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Cram Down Strip Down

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The underlying premise of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is that you have sufficient income to not only meet all of their cost of living expenses but also have money left over to pay down your debts. The excess income ("disposable income") gets paid by you to your Chapter 13 Trustee once a month for the life of your Plan (3 to 5 years depending on medium income requirements). In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you get to retain all of your property, but must make monthly payments to a Chapter 13 Trustee for the life of their Plan (3-5 years) . From these payments the Trustee must pay in full: What is left of the payment goes to your ...
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Stripping the Lien, Cram Down or Strip Down
When a judge removes the second mortgage or grants an “Avoid Lien Motion” during bankruptcy proceedings it is referred to as “stripping” the lien, a“cram down” or “strip down.” This can happen if the loan is secured by other collateral that is part of the bankruptcy filing or if the home is not your principal residence or even if the payment structure on the second mortgage falls heavily during the bankruptcy filing period itself. Here is a Lien Stripping Example: Home is worth $300,000. The first mortgage is $400,000. A second mortgage (or in certain states, a deed of trust) for $100,000. Lenders are only secured up ... market research, surveys and trends
Mortgage Cram Down and Strip Down Q and A » 713Bankruptcy.Com's Blog
713Training.Com provides a wide range of training materials, including books, ebooks, videos, DVDs, seminars and weekly teleconferences to improve the petition drafting and client intake skills of attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries as well as virtual and non-virtual assistants. Click Here posted in Bankruptcy Q&A , Bankruptcy Topics | The following questions and answers were submitted to 713Training.Com either at a teleconference or by email during this past week. The answers are provided by Victoria Ring who is not an attorney.  Therefore, the information provided in this material is for training purposes only and no ... market research, surveys and trends


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Strip Off or Cram Down NJ Bankruptcy ...
Decreasing home values and multiple mortgages on properties can create opportunities for debtors in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. According to a report issued on February 23, 2010 by FirstAmerican CoreLogic, more than 11.3 million homeowners owe more on their home than their home is now worth. FirstAmerican CoreLogic further reported that this number represents approximately one-fourth of all Americans with a mortgage. Many homeowners took out second and third mortgages against these homes, causing them to be totally underwater in terms of value.   In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, opportunity exists for a debtor to wipe out or strip ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
'Cram Down' Home Foreclosures by Newspaper Contributors on ...
Congress is considering bills that would allow federal bankruptcy judges to amend home mortgages, changing the terms to prevent families from losing their homes to foreclosure. Lobbyists for the nation's largest financial institutions are on red alert; they're waging an all-out campaign to keep Congress from enacting such a reform. It should be noted that these are the same institutions whose recklessness and foolishness on the subject of mortgage lending significantly contributed to the nation's current economic crisis. They are dead wrong about bankruptcy reform, too. There's nothing novel or controversial ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
With Blockade Eased, Israeli Products Return to Gaza
GAZA CITY (July 24) -- In stores across Gaza, Israeli products in shiny packaging cram window displays, while cash registers rattle. These days, Hebrew-brand names are everywhere in the coastal enclave, replacing goods smuggled from Egypt through a network of tunnels built up over the years as a workaround to the blockade. Yielding to international pressure after its botched deadly raid on the Turkish flotilla, Israel loosened restrictions on consumer goods last month. Now, Gazans who can afford to purchase the new products rejoice in store aisles, recognizing products long absent from their kitchens. But while the cheaper, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Bankruptcy can save your house from foreclosure
NEW YORK ( -- Slick TV commercials and online ads tell delinquent borrowers that they can save their homes by filing for personal bankruptcy. But is it true -- or just too good to be true? True! Bankruptcy can bring foreclosure proceedings to a halt, end harassment from debt collectors, and give borrowers time to make up missed payments and reorganize their finances. In some cases, bankruptcy can also help mortgage borrowers save their homes permanently. It's not, however, going to help every troubled homeowner. If, for example, the homeowner's biggest problem is not enough money, bankruptcy is not going ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


512580 Missouri Law Review
was trying to protect pre-BAPCPA creditors in the cram down--strip down situation addressed in Till.”116 Therefore, for this court, to permit 910 credi- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
a case involving the strip down of a secured claim, the statute itself is broader and applies to all cram down cases. Hence, the decision in Till is not ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Debunking the Mortgage Bankers Association's Cramdown Claim - MBA ...
Mortgage Bankers Association, Press Release, MBA's “Stop the Cram Down Resource. Center” ... point increase from allowing strip-down is groundless. ...
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Bankruptcy Law: Ch.13 mortgage cram-douwn in Anaheim, CA, chapter ...
who has practiced exclusively bankruptcy law in California since 1991 and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell. He represents debtors, creditors, and Trustees in Chapter 7 , Chapter 11 , and Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code throughout California. Experience Visit our California bankruptcy webpage at for more information on bankruptcy in general and Mark J. Markus in particular. Many questions are answered on the web page (hint, hint). The Markus webpage also contains more information on business bankruptcy , chapter 7 bankruptcy , chapter 11 bankruptcy , chapter ...
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