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Special Report on

Customer due diligence for banks

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Supervisors around the world are increasingly recognising the importance of ensuring that their banks' have adequate controls and procedures in place so that they are not used for criminal or fraudulent purposes. Adequate due diligence on new and existing customers is a key part of these controls. Without this due diligence, banks can become subject to reputational, operational, legal and concentration risks which can result in significant financial cost to banks. (Is this item miscategorized? Does it need more tags? Let us know. ) Format: PDF | Size: 119KB | Date: Jan 2001 | Pages: 26 Get Negotiating Power for Your ...
must perform to identify their clients and ascertain relevant information pertinent to doing financial business with them. In the USA, KYC is typically a policy implemented to conform to a customer identification program mandated under the Bank Secrecy Act and USA PATRIOT Act . Know your customer policies are becoming increasingly important globally to prevent identity theft fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing . In a simple form these rules may equate to answering twelve questions, but this is the tip of the iceberg and regulators now expect much more. One aspect of KYC checking is to verify that the customer is not ...
Allens Arthur Robinson: Publication: Finance & Banking Update
Bankrupt baker has to give up the dough. Agreement by assignee of a chose in action to remit net proceeds causes the chose to be held on trust. Trust of proceeds is trust of debt. A company's bakery was consumed by fire and the premises destroyed. The insurer denied liability and the company sued. The company was wound up with the action still pending. The insurer made an offer to settle the common law action for $55,000 and the liquidator of the company was inclined to accept the offer. However, a shareholder of the company paid to the liquidator $55,000 in return for assignment of the chose in action ... market research, surveys and trends
Central Banking
Science of Economics resulted not from macro-aggregate management; it resulted from human behaviour directed toward economic purpose without political prejudice. Economics as a body of systematized knowledge concerns with the market phenomena that brought about by the mutual adjustment of many individual economies within the rules of the law of property, tort, and contract. The element of chance is inseparable from the operation of the market as the elements of skill, capacities, and tastes. "Money is much too serious a matter to be left to central bankers", Milton Friedman (from Money Mischief). The public's ... market research, surveys and trends


to $40 billion per year—roughly equivalent to the annual GDP of the world's 12 ..... In “Customer Due Diligence for Banks,” a 2001 paper of the Basel Committee on ..... tially compliant on Recommendation 5; 84 percent of the same 124 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
to $40 billion per year—roughly equivalent to the annual GDP of the world's .... FATF or by FATF-Style Regional Bodies, 61 percent were noncompliant and 23 percent ..... In “Customer Due Diligence for Banks,” a 2001 paper of the Basel ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bank Systems & Technology Executive Summit 2010
When IBM pays a huge premium to acquire a marketing software company, banks should at least see that as a signal of prudent positioning and put marketing software on their IT project list. Granted, IBM has a cash "war chest" that could pay for several wars, but when IBM acquires a relatively small company at a 129% premium, it's not just a ho-hum event. IBM knows something that others missed. Most bankers, for example, might react by checking their bank's investment portfolio to see how much IBM's stock gained as a result of this acquisition. And then they'll return to their all-encompassing ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
CBT Q&A: The pulse of local business: Uncertainty hindering business ...
The CBT asked four business consultants and two certified public accountants what they’re hearing on the street and from their clients: Cathy Atkins, president of Savant Business Development Systems; Jim Gann, director of technology business at MU’s University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Gene Gerke and Joe Weston of Gerke & Associates; Jim Marberry of Marberry & Company, PC, CPAs; and Troy Norton, audit partner with Williams-Keepers LLC. When you talk with business owners and managers in mid-Missouri and elsewhere, what are they expressing as their major concerns this year? Are concerns this year different from ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Customer due diligence for banks - October 2001
Nov 21, 1997 ... Customer due diligence for banks. I. Introduction. 1. Supervisors around the world are increasingly recognising the importance of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB: Testimony, Biern--The Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot ...
Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to appear before the Committee on International Relations to discuss the obligations of banking organizations under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and the USA Patriot Act and the activities of bank supervisors in this important area. Money laundering and terrorist financing can, if not properly controlled, pose significant threats to our financial system and nation. Due to these risks, the Federal Reserve and the other bank supervisory agencies work to ensure that banking organizations have the appropriate anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs in place. As the Committee ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Due Diligence and “Reasonable Man,” Offshore
best-practices guidelines on customer due diligence.16 The cochair of the group was the head of the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors, and the commit- ...
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When should a risk manager involve in due diligence process ...
I've never been involved in any M&A transaction where a designated risk manager was part of the "due" team. This does not mean that the due diligence team (business, financial, legal, HSE, and so on) did not performed risk management tasks during the process. Personally I do not see any added value to have a RM in this process, since usually there is not enough time to do the detailed mapping from pure risk perspective at the beginning of any deal, secondly the due team members numbers usually are limited. br adolf posted 5 months ago Independent Writing and Editing Professional see all my answers From the get-go. If only ...
When Applying for Business Credit, Think of This Acronym
This very tight, almost non-existent lending market for small businesses invokes many emotions from business owners seeking capital to grow and expand. These emotions run the gamut from despair to downright anger. If you or your business are seeking credit and feel a bit nervous about your chances of getting the cash you need, pause for a moment, take a deep breath and remember a simple acronym � C.R.A.P. C � Credit. Your personal credit matters. It matter more now then ever. Today, lenders are not looking for ways to say �yes�, they are only looking for reason to say �no.� Their easiest, quickest method is to pull ...