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Google Domestic Trends tracks Google search traffic across specific sectors of the economy. The changes in the search volume of a given sector on may provide useful economic insight. We have created 23 indexes that track the major economic sectors, such as retail, auto and unemployment. Each index value is baselined at 1.0 on January 1, 2004 and is calculated and displayed on the Google Finance charts as a 7-day moving average. You can easily compare actual stocks and market indexes to these Google Trends on the charts. For example, the Google Unemployment Index tracks queries like [unemployment], [social security], ...
households, companies and organisations using any type of equipment to record and/or receive live television broadcasts; 4 the level of the fee is set annually by the UK Government and agreed by Parliament . 5 The BBC's main responsibility is to provide public service broadcasting within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man . Its global headquarters are located in London . Outside the UK, the BBC World Service has provided services by direct broadcasting and re-transmission contracts by sound radio since the inauguration of the BBC Empire Service in December 1932, and more recently by television and online. ...
Islam's approach to ethical investment « The Islamic Finance Blog ...
Given that many ethical funds have similar characteristics as Islamic funds, it is important for ethical investors attracted by the appeal of Islamic principles as well as the performance of Islamic investments to understand that there are additional prohibitions that must be applied on the products offered. These restrictions which are essentially self-imposed based on belief and conviction act a moral compass; the monitoring of the prohibitions by a Religious (Shari’ah) Supervisory Board may have prevented Islamic financial institutions to deviate from a faith-based system and absorb the shocks within the conventional ... market research, surveys and trends
Google Finance Blog: Plotting more than news on the charts
Plotting news stories on the company charts has always been one of my favorite features of Google Finance. Today, I'm happy to announce that we're pushing it even further! First,you'll notice that we moved the Blogs section to a tab next to the News area. When you select the blog tab, relevant blog posts are listed and charted just like the news items, making it easier to see the blogosphere's coverage of your favorite stocks. We've also added a tab called Feeds. There are a few ways you can use this tab: Search for relevant feeds by typing keywords in the query box. Relevant results (like blogs or news ... market research, surveys and trends


Global finance blog - news, jokes, life…
Now that Goldman Sachs has likely put its troubles with the Securities and Exchange Commission behind it, can the company finally breathe a sigh of relief? Not just yet. On Tuesday, Wall Street’s most-gilded firm will report its second-quarter results. Analysts however, have been dramatically cutting forecasts for Goldman Sachs in recent weeks amid concerns that the combination of market volatility and economic tremors will hurt profits. Current expectations are for the company to earn just under $1.3 billion, or $2 a share, according to Thomson Reuters. That’s down 64% from the $3.4 billion it earned a year ago. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Around the world « The Islamic Finance Blog – News and Information
Bank of London and the Middle East (BLME) has launched the first Shariah compliant money market fund in Europe. Using Luxembourg’s specialised investment funds law, BLME has appointed European Fund Administration (EFA) and Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat (BCEE) for fund servicing and custody.  BLME Umbrella Fund SICAV-SIF, worth over $50 million, invests in a diversified portfolio of high quality Islamic money market instruments, such as commodity murabaha (exchange contract trade), sukuk (Islamic bonds) and ijara (assets leasing). To respond to the significant market growth in Islamic investments, EFA has ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Glenn Beck Going Blind: A Macular Dystrophy Ailment Could Affect Fox News Host
Glenn Beck could be going blind, and told an audience in Salt Lake City, Utah about his ailment. The fact that Beck went public is of little shock. He is very open about his personal life, and is very honest with his  viewers. That's not to say that Glenn Beck is well loved; there are many out there that cannot stand his overly-dramatic way of making his point. They consider him a "right wing nut", among other things. Where Glenn Beck is hated by a host of many, he's adore by an equal amount who cite that he's about the only person who is honest and who makes sense of our tumultuous time as a nation. market trends, news research and surveys resources
The changing face of IT: Five trends to watch
earlier this month, I gave a presentation called “The Changing Face of IT” in which I outlined five key trends that are changing the way IT is delivered, administered, and staffed. Here’s a summary of that presentation. We have been discussing the consumerization of IT on TechRepublic since 2007 when The Wall Street Journal published tips to help business professionals circumvent their IT departments . Back then, it was primarily an annoyance involving a few power users who were bringing their own Palm Treos into the enterprise and using a some unauthorized Web tools to get their work done. Since then, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Nov 1, 2006 ... In July 2005, the House Finance Committee defeated a version of Rep. .... Here is how the Wilmington Star News described Wright's actions in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Attorney General's Consumer Blog
Keep up with the latest trends and warnings in consumer fraud, identity theft and other issues that affect your wallet with this consumer blog. Our bloggers cover fraud, ID theft, credit, cell phones, used cars and other every other topic that affects consumers in today's world. Your comments and questions are welcome. Not even a week into the official launch of Cash for Clunkers and the program may be tapped with its future now uncertain.  It is hard to believe that the $1 billion that was allocated for the program would last until November.  Even Congress initially thought that "Bucks for Old Trucks" fund needed ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MiF Blog - News and Views from the London Business School MiF ...
Just one more day to go ... and the course sadly comes to an end with the Credit Risk exam tomorrow evening. It's great to think of the feeling of having all the evenings and weekends for myself and my family going forward, but also it's sad to miss school. One doesn't realise when one's here! The Financial Engineering exam this evening was a pleasurable experience - brilliant subject with the best and the liveliest professor ever! Oh well, looking forward to tomorrow's exam now, and the grand dinner, disco and mid-night raving in a top notch night club in WC on Friday night.  But yes, the mission ...
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News : Sections on Google Finance - Google Finance Help
service. On the Google Finance homepage, you can find top finance stories as well as news related to your portfolio(s). On any company page (e.g., the company page for AAPL ), you'll see stories that relate to that security, and you'll also see the stories plotted chronologically; each story on the right is assigned a letter, and the letter corresponds to a labeled flag on the chart. If you're a provider of news, learn more about optimizing your content for Google News and Google Finance. Not all articles that show on Google News will appear on Google Finance. The stories are ranked automatically and only articles ... (BETA)
Good stuff...but how do they plan make any money out of this? Do Google get any financial benefit if they refer a user to the WSJ who purchases a yearly subscription (or anyone for that matter)? I can see how this could balloon for Google if they can place Adwords on articles they link to. It'll keep me on Google properties, for one. And, Finance visitors - I'd imagine - are highly valuable. I only search from Google, but was always sent to Yahoo's Finance section for news and quotes as Google used to direct all stock symbol queries there... but, no more. I like it. Sergey and Larry are pretty good at 'me ...