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Finance for Geeks

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Well it’s finally here the much awaited release and my review of Quicken Essentials for Mac.  Okay maybe not everyone was waiting for my review but it’s nice that it’s finally out I think you can agree.  There’s a definite drought in the Mac world as far as personal finance software is concerned. The good news is that the field is widening as the You Need a Budget 3.0 is in full swing which will run on PC and Mac.  I was anxious to see how this Mac specific version stacked up to YNAB and also to Quicken 2010 for the PC which I recently reviewed.  So grab a cup of coffee and let’s ...
The association provides representation and a range of other services to all students at the University, across all campuses and modes of study. Since 2006, it has used the brand name DUSA4U .
Even Geeks Need Rest Too
1. Leave work at work: so often when we come home, we are frustrated after a bad encounter with a boss, supervisor or just another co-worker. The important thing to realize is we have to let these awful situations and circumstances stay at the work place to circumvent these daily frustrations from being taken out on the ones we love: our spouses, children, family and friends. This process should start in the car ride home. Try thinking of serenity. Put your feet on the gas and crank up the tunes. The last thing you need to do is enter your home pondering the hustle and bustle of the next day. Use these hours at home to wind ... market research, surveys and trends
It Lives, Igor!
The job of writing a technical article lands on my to-do list every so often. Between occurrences, I manage to forget about the need to do these so that each time a new one pops up it comes as the same surprise: a mix of anticipation at the chance to do some writing and worry about where the time to do it will come from. Anyway, in order to bolster my usual mix of weak reasoning and doubtful conclusions with some half-baked evidence, I turned to Google. In the recesses of my memory I seemed to recall that someone had once combined a PC and a Sega Megadrive[1] in one unit; a spectacular example of the misplaced faith that will ... market research, surveys and trends


Dana Epp's ramblings at the Sanctuary: November 2003 Archives
about the possibility that Apple might be coming out with a Tablet PC. That could be very interesting... if Apple can make it as slick as the Inking API that Microsoft has. On that note though... I am not sure how well the whole Tablet idea will work out. Scoble has always drank the MS Tablet Koolaid and spews a lot about it... but I can say first hand after spending a week with him, that it is unrealistic to tout the Tablet as an end all solution. Why do I say that? Because during the whole week I was with him, he didn't use his TabletPC once while I was around. Hell, it wouldn't even boot up when I tried it in his ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Will you outlive your retirement savings?
An article appeared on Bloomberg last week that sounded the alarm on the very real prospect that millions of people will outlive their retirement savings. Lawmakers Seek to Prevent Americans Outliving Savings (Bloomberg, June 11, 2010) had this to say: “In 1983, 62 percent of workers had only company-funded pensions, while 12 percent had 401(k)s, the center said. In 2007, those numbers were 17 percent and 63 percent, respectively”¦ Most American households at or near retirement “are consumed by fear,” said Anthony Webb, associate director of research at the research nonprofit. “Instead of walking ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Apple iPad: Breaking through in the enterprise
Like most analysts and observers, we were both a surprised at how quickly the iPad was hitting critical mass, but not surprised that people were responding well to the device itself. After all, we’d both traveled to the conference with an iPad in tow. Jeremy brought his iPad in place of a laptop and used it as his primary computing device throughout the trip. I brought my iPad in addition to my laptop and used it during my flight to New York to prepare my notes for the panel that I moderated at the event. As we talked about the iPad’s big sales numbers, I told Jeremy that I was skeptical about whether the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hyatt's new Andaz opens in New York City's Midtown
Hyatt on Monday opened its second, chic Andaz hotel in New York City, marking the 5th location for a fledgling, luxury boutique brand that's managed to grow during the hotel industry's toughest time in modern history. I traveled to New York on Tuesday to tour the hotel on its first full day of operating, so here are a few photographs and observations... The hotel, by the way, is part of a mini-hotel-boom going on in the city , which my colleague Kitty Yancey Bean chronicles on USA TODAY's Dispatches blog. In future posts, I'll tell you about other elements that make the hotel pioneering for New York and for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Financial modelling: not just for geeks - 17 IN SERIES: Financial ...
Aug 6, 2009 ... Not just for geeks. Most senior managers have been given one-to-one model walk ... a collaborative effort; finance, actuarial and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NVPERS chief found numbers suited him
Feb 14, 2010 ... Sitting at the helm of a $21.5 billion state pension fund is a responsibility typically assigned to finance geeks. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Can Number-Crunchers Become Geeks? - Knowledge@Wharton
Knowledge@Wharton User Agreement ANY PERSON ACCESSING THE Knowledge@Wharton WEB SITE AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Copyright: All materials published on this site (including but not limited to images, text, illustrations and audio clips) are protected by the copyright laws of the United States or other jurisdictions and are owned or controlled by Knowledge@Wharton, or third party providers of the materials. The materials are provided solely for the personal noncommercial use of registered users of Knowledge@Wharton. Any copying, further distribution, commercial use or nonpersonal use of ...
  1. profile image theafricanist RT @oafrica: Internet geeks making beeline for honeypot that is Africa: from @the_irish_times
  2. profile image Samooner RT: @oafrica: Internet geeks making beeline for honeypot that is Africa: from @the_irish_times [@kahenya]
  3. profile image localization Internet geeks making beeline for honeypot that is Africa - but what languages? mocality appears totally English.
Anime for geeks only? - Yahoo! Answers
Earleir on in the year, an Anime/Manga club was set up at my school. I saw the presentation for it, and recognized the drawing cartoon style from pokemon- the show everyone watched when younger :D So I got my friends to come with me at lunch to see how it was. Honestly, I was totally surprised. I'm not naive enough to believe that only nerds like anime, but seriously! I'm not the most popular girl, but I have a normal girl status- like friends with everyone(bah lol)! That club was full to the BRIM with snorting geeks who drew amazing! manga, and were basically a stereotypes dream: glasses, bad skin, yellow ...
How many episodes and seasons were there for freaks and Geeks ...
I wanna know how many episodes and seasons were there for the t.v show freaks and geeks because i think i saw all the episodes but i want to now if there are any more because they seemed so little. 2 years ago Member since: November 10, 2007 Total points: 14897 (Level 6) One Season, 18 episodes. 2 years ago 100% 2 Votes There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: September 01, 2007 Total points: 6885 (Level 5) Smithy is correct. It was a great show. 2 years ago 0% 0 Votes