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Debtors' Prison at SmartMoney

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In a deflationary period, the value of goods and services falls relative to the value of money. That situation puts debtors in a tough spot. As the price of everything from automobiles to airfare falls, so goes the value of assets already purchased. That means debtors will be paying a higher price against assets that are losing value. Presumably, credit-card interest rates could fall too, as rates move in tandem with the prime rate. However, the industry could buck that trend, says Josh Frank, senior researcher at the Center for Responsible Lending. He says card companies have been steadily raising rates for consumers and ...
in which the target is persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of realizing a significantly larger gain. Among the variations on this type of scam , are the Nigerian Letter (also called the 419 fraud , Nigerian scam , Nigerian bank scam , or Nigerian money offer ), 1 the Spanish Prisoner , the black money scam as well as Russian/Ukrainian scam (also widespread, though far less popular than the former). The so-called Russian and Nigerian scams stand for wholly dissimilar organised-crime traditions; they therefore tend to use altogether different breeds of approaches. Although similar to older scams such as the Spanish Prisoner
ATHENS Burning as GREEK Tragedy Enacted Once again!
The Greek parliament prepared to adopt a harsh austerity plan on Thursday in the face of violent unrest, as markets looked to the European Central Bank to prevent a debt crisis engulfing the euro zone! The AUSTERITY Plan resembles Indian Economic Ethnic Cleansing amusingly with the Political Economics of  Exclusion as the Greek Government has loaded the TAXATION against the Majority Masses and indulged in enhancing Foreign Capital Inflow as dictated by IMF, World Bank, EUROPEAN Community and the entire developed World. It is the Global Phenomenon in the age of Free Market Democracy ,we may not understand so well! But GREECE ... market research, surveys and trends
INTERMEX POWER: The age of easy credit and its aftermath
We believe in free markets and free people." We stands for free trade and sound money; against confiscatory taxation and the oppression of collectivists; and for individual autonomy against dictators, bullies and even the tempers of momentary majorities. Is there life after debt? DEBT is as powerful a drug as alcohol and nicotine. In boom times Western consumers used it to enhance their lifestyles, companies borrowed to expand their businesses and investors employed debt to enhance their returns. For as long as the boom lasted, Mr Micawber’s famous injunction appeared to be wrong: when annual expenditure exceeded ... market research, surveys and trends


Who Profits Most From Debt? Debt Collectors - Personal Finance ...
kind of guy who pays his bills on time. He tends to his impeccable credit history the way a gardener cares for a flower bed. He wouldn't dream of dodging a debt. So what's up with the collection letters? First, there was a threatening note from an agency representing Blockbuster Video. Mossey couldn't help but roll his eyes when he found it in the mailbox. After all, he was planning to pay the $8 late fee the next time he rented a movie. "I thought it was the silliest thing I'd ever seen," he says. "Then I got the notice from Green Mountain Power." Green Mountain Power is a utility that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Today's Stock Market News - DailyFinance
NEW YORK -Stocks are set to pull back Tuesday as growing corporate profits don't seem to be enough to satisfy investors. Technology companies IBM Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. both reported a jump in earnings after the market closed Monday, but that did not relieve concerns investors have had about potential revenue growth. Traders have not been focusing on bottom-line profits, but instead on revenue growth and forecasts for future improvement. That's because economic reports in recent months have shown the recovery is slowing, so there is concern about where future revenue growth will come from and how much it will ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Should Lenders Go After Borrowers Who 'Walk Away'?
that it would seek tougher penalties against borrowers who walk away from homes when they have the capacity to pay has sparked all types of outrage. The company said it would step up efforts to pursue deficiency judgment�seeking to recoup the difference between the loan balance and the net proceeds of the foreclosure sale�against so-called �strategic� defaulters in states where such suits are allowed. Fannie also will lengthen to seven years, from five, the amount of time borrowers who go through a foreclosure must wait before getting a new loan. Many are asking the same question: How will Fannie determine whether borrowers ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Smart Money Decisions : Why You Do What You Do with Money (and How to Change ..... Release From Debtor's Prison: Achieving Financial Freedom / M. St. John. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics - Other Articles in the News
Higher Standards to Boost Protections and Service for Taxpayers, Increase Confidence in System, Yield Greater Compliance with Tax Laws... As posted on December 31, 2009 on Federal government investing Child Support Services for alleged failure to disburse payments collected... As posted on December 28, 2009 on In the guise of government, senders try to sell investments and solicit personal information... As posted on December 14, 2009 on Returning a call to some area codes can lead to a huge phone bill... As posted on December 8, 2009 on FTC takes ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Profolio Mortgage Company - Financial Forum Bookstore
Sad to say, equity loan web sites most often are not really helpful for loan applicants who have anything other than great credit scores. Only certain leads will sell that many times. The exact or specific reasons why you have been denied or how to be able to get information why you have been denied. It also is sometimes called junior debt. We have improved our calculator and amortization schedule to better serve our florida mortgage clients. Charges are usually made by a psp in one of two ways - as a percentage of the total turnover placed through the site in one month, or at a fixedpence per transactionrate. Majority interest ...
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I think you are refering to vested and unvested funds
You can have unvested funds (funds that will not be yours until certain conditions are met) in your account, and you can move them between investments.  This is all normal.  Financial institutions keep very close track on what funds are vested (your money free and clear) and what funds are not.  It should say on your statement how much of each you have.  Just because you can move it to different investments, doesn't mean you will be able to remove it from the 401K. If the funds are truly not vested, when you try to move them to Fidelity, your financial instituion will block the move, and only move the ...