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Special Report on

Couple Separation and Property

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Court documents from the couple's pending separation outline nasty arguments, verbal abuse and threats. The fights never turned physical, though, according to the separation filing. But on the morning of July 13, the marriage came to a violent end. Investigators say William Fulton House, 50, shot his wife and his 14-year-old stepson, Dakoda Johnson, before turning the gun on himself. The day before investigators think William "Billy" Fulton House fatally shot his wife, stepson and then himself at their home near Clayton, he told a neighbor of his plans, according to a 911 recording made public last week. Page 6A. ...
It is one of four separate Acts that provide the framework for family law in Australia. It has 15 parts and is the main Australian legislation dealing with divorce , parenting arrangements between separated parents (whether married or not), property separation following a divorce, and financial maintenance involving children or divorced spouses.
Growing Up With Divorce
It’s hard for a child to grow up in the divorce environment. The child has to deal with fighting parents and the intense stress of not knowing what parent to devote his or hers energy with. I know I certainly had to deal with listening to lies and slander from each of my adult parents. They would constantly be talking the other down when I would be spending the time the court ordered time with them. My parents were never the happy couple. My father, a viscous sociopath who would abuse and manipulate anyone who came into his life, married my mother, a quite girl who ran away from her abusive family to try and start a new life and ... market research, surveys and trends
InfoQ: Book Excerpt and Interview: Tuscany SCA in Action
This practical book is comprehensive, hands-on guide to Service Component Architecture, Apache Tuscany’s specific SCA implementation (based on Java SCA v1.x) and the ways to use Tuscany to build applications. The books starts by explaining main concepts of SCA including components, services, references and composite applications and the way they are used for implementing SOA-based solutions. It then introduces a travel booking example, used throughout the book to explain details of SCA/Tuscany-based implementations. The book covers a wide variety of topics from implementing and binding SCA components, including data ... market research, surveys and trends


Property, Prosperity and Poverty: Trends and Choices in Land Use ...
as successful, hampered as he was by our separation of government powers. I, for one, .... Yet housing affordability increased in Phoenix. A couple of years .... employment in central London fell from 1.40 million to 1.14 million, during which time ... Paris, the share is approximately 20 percent and falling. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Teaching About Family Law: Activities For The High School ...
industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sarcastic in Seattle: Obama Says Republicans' Slogan is 'No We Can't,' Calls ...
For months, President Obama has been chastising Republicans for obstructing his agenda in Washington. Today he ramped up the sarcasm in front of an enthusiastic partisan crowd. At a Seattle fundraiser for Sen. Patty Murray, who faces a tough re-election battle, Obama once again said Republicans are the party of “no.”  “You remember our slogan during the campaign -- yes, we can. Their slogan is ‘no, we can't,’” he said to laughter from the Democratic fundraiser crowd. “No, we can't. It's really inspiring.” Obama said that all Republicans have done is obstruct the agenda he and his fellow Democrats ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Kris earned P300M during 5-yr marriage to Yap: source
MANILA, Philippines – The separation of estranged couple Kris Aquino and James Yap is expected to heat up further once they take up the division of their multi-million marital assets or property.  According to a court insider who read Aquino’s 11-page petition, President Benigno Aquino's youngest sister declared an income of more than P300 million in the past 5 years that she has been married to the basketball star. Yap, on the other hand, earned more than P20 million, the court insider said. The couple also owns a multi-million peso condominium in Makati where they moved in after selling their Valle Verde ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


What is a Separation Agreement or a Property
No law or regulation requires a separating couple to execute a separation ... Q. What is the difference between a Separation Agreement and a Property ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Property Settlement Agreement
money that you OWE as a couple. The laws that cover these questions contain the terms "separation date," “community property," “community obligations,” and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Divorce | LII / Legal Information Institute
A divorce formally dissolves a legal marriage. While married couples do not possess a constitutional or legal right to divorce, states permit divorces because to do so best serves public policy. To ensure that a particular divorce serves public policy interests, some states require a "cooling-off period," which prescribes a time period after legal separation that spouses must bear before they can initiate divorce proceedings. Courts in the United States currently recognize two types of divorces: absolute divorce, known as "divorce a vinculo matrimonii" and limited divorce, known as "divorce a menso et ...
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WikiAnswers - What is the difference between divorce and legal ...
depends on your state. Generally, a legal separation is a court decree recognizing that a married couple is living apart and regulating the couple's mutual rights and liabilities. The most important factors are that the couple is still married, can still hold their real property as tenants by the entirety (if one dies the property automatically belongs to the survivor), may each have the right to make medical or funeral decisions for the other, and each will be the surviving spouse of the other for purposes of inheritance. If one dies the other will inherit as the surviving spouse. A divorce changes a couple's legal ...
Legal separation and division of property....? - Yahoo! Answers
in the separation papers... what it said about property... is.. what is the husbands... is the husbands... what is the wifes.. .is the wifes..... and what they got as a married couple... has been decided by them..... the thing is.. it didnt list anything except the car..... so during our marriage... the big items we bought .. .were the big LCD tv, sectional couch.. dining room table and chairs and our bedroom set....... none of these were listed by name... I have been a homemaker this whole marriage... (3 years) just taking care of our baby and him and the house... and i find out hes been cheating... he told me he wanted a ...