded to each participant. Winners receive separate certificates and trophies. All of these certificates have international accreditation. The First, Second and Third positions in each event will contribute five, three and two points respectively, to the total tally. The Championship Trophy will be awarded to the team with the maximum ...
Gaurav Menghani: FSoC Setup & Walkthrough
This is the name of the program for which FSoC is being used. It is used in important places like in the certificate of participation. Example: program_name: Some-Local-LUG Summer of Code ii) admin_name The name of the administrator of the program. Used in the certificate of  participation. Example: admin_name: Akash Singh iii) admin_designation The formal designation of the administrator. Used in the certificate of participation. Example: admin_designation: Program Administrator iv) fsoc_mode It is one of the most important settings, and decides the mode in which FSoC is. FSoC allows you to either choose the Summer Coding mode ... market research, surveys and trends Money Train: Point Counterpoint on the DPS Swaps
That said, I don't know that it's the nuclear bomb that everyone thinks it is. After reading the story, and reading some earlier stories written before DPS engaged in this latest round of funding, I'm more convinced than ever before that this is a re-litigation of a story that we've already seen on this site. What's more, as a journalism student and communications professional, it seems to me that if your main source - Jeanne Kaplan - happens to be a supporter and a max contributor to the man running against the subject of your story, you may want to disclose that. I mean, that's just a small ... market research, surveys and trends


Corn Ethanol - Certificate of Participation
Apr 28, 2008 ... 2006 = 84 billion lbs feed + 37.8 billion lbs DDGS = 121.8 lbs of animal feed. A 17.4 percent increase in total animal feed in a six year ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
State gets $735 million in sale-leaseback deal
The sale of state buildings to investors was so successful that Arizona lawmakers say they hope to do another round to raise up to an additional $300 million. The two-day sale that ended Wednesday drew $735.4 million from investors. "We'll have the money in state coffers by Jan. 26," said Alan Ecker, a spokesman for the state Department of Administration. The state went to the public bond market to sell certificates of participation in a variety of state buildings, including the recently completed Archives Building, the tower that houses the Governor's Office, and six prison buildings in Florence. The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Telluride Council Approves Valley Floor Refinance Package
TELLURIDE – With the letter of credit that secures the 2007 Valley Floor bonds set to expire in mid-September, the clock has been ticking on how to refinance the town’s $20 million, variable rate debt package that enabled its purchase of the 570-acre parcel. But uncertainty about the new financing arrangement ushered in by fluctuating interest rates and declining municipal revenues began to wind down on Wednesday when the Telluride Town Council unanimously authorized two emergency ordinances to refinance the remaining $19.2 million balance at a fixed interest rate for the next 26 years. The ordinances were slated as “emergency ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
20 schools in Delhi participated in "Green Fest 2010"
A pioneering environment awareness campaign by A2Z Group: Awareness on global warming; proper garbage disposal and environment protection; A2Z to target 100 schools in NCR in the next one year -- 20 schools in Delhi participated in "Green Fest 2010" , a pioneering initiative by A2Z Group to create awareness on environment protection targeting school children in Delhi. The agenda of this campaign is to sensitize students towards the need for environment protection, educate them about global warming, the need to keep surroundings clean, proper ways of garbage disposal and to train them to become eco-responsible citizens ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Certificate of participation
Awarded to: For excellent participation in the Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month! Awarded this ___ of October, 2008. Signed: technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image EssentiallyMik @areefuhstanklin That certificate is for participation... I'm CERTAIN of it. LoL....honorable mention or sumn. LoL
  2. profile image steenfox @TheRealTank You wrote a song on an album that won a Grammy & got what the academy calls a "Certificate of Participation". NOT a Grammy!
  3. profile image OSKIC Want the certificate of participation? You must not register any later than 25th August and play for at least 25 of the 33 market days!
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From an investor's perspective, what is the difference between a ...
I have been told that the market prefers a bond issued by a municipality versus a COP instrument, and that issuing a COP comes with around an 8% premium. Would you agree with this statement? Any resource you could point me to regarding the finer points of these instruments would be very helpful. posted 4 months ago in Bond Markets | Closed Share This Investment Advisor to Nonprofits and Individuals at Blue Haven Capital LLC see all my answers Great question about a subtle, but important, difference in debt instruments. When you own a COP, you own a certificate of participation and you are participating in a lease agreement. When ...
How to find an agent and scheduale and audition? - Yahoo! Answers
I have done many camps and classes for acting.I have also done mini movies with my friends. I have gotten to the point that i really want to be an actress. My mother had told me that she would ask the director at my last show how to find an agent, but she forgot, and now we don't know who to ask. I have alot of experience, i'm good (I've been told by people who worked at the stage i lkast preformed at), and i really don't want to do it for the fame. I can;t stand when peopl say "How can i get on TV?" cause it bugs me. I want to do this for me, and because it's what i enjoy doing. At ...