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Fight Credit Card Universal Default

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 inspire you to pore over the new Cardmember "Agreement" that probably arrived in your mailbox this week? I actually read at least part of mine, looking in particular at the implementation of the Credit CARD Act. (I am apparently one of the "consumer advocates" that Ronald Mann thinks has the time to "scrutinize the agreements and bring attention to provisions sufficiently onerous that they would not bear public scrutiny.")   The first place I looked in the Cardmember Agreement was the paragraph labeled "Default/Collection."  I was looking for the much-touted restrictions on universal ...
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What Credit Card Companies Don't Want You to Know
Of all the games the credit card companies play that end up costing you thousands of dollars (late fees, over-limit fees, transfer fees, and so on), it’s always been the interest rate game that hurt the most — until now. There’s a new, completely legal game they’re playing, and it can literally wipe you out financially if you’re not careful. The Universal Default Clause ... market research, surveys and trends
“Credit Card Bill of Rights” Passed Today by the U.S. House of ...
market research, surveys and trends


Killer Credit -- In These Times
Candace Angus is not one to break the rules. When she served on the Chicago police force for 25 years, it was her duty to maintain order. And as a longtime credit card user, she was never late on a payment and never in debt. So when she found interest on her Capital One balance considerably higher than she anticipated, she was irked. A customer service representative explained that the charge was “residual interest” from two months prior that had not yet been applied. Although she didn’t grasp the concept fully, Angus swallowed the news and paid her next bill in full. Thirty days later, residual interest was ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Faulting Universal Default - The Checkout
For consumers, "universal default" has to be one of the most aggravating policies practiced by credit-card issuers. Now, New York may become the first state in the country to do something about it--at least if Gov. George Pataki signs a bill passed by the state legislature last month. What is universal default? If you don't know, consider yourself lucky because it probably means you've not been affected. Under universal default, a credit-card company monitors the credit histories of its customers, even those who are current in their monthly payments. If a customer is late paying another creditor (such as ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
After years of abuse, consumers get some help
After noting that when he began his career as a legal services lawyer in the 1970s, the notion of "consumer protection" was receiving unprecedented support from legislatures and courts, Sommer paints a dire picture of the three decades that followed. [W]e've gone backwards in ways that were literally inconceivable in the 1970's. Usury limits were, for all practical purposes, eliminated. A generation of conservative judges, appointed by the Reagan and Bush administrations, began taking legally formalistic approaches that sanctified the fiction of the rational and informed consumer who made all decisions ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Worst Are Filled With Passionate Intensity
is about how TARP, the successful bank bailout plan, has been seized upon by populist fools--mostly of the right, but some on the left as well--as the prime irritant in their anti-big (government and business) frenzy. The trouble is, many of them don't seem to know what TARP is. Here is Bob Bennett, the conservative incumbent Senator from Utah who was tossed by the Tea Partiers, discussing the phenomenon: “People would walk by my booth and say ‘TARP, TARP, TARP, TARP!' But when you tried to talk to them about it, they did not know any of the details,” he said in an interview. “They confused TARP and the stimulus plan. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Fight for Your Money Tips - DAVID BACH'S “FIGHT FOR YOUR MONEY”
techniques. You work hard for your money, so Fight For It. ... credit card. 40% of credit card issuers apply the universal default provision. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Costly Credit: Refund Anticipation Loans and Universal Default
What is “universal default,” and is there anything I can do about this? : More and more credit card companies are taking advantage of the universal default ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Penalty Interest Rates, Universal Default, and the Common Pool ...
A useful explanation and interpretation of penalty interest rates and universal default clauses in credit card contracts is that each issuer is seeking to ...
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Collections Law: default judgements, default judgement, bottom feeders
Debt Collections law, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), federal law, how to properly answer court summons for collection cases, how to prepare federal cases against debt collectors, how to deal with debt collection phone calls. Experience I've been an active consumer advocate for more than 40 years and have helped hundreds of people win cases against debt collectors as well as helping them defeat demands for summary judgment lodged against them by banks, debt collectors and defeat mortgage foreclosures and keep their homes. Education/Credentials Paralegal courses for the most part.
How in the world did some of the credit card companies come up ...
Just in case some of you dont know this means if you are late on ANY bill payment the credit card company can raise your intrest rate.Thats like an animal who is hunting,it find one thats good & healthy,then all of a sudden it becomes cripple & the other animal devoures him for a meal.Most of your credit card companies are owned by banks & the banks are dragging in more money.Why doesnt the pipsqueaks in Washington do something abt this? Member since: May 13, 2006 Total points: 3609 (Level 4) Because the pipsqueaks don't fear the voters. Voters are bad about calling or emailing these people and putting up a fight to get ...