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Debt Settlement Or Bankruptcy

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Debt settlement is one of the best ways to reduce your debt amount or eliminate it and hence avoid bankruptcy. Medical reasons or losing job are a few reasons which can make it difficult for people to pay even the minimum amount that is due on their accounts. Under such conditions an obvious solution that comes to one's mind is bankruptcy. However, consumers must avoid filing for bankruptcy as there are other options which can help you out of your debt without spoiling your credit report for the next 10 years. Settling one's debt is a simple procedure which can be done by the debtor himself but hiring a professional is ...
continue to make minimum monthly payments, creditors will not negotiate a reduced balance. However, when payments stop, balances continue to grow because of late fees and ongoing interest. 1 Consumers can arrange their own settlements by using advice found on web sites, hire a lawyer to act for them, or use debt settlement companies. 1 In a New York Times article Cyndi Geerdes, an associate professor at the University of Illinois law school, states "Done correctly, (debt settlement) can absolutely help people". However, some settlement companies may charge a large fee up front; or take a monthly fee from customer bank ...
credit repair and debt management services | Credit Matters
The two most common are credit repair and debt settlement. Both have their advantages and both certainly have their drawbacks. Before you choose either, you have to understand how each works and which program fits your personal needs. Debt settlement works well for some and can reduce larger debts to as much as 60 percent. Two of the major drawbacks are the fees charged by debt settlement companies and the damage it does to your credit score. The average fee is 15 to 20 percent of the total debt and many debt settlement companies charge an additional fee based on the amount of money they save you. The net result is under this ... market research, surveys and trends
Is Debt Settlement Fact or Fiction?
With the economy failing, consumers are finding their unsecured debt rising, coupled with limited resources to pay. What options do you have as a consumer to save your credit and avoid bankruptcy? The good news is that you have options, but with all of the companies out there trying to make a quick buck, it is in your best interest to educate yourself to avoid being scammed. Countless articles on the Internet warn consumers of unscrupulous credit counseling and debt settlement companies. They are completely different services and can benefit you in different ways. Researching these options and educating yourself before you ... market research, surveys and trends


California Bankruptcy Attorney Blog: Debt Settlement Archives
we have been guardedly optimistic about the CARD Act for some time. This credit-card reform bill was passed last year and some of its provisions took effect in August, but the remainder became active Feb. 22. According to an article by McClatchy Newspapers , the law may help consumers avoid some of the most costly deceptive practices by credit card companies. However, other abusive practices remain unchecked, and credit card companies have already raised their rates to compensate for anticipated losses. As of last August, credit card companies could not raise interest rates without 45 days' notice, and had to send bills at ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Debt cut in half? Don't count on it - The Red Tape Chronicles ...
Like anyone with a radio or TV, Lorena Altamirano heard the ads promising quick and painless debt relief. If there was a way to settle her debt for 50 cents on the dollar, she sure needed it.   A recent divorce had led to a nasty financial surprise: Her ex-husband's unpaid bills had pushed her almost overnight from having virtually no debt to being $17,000 in the hole. "I was paying everything perfectly, no problem, until the divorce,” she said. “Then the skies fell on me. These were bills he never told me about.   We were married and I was responsible, but that put me totally out of balance." A friend had ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Indebted Americans Spend 3.5 Hours a Day Worrying About Debt
Forty-five percent of Americans claim they are in debt -- and those in debt worry about repayment 3.5 hours a day, on average. In fact, 10% claim they worry about debt 10 or more hours every 24 hours. The results are from the U.S. Consumer Study on Debt * commissioned by and fielded by Survey Sampling International. When asked: "On average, how many hours per day do you spend worrying about debt?" the results are as follows: 10 hours or more        10% 4-10 hours                11% ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Weighing the Possibility of Bankruptcy for BP
With pockets as deep as BP’s — its assets are worth more than $260 billion — the possibility that it might be forced to seek bankruptcy protection because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is considered remote by many industry experts. But what if the company’s plan to contain the spill in the next several days does not work, and other efforts to stop the gushing oil also fail? If that were to occur, the worst-case projections of some experts, if they came to pass, would strain the ability of any company to pay, said Robin K. Craig , associate dean for environmental programs at the Florida State University ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Debt Relief Options â•fi Debt Settlement, Management, Or ...
Jul 1, 2010 ... Whether it is debt management, debt settlement or bankruptcy the debt settlement charlotte firm has 20 years of experience across a wide ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Growth of the Debt Settlement Industry
Unlike debt settlement where consumers have more control over the terms of their repayment, court decisions on bankruptcy cases are unpredictable. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Consolidation - Bankruptcy Education -
Debt consolidation is an option that allows you to take your debts and lump them together under one interest rate and make only one payment.  This works for some individuals, but not for others.  In order to even consider a debt consolidation program you need to have more than one debt.  Consolidation loans typically give you a lower monthly payment; however, this will mean extending the length of time you pay on the loan.  As a result, you will pay more in interest because your loan will be longer.  It is important to shop around for a debt consolidation loan.  There are reputable companies ...
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WikiAnswers - What is better Debt settlement or bankruptcy 13
Debt settlement by far. If you go through bankruptcy, you may still owe and have to pay the debts, AND you will have this ugly mark on your credit rating that will haunt you for the next seven year or longer. Best option is not to go into debt. Pay cash whenever possible. First answer by Bozidar . Last edit by Bozidar . Contributor trust : 1377 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 9 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these debt and bankruptcy questions? Related answers: Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement ? A bankruptcy will be listed and hold your credit score down for 10 ...
Is freedom fidelity a legit debt settlement company? - Yahoo! Answers
Hi, i recently agreed to a 24 month contract with freedom fidelity who is formerly known as freedom financial management. I have been sued now by one of my creditors but when i contacted them they said if i follow there directions they can get the court to possibly default and possibly settle with the creditor. I was recently told that the company I am working with is a scam, but i'm not sure what i should do. What they tell me sounds legit, and say that after the 2 years they will be able to settle and wipe away my debt. Now I did research and apparently there have been 38 complaints filed at the BBB site. but all the ...