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Empirical Finance Research Newsletter

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exactly three months ago.  A quick review suggests that there is little point in treating preliminary reports too seriously due to significant inaccuracies which often result in subsequent revisions.  While investors and politicians always fixate on the advance number, few outside the economics profession seem to pay much attention to subsequent revisions. Q3 2009:  3.5% Estimate vs. 2.2% Reality The advance GDP estimate for Q3 was 3.5% while the current estimate is 2.2%.  This is obviously a very significant change.  The BEA does not pretend that advance estimates are accurate.  In each quarterly ...
the work, whereas in scholarly publishing it is usual to keep an article's content intact and to associate it with a fixed author. Creative Commons licenses can be used to specify usage rights. OA is also similar to free content , but seldom open content , and can be extended to the learning objects and resources provided in e-learning . OA can be provided in two ways: "Green OA" is provided by authors publishing in any journal and then self-archiving their postprints in their institutional repository or on some other OA website. 3 Green OA journal publishers endorse immediate OA self-archiving by their authors. ...
Empirical Finance Research Blog: The Asset Growth Effect in Stock ...
We document a strong negative relationship between the growth of total firm assets and subsequent firm stock returns using a broad sample of U.S. stocks. Over the past 40 years, low asset growth stocks have maintained a return premium of 20% per year over high asset growth stocks. The asset growth return premium begins in January following the measurement year and persists for up to five years. The firm asset growth rate maintains an economically and statistically important ability to forecast returns in both large capitalization and small capitalization stocks. In the cross-section of stock returns, the asset growth rate ... market research, surveys and trends
World Bank Research E-Newsletter, June 2010
National poverty lines vary greatly across the world, from less than $1 per person per day to more than $40 (at 2005 purchasing power parity), according to a new working paper by Martin Ravallion. What accounts for these huge differences, and can they be understood within a common global definition of poverty? Nutrition-based poverty lines, called "absolute lines" and often found in developing countries, tend to be higher for richer countries. That happens even when nutritional norms are common across countries. A new global definition of "weakly relative poverty" is shown to be consistent with both macro ... market research, surveys and trends


The Ideas Report For Serious Investors: January 2009 Archives
in partnership with Wes Gray and Andy Kern of Empirical Finance, LLC. This month's newsletter includes the results of a stock screen that should not be missed. Abstract: This paper examines whether a simple accounting-based fundamental analysis strategy, when applied to a broad portfolio of high book-to-market firms, can shift the distribution of returns earned by an investor. I show that the mean return earned by a high book-to-market investor can be increased by at least 7 percent annually through the selection of financially strong high BM firms while the entire distribution of realized returns is shifted to the right. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Ideas Report For Serious Investors: February 2009 Archives
In his latest annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, released on February 28th, chairman Warren Buffett observes a "freefall in business activity" by 4Q08, "accelerating at a pace that I have never before witnessed." While he calls decisive government action "essential," he believes it will have unwelcome consequences. Nonetheless, Buffett remains optimistic about the ability of the U.S. to improve standards of living over time. [ more ] Posted by manualofideas at 02:46 PM Permalink | Comments (0) The Nobel Prize-winning economist is out with a thought-provoking editorial in the New York Times: Comrade Greenspan wants ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Empirical Finance Research Newsletter
Apr 1, 2009 ... highlighted in the Empirical Finance Research Newsletter, but not all of them. This newsletter is meant to highlight ideas we look for and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy, -- Research ...
Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures: ... Small and Large Firms: An Empirical Analysis.” American Economic Review. 78(4), 1988. 678-90. .... newsletter, small business research findings and statistics, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Finance Courses — Zicklin School Of Business - Baruch College - CUNY
The objective of this course is to undertake a rigorous study of the theoretical foundations of modern financial economics. The course will cover the central themes of modern finance including individual investment decisions under uncertainty, mean-variance theory, capital market equilibrium and asset valuation and arbitrage pricing theory. Empirical Corporate Finance The goal of this seminar is to familiarize students with current research in corporate finance and help them generate new research ideas. The course will also introduce the students to the databases and empirical methods used most frequently in corporate finance ...
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The simple answer is the legacy it left the world.The more complex - but still overall simplistic - answer is below... So why was the empire one to be proud of? In many respects it wasn't, slavery,... Was the roman empire the biggest empire ? The Roman Empire was the largest at that time. In the list of largest empires the Roman Empire come in at 16th. However the Roman Empire was composed of valuable real estate. The largest empires have... Which emperor split the Roman Empire into a Western Empire and an Eastern Empire ? Emperor Diocletian, who created a tetrarchy to more effectively govern the Roman world. It consisted ...
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Phase 1 - Observation and question - Conjectures Phase 2 - Hypothesis - Prediction - Experimentation Phase 3 - Peer review Observation, Question and Conjecture The first phase represents the transit... Characteristics of business ? my need to note on characteristics of business. What are the characteristics of research ? 1. Based on curiosity 2. systematic 3. replicable 4. reflexive 5. cyclical What are the characteristic of a research ? characteristics of a research systematic logical empirical reductive replicable What are the good characteristic of a good research ? well first of all there should be something to back the ...