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Delhi most spendthrift

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The Congress Party could finally be getting its come-uppance. Today, S&P revised India’s sovereign rating from stable to negative. Moody’s may follow suit. According to S&P, ‘India’s fiscal position has deteriorated to a level that is not sustainable in the medium term’. The rating agency is right. The country’s fiscal deficit, combining those of the federal and state governments, is 12% - among the highest among the world’s large economies, according to a Feb 24 report by Morgan Stanley. India’s states are already profligate, but this time, it’s the central government that tipped the scales over. Two large, multi-billion ...
Learning Online Stocks Trading in Indian Stock Market
Online stock trading has opened the world of stocks to millions of young investors who might not have considered investing in stocks otherwise. The get-rich-quick success stories have further boosted the attraction for stock market. However, it is not that simple as it looks on the ground and many have burnt their fingers. The continuing bull-run in the market is another reason for investors queuing up to enter the world of online trading without sufficient knowledge of the market and without any prior home work. However, once the bears take control of market trends, even for a short period of time, the investors realize that it ... market research, surveys and trends
Visa to Russia: Intourist-UK Harnesses Cool Technology to Cut the ...
18 Norland Road, Holland Park, London. W11 4TR Tel. +44(0)20-7603-5045 Fax. +44(0)20-7603-5876 Email Tel. +44(0)20-7603-5045, Fax. +44(0)20-7603-5876, Email visa at Filed under Airlines / Aviation , Auto and Transportation , Business , Government and Policy , Homeland Security , New Products / Services , Travel | Tags: Intourist Uk , July 8 , London , Russia , United Kingdom | Comment Below Transact Network is a "First" for Visa Europe June 9th, 2010 GIBRALTAR, June 10, 2010 - Transact Network, the European BIN sponsorship and prepaid services provider, today ... market research, surveys and trends


Americans more worried about economy than Iraq war or terrorism: Study
Washington, Aug.2 (ANI): American angst is now centered on gas prices, personal finances, unemployment, inflation, stagnant real estate, rather than the ongoing war in Iraq or the upcoming presidential conventions according to research released here on Friday. The Washington Times quotes the Pew Research Centre survey as saying that found just 10 percent of Americans saying that the economy is in “good shape, while 54 percent said it is already in recession. Eighteen percent said the economy is in a depressed state. Assorted economic problems were cited by 61 percent as the most important problem facing the nation, far ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
UBS, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and other financial firms move east
Last year ushered in a new titleholder for the wealthiest man on earth: Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim took that honor, knocking Bill Gates and Warren Buffett into second and third place. And the two American icons of wealth could fall further in the ranking if they don't watch their backs: Close behind them are India's Mukesh Ambani — who controls the Reliance group of companies together with his brother Anil — and Lakshmi Mittal, also from India, who sit in fourth and fifth place respectively. Sure, it might not mean much to Buffett or Gates exactly where they fall in a ranking of the world's top ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


A Study on the Empowerment of Women Construction Workers as Masons ...
that men are spendthrift while majority of women spend most of their ..... Census of India (2001) Population Totals, New Delhi: Registrar General & Census ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Perhaps it is the close-up view of an
Medical College in Delhi, came to Britain in. 1977 and has been in Wrexham since ..... the medical profession, potentially the most powerful of all professions, has done little to resist. ... these spendthrifts whose decision making ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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The gap between the two Ambani brothers widens considerably once again. Not on the personal front, but in terms of salaries this time. When the two were together, they both took home a package of Rs.0.2 billion each from Reliance Industries (FY 2004-05). Anil was all smiles when the two went their own ways but the smile seems to be fading now with Mukesh being paid 10 times more with an annual package of about Rs.0.2 billion as compared to a meager Rs.0.02 billion that Anil gets (FY 2006-07). Well, the other top shots of India Inc. don�t seem behind too. Ahead of Mukesh is Sun TV CMD Kalanidhi Maran & Joint MD Kavery ...
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