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Crowd-Funding FAQ

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This blog catalogues my attempts to move beyond the “struggling” point to earn a healthy living from indie filmmaking and multiplatform content. I’ll be mixing proven business techniques with innovative ideas and case studies that show how we can commercially exploit our talent for profit. Money isn’t the goal, but it is the means that we need to live, so let’s get better at creating it alongside our indie films (and other creative stuff). Another indie feature film project to use a crowdfunding business model is Free For All But You (Working Title), also known as My Million Dollar Movie . This ...
won gold at an Olympic Games hosted at home in an "official" sport, having failed to do so at both the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, although Canada won a gold medal in the "demonstration-sport" of curling in Calgary. Canada clinched first overall in gold medal wins on the second to last day of competition 2 and became the first host nation since Norway in 1952 to lead the gold medal count. With 14, Canada broke the record for the most gold medals won at a single Winter Olympics, which was 13, set by the former Soviet Union in 1976 and Norway in 2002 . 3 The United ...
Potential Management
There are a few different entry points into Potential Management. One is to define an outcome and elicit what would be required to achieve that outcome. Any complex project with numerous contributors is suitable, examples would be the construction of a building, the installation of infrastructure or the creation of a new organisation. Once the project outcome has been clearly defined and ratified by the stakeholders, the requirements can then be met by anyone wishing to contribute and qualified to do so, as defined by the specified outcome sought. Contributions would take place through individuals or groups committing required ... market research, surveys and trends
Mistakes and Failures #1:
there is always something that can be learned from them. I get a lot of requests for information about mistakes or failed projects from my past. They are a plenty! The reason for that is simple: when I have an idea I believe in , I go for it. If I believe in something I do whatever I can to take swift action. It’s important when we have an idea we’re excited about to get the ball rolling quickly, because getting started is the most difficult part of any project. Once the ball’s rolling, momentum builds, and we’re more likely to see a project through to the end. I have enough stories on mistakes, failures, ... market research, surveys and trends


How To Crowd Fund Your Film | Spanner Films
This page is a short step-by-step guide to using the crowd-funding model that has made The Age of Stupid possible. We hope you find it helpful. If you're not sure WHY you would want to crowd-fund your film, you're on the wrong page - you want the Crowd-Funding FAQs. HOW TO CROWD FUND YOUR FILM IN SIX EASY STEPS 1. Write a Crowd-Funding Budget First things first. How much money do you need to make your film? (You can see The Age of Stupid budget here.)   A few small tips on making your budget. - Don’t kid yourself and be over optimistic with costs . It’ll only hurt more later. - Always allow ten percent extra ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bill Gates to MIT crowd: Start solving the big problems - Daily ...
When it comes to tablet computers like Apple Inc.'s new iPad, Bill Gates says the real innovator was Microsoft Corp., the software giant he co-founded, but no longer runs. "Tablet computing is an innovation where Microsoft's been ahead every step of the way," Gates told the Globe yesterday. "You want look at tablets, and touchscreens, and how students use both -- that's a Windows phenomenon." But Gates won't discuss his personal opinion of the hot-selling iPad. "Yeah, no comment," he said. The former Microsoft chief executive came to Cambridge yesterday to urge students to tackle ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
University of Hartford Brings Clean Water to Indian Village
In the United States, getting clean drinking water is as simple as getting to the nearest faucet. But that’s not the case in many places throughout the world. Access to water was limited in the village of Apprey-Per in India… until the University of Hartford stepped in. Voters head to the polls tomorrow to determine party nominees for many top state offices. Democratic Candidates Terry Schmitt and Brian Becker are both on tomorrow's ballot running for State Representative in the 19th District that covers portions of West Hartford, Farmington and Avon. Schmitt currently serves on the West Hartford Board of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
A Guide to the G20 Protests for the Not-Yet-Radical
A little more than a month ago, between the 21st and 27th of June, a week of protests against the Group of 20 Summit occurred in Toronto resulting in the arrests of more than 1000 people.  I’m writing this piece for the friends and family in my extended network for whom the events were a bit of a shock. I’m writing especially for people who found the whole thing disturbing, who are uncertain about what they think, who are surprised and scared by what they’ve heard that police did, and put off by scenes of burning cars and broken windows. My perspective is the view of someone who’s participated in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


office/work space and will further crowd the building. .... While the City provides 60% of the funding, 78% of the items circulated out of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
DNR - Federal Funding Gives Michigan Wildlife a Boost
Two programs provide matching funds to state programs for wildlife species with the greatest conservation need. Both the Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program (WCR) and State Wildlife Grants (SWG) Program funds can be used as match for state funds. For each dollar of Nongame Fish and Wildlife Fund money spent on approved projects, the WCR or SWG will provide $3 in match. Combined, Michigan is eligible for over $3 million dollars in federal matching funds. This has allowed the DNR's Natural Heritage Program to expand projects and programming for nongame, threatened, and endangered species. Inventories ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
International Symposium on Online Journalism
A program of the Knight Chair in Journalism, the UNESCO Chair in Communication at the University of Texas at Austin, and the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin Home News 2010 Joseph Vavrus: In His Own Words Joseph Vavrus: In His Own Words By Robert Rich All of the papers and panels at this year's symposium will be completely and unequivocally great, but there's a lot more that goes into planning the event behind the scenes. Joseph Vavrus is a crucial member of that planning team. A graduate research assistant with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
How to get sponsors for music concert? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
We are looking for a sponsor who would be interested in funding the video production of a music concert, in Bangalore next month. Any help/links? Location specific: Bengaluru Area, India posted 2 months ago in Using LinkedIn | Closed Share This Audiovisuals and Multimedia Director, Internet Advertising and Marketing Specialist see all my answers The best way is search potential sponsors who could be interested. You need to find which company is available in the concert are and/or in the markets where the product will be release. Then, you must present a dossier explaining how could be promoted the sponsors' brands. Places ...
What's the deal with getting a creative writing MFA from an ...
money - am I eligible for funding (grants and/or loans) from American schools? Will the Canadian government lend me money (OSAP? (I'm in Ontario)) to study in the US? Can I do both? visas - hard to get? Expensive? Long waits? working - can I work while I'm there on a student visa? living expenses - I want to go to Brooklyn College, but I'll probably also apply to all the other NYC MFA programs (NYU, New School, Columbia, am I missing any?), and schools in Irvine CA, Iowa, and maybe Austin. Would it be a realistic thing to support myself with whatever kind of low-skill job I might be able to find (in Brooklyn or ...