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Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley argue that we do not need to abandon the assumption of rational expectations in order to better understand how asset markets function, but we do need to incorporate principal agent problems into asset market models. Setting aside whether agents are rational, I am fully sold on the idea that we need to do a better job of incorporating principal agent problems into these models… The story below is one where asset price “momentum” is generated from principal agent issues driven by incomplete information on the quality of investment fund managers… I’m very interested in ...
Open Screen Project — Workflow: Flash
EDIT: Le blog a été déplacé: EDIT: The blog moved to: Adobe continue sa politique d’ouverture Open Source et annonce aujourd’hui l’Open Screen Project avec le support de grands acteurs du marché de la mobilité. Les prochaines versions du Flash Player et d’Adobe AIR pour les environnements mobiles seront donc gratuites et les [...] 203 readers EDIT: Le blog a été déplacé à cette URL: EDIT: The blog moved to: Je développe souvent des prototypes Flex & AIR pour nos clients ... market research, surveys and trends
Commercial Calculator -
Commercial mortgages differ significantly from residential ones. The issue of cash flow becomes of paramount importance for banks to calculate the appropriate interest rates to charge. The type of business involved and the regularity of the cash flow are also important for banks to calculate how much they should charge for their... more » How to Calculate Commercial Loans Commercial loans are, traditionally, accounts that finance business operations. These loans are usually secured with business property or holdings. If the company is large, the loans can also be quite large. Some small businesses use commercial lending to ... market research, surveys and trends


Building A Million Dollar Business Part Time
Today, I admit failure. I’ve been trying and trying to get this teleclass thing right. My research project  - the Hot Mommas Project – is now the world’s largest women’s case study library. Where to go from here? “You need to capture and package the knowledge you have from the Hot Mommas Project and your class at GW,” people tell me. Amy Millman of Springboard has suggested an Omni Media model (we can all dream….and Amy dreams BIG!). Here is the tricky part: How to reconcile THINKING BIG with FEAR OF FAILURE.  As a former inhabitant of the fear-of-failure MSA, I invite you to read the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Role of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing in achieving the CFO's ...
Role of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing in achieving the CFO’s Agenda for 2010 The WNS Annual CFO Survey 2010 Powered by EquaSiis Confidential © 2010 WNS Global Services | Key Findings  Managing down / cutting costs is the most commonly cited critical issue facing finance and account organizations – But the most important issues are growing the business and competing against new ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Truthfully Looking At Affiliate Marketer Idea
If you've never heard of Affiliate Theme, it is a theme created for Wordpress that has a lot of power. It is a program designed to help affiliate marketer marketers make landing pages that sell, and you do not even need to know to produce a website. The landing pages you create are already optimized for that searches so you'll be able to successfully use it in a PPC ad campaign. The company that created the concept is called Unique Blog Designs, LLC and their quality themes have graced many web web pages for many years now. We know how hard it can be for affiliates to style a landing page that individuals will really ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Web Publishing Roll-up: Shirky v. Murdoch in Pay Wall Smackdown
In a world where newspapers battle to stay alive, only the most dedicated will prevail. Tired, broken and sick of being taken for granted, newspapers want revenge and WILL MAKE YOU PAY! In the battle to determine the viability of newspaper pay walls , two leading authorities challenge each other to a smack down of words and well, more words. We bring you Clay Shirky, writer, consultant and Internet guru versus Rupert Murdoch, billionaire and News Corporation Chairman and CEO. Boxing metaphors aside, this week the Guardian’s Decca Aitkenhead interviewed Shirky about newspapers, creativity and yes, pay walls. The article ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Islamic Finance in Europe
Yet Islamic finance is thriving in Europe, and many major European banks ...... templates that can be adapted to the particular circumstances of individual ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Delta Township » Board Members
He and his wife Tammy are the proud parents of three beautiful children and are active in their church, St. Gerard Parish. They live in the Broadbent Woods subdivision. Supervisor Fletcher was born in the City of Ionia in 1966. He graduated from Ionia High School and attended Michigan State University’s James Madison College where he received a B. A. in Political Theory and International Relations in 1988.  Supervisor Fletcher has worked in the legislative and political arena in Michigan for over 20 years. He currently is the Associate Executive Director of the Michigan Nurses Association where he advocates at the State Capitol ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Kompfye - Tech, Logic, Finance, Math
resources provided by Carnegie Mellon is certainly a daunting task but extremely rewarding nonetheless. Given the tremendous benefits of  wicked-fast bandwidth, huge-storage, and lifetime accessibility it would seem setting up WordPress at CMU would be common sense. Unfortunately, it isn’t so simple and requires jumping through hoops and working around numerous obstacles, but the final result is a *fully* functional WordPress blog! The Hard Way [Windows + PostgreSQL]: 1. Download the following: Lastest version of WordPress PostgreSQL for WordPress [Because the MySQL databases are unavailable to many students] A theme for ...
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How can I hard-code a custom entry into my Wordpress RSS feed ...
How can I hard-code a custom entry into my WP RSS feed via the theme (no plugins). I know you can control the RSS via the functions.php but my coding is weak, can someone give me the exact steps? Thanks! Just to clarify, I want to hard-code a link FROM my RSS feed to another page. 2 weeks ago Member since: July 11, 2009 Total points: 1664 (Level 3) Badge Image: Contributing In: Programming & Design You can hard code WordPress RSS feeds directly in your WordPress Theme templates > index.php, archive.php and single.php (and any other templates). You can also add an RSS feed link in a post. An RSS feed is basically just a link ...
WikiAnswers - WordPress Questions including "How do you increase ...
WordPress is a common PHP based blogging platform, with an estimated 200 million websites built on it. Questions about this software and how to use it to build a blog belong here. Total questions 300 How do you create a blog? Firstly, decide on a topic that you'd like your blog to be about. It could be a personal blog or a topic focused blog. Then... How do you increase number of ads on adsense pages in wordpress template? Currently, AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage. Our system will detect the multiple... How do you use wordpress? The easiest way to learn to use wordpress is ...