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Special Report on

Enhancing Sovereign Debt Restructuring

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The need to increase accountability is frequently invoked in discussions of governance reform of international financial institutions (IFIs). This project analysed the accountability architecture of the Bank and Fund, identifying gaps between evaluation processes and the implementation of measures drawn from evaluation.  The findings of this project were published in a special issue of  Global Governance and a series of GEG working papers. To read more, visit  Pathways Through Financial Crisis. Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Ugo Panizza (forthcoming) The elusive costs of sovereign defaults Journal of Development Economics Abstract: The ...
In most cases personal bankruptcy is initiated by the bankrupt individual. Bankruptcy is a legal process that discharges most debts, but has the disadvantage of making it more difficult for an individual to borrow in the future. To avoid the negative impacts of personal bankruptcy, individuals in debt have a number of bankruptcy alternatives .
Ways Forward from the Eurozone Crisis « Kurt Bayer's Commentary
is its assessment by the financial markets. Their verdict: crisis. Low growth, slow recovery from the twin crisis of 2008/10, the developments of CDS spreads and government bond prices, the hysterical media reports of relegation from or voluntary leaving of the Eurozone by this or that country – all these suggest a deep crisis. The EU has reacted accordingly, with a 110 bill € package for Greece and a 750 bill € guarantee package (together with ECB and IMF) for the Eurozone. Individual Eurozone countries have started frantic and massive budget consolidation packages – as requested by the financial markets. The second strand market research, surveys and trends
Greece, Portugal and Spain: Lessons from Argentina | vox ...
Greek debt woes could spark contagion within and beyond Europe. Argentina’s former finance minister and co-author draw four lessons from Argentina’s crisis: devaluation/exit is not the answer; orderly debt restructuring involving a ‘Brady Plan’ now is better than a disorderly one later; fiscal consolidation that improves external competitiveness is a must; all these must be done simultaneously The Greek crisis has created fears of contagion in other countries of Europe, notably in Portugal and Spain. Unless it is resolved quickly and effectively, the spread will be more severe for it could affect other countries inside and ... market research, surveys and trends


1 Restructuring Sovereign Debt Barry Eichengreen Barry Eichengreen ...
At the end of 2001 nearly 70 percent of the $354 billion in ...... Hubbard, R. Glenn (2002), —Enhancing Sovereign Debt Restructuring,“ Remarks of R. Glenn ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
long as no more than 10 percent of the bondholders object, ..... International monetary Fund, “Enhancing Sovereign Debt Restructuring” Remarks of R. Glenn ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Yang Jiechi: A Successful Trip of Enhancing Mutual Trust and Expanding Cooperation
From June 23 to 27, 2010, President Hu Jintao, at invitation, paid a state visit to Canada and attended the fourth G20 summit in Toronto. At the end of the visit, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi who also present at the tour introduced President Hu’s visit and outcome to the accompanying journalists. Yang said that President Hu’s visit is a major diplomatic activity China conducted against the background that China-Canada diplomatic ties have the 40th anniversary, the bilateral relations show a sound momentum of development, the global economy gradually recovers but the foundation remains weak and the European sovereign debt risk is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Crisis Focus: Europe's Commitment
The ongoing sovereign debt crisis is extracting a painful toll on the European economy. Fiscal sustainability and bleak employment are among the many challenges facing the euro zone. So how should the euro-zone countries restore growth and at the same time ensure their fiscal health? The International Monetary Fund provided answers in its annual review of euro area policies. Edited excerpts follow: Key downside risks are emanating from concerns about fiscal sustainability and possible adverse feedback between the financial sector and public finances. Delayed or half-hearted fiscal consolidation in countries facing high spreads ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Oct 17, 2002 ... Indenture Act of 1939, but not for sovereign borrowers. ENHANCING SOVEREIGN DEBT RESTRUCTURING. 81. Page 4. bondholders. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IMF Explains its Work on Sovereign Debt Restructuring
Establishing a strong sovereign debt restructuring mechanism is a "formidable" task that will take many years to develop and implement, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says in a January fact sheet outlining preferred features of such a mechanism. The Fund and major stakeholders in global financial markets are seeking a legal framework to make restructuring of debts owed by countries in financial distress more orderly and expeditious. Following is the IMF fact sheet: (begin fact sheet) International Monetary Fund Proposals for a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (SDRM) A Fact Sheet January 2003 The ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Enhancing Sovereign Debt speech Oct 7
Enhancing Sovereign Debt Restructuring. Remarks of. R. Glenn Hubbard. Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers. Conference on the IMF's Sovereign Debt ...
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