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Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage?

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Variable rate mortgages have been widely available in Canada since the 1990s. A report released in 2001 states that historically, variable rate mortgages at prime have benefited borrowers 88.6% of the time over the fixed rate. Obviously borrowers who have rates of less than prime are even better off. This historical savings is the risk premium; the return in excess of the risk-free rate of return, which is the fixed rate. However, if you’re looking for a mortgage right now, it may be one of those few time periods where a fixed rate may be a better deal than a variable rate. The best variable rates right now are prime+0.4%, ...
remains the same through the term of the loan, as opposed to loans where the interest rate may adjust or "float." Other forms of mortgage loan include interest only mortgage , graduated payment mortgage , variable rate (including adjustable rate mortgages and tracker mortgages ) , negative amortization mortgage , and balloon payment mortgage . Please note that each of the loan types above except for a straight adjustable rate mortgage can have a period of the loan for which a fixed rate may apply. A Balloon Payment mortgage, for example, can have a fixed rate for the term of the loan followed by the ending balloon ...
Fixed or Variable, Why Not Both? The Combination Mortgage
For many Canadians it can be difficult deciding whether they should chose the security and predictable payments that fixed rate mortgages offer or go with a variable rate mortgage which typically offer lower interest rate margins and outperform fixed rates about 80% of the time . The decision often divides couples who are looking for a mortgage, as one spouse may have a higher risk tolerance than the other. Combination mortgages offer exposure to both sides and can be a terrific solution for many mortgage dilemmas. The hybrid or combination mortgage is split 50/50, with half the mortgage being a fixed rate and the other half ... market research, surveys and trends
Fixed or Variable-rate Mortgage?
“Wow!” you say to your spouse as you hit the brakes on the car. “Did you see the mortgage rate those guys are advertising?” Your worries are over, you’re thinking. Just lock in a rate like that for the next ten years, and you’ve got it made. Not so fast. That rate may not be the one for you. Typically, the lowest available rate – and the one that makes the rate sign look great from the street – will be for a variable or adjustable-rate mortgage. That rate has the potential to be like a roller coaster. The posted variable or adjustable rate is the rate you’re getting ... market research, surveys and trends


paymen mortgage calculator
is defined as a liability if the borrower gives the lender a lien on their property as collateral for repayment of a. There are different types of loans offered to borrowers with different repayment schedules. These plans are the rates of monthly repayment of a loan equivalent to a borrower to pay their claim to reimbursement. These payments are calculated taking into account the duration of the loan, the amount of> Mortgage Loans and the interest rate. Borrowers can choose to pay every two weeks in their calculator, bi-monthly or regular monthly payments. Regular monthly payments charged to interest from the total amount of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Boardman Reading Room - The Impact Of The Fair Credit Reporting ...
"YOU HAVE BEEN PRE-APPROVED FOR UP TO $27,000 FINANCING ON YOUR PURCHASE OF . . ." Does this sound familiar? For years, marketing companies have been promoting mailings such as this for dealers to send to targeted individuals to generate traffic in their dealerships, especially for the sub-prime finance market. The targets for such mailings and promotions are generally persons living within certain zip codes and are selected by credit scores or recent bankruptcy discharges. Dealers seem to believe that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Last chance for a decent mortgage?
Homeowners should consider their mortgage arrangements amid fears of a second credit crunch that would see banks further restricting lending to customers. The Bank of England said last week that mortgages would become harder to find because banks were struggling to raise money in the wholesale mortgage markets. Tighter banking regulation and fears of a double-dip recession could make this position worse, experts said. Melanie Bien, at mortgage brokers Private Finance, said those who were thinking about remortgaging in the next few months should consider talking to a broker now. "It has been getting easier ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic Fund Inc. as of June 30, 2010
Asset Allocation -------------------------------------- Mortgage-Backed Securities 42.3% High Yield Corporate Bonds 22.5% Investment Grade Corporate Bonds 10.8% Asset-Backed Securities 10.4% Emerging Market Debt 8.5% 1.2% Sovereign Debt External Currency 2.8% Sovereign Debt Local Currency ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Fixed or variable rate mortgage? Use a realtor or not? What costs are reasonable ? Should I rent or own? This seminar provides the participant with the tools ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB:Consumer Handbook on Adjustable-Rate Mortgages
This website gives you an overview of ARMs, explains how ARMs work, and discusses some of the issues that you might face as a borrower. It includes: ways to reduce the risks associated with ARMs; pointers about advertising and other sources of information, such as lenders and other trusted advisers; a glossary of important ARM terms; and a worksheet that can help you ask the right questions and figure out whether an ARM is right for you. (Ask lenders to help you fill out the worksheet so you can get the information you need to compare mortgages.) An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is a loan with an interest rate that changes. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A Dynamic Analysis of Fixed- and Adjustable-Rate Mortgage ...
for fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages. The empirical analysis is based on a ..... All of the explanatory variables except mortgage age (measured in ...
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How do you decide between a fixed rate loan and a variable rate ...
I was recently offered two student loans that I intend to hold for a long time (10+ years). They are nearly identical in every way, except that one has a variable rate and one is fixed. Right now, the variable rate is lower than the fixed rate. How do I choose between the two loans? In other words, how much lower than the fixed rate does the variable rate need to be before it becomes the wiser choice? Thanks! No one has really answered the question so far. I&#039;m not asking which one to choose. There&#039;s no way for answerers to know the answer to that, because I haven&#039;t told you the specific interest ...
Fixed rate vs. variable rate mortgages | Ask MetaFilter
After years of renting I'm planning on purchasing a condo. I've gone to a couple of banks to get approval, but I don’t know if I should stick with the ‘traditional’ 5-year fixed-rate mortgage or go with a shorter term. Which one will cost the least? Is the threat of spiking interest rates considerable or overstated? (This is in Canada) I’m looking to borrow around $180,000. My down payment will be less than 10% of that, which in Canada means I’ll have to get loan insurance. The thing is, the differences in interest rates between fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages seem huge : ING Direct's rates are 4.59% for a ...