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The Academic Progress Report (APR), released today by the NCAA, reveals that the majority of Georgia Tech student-athletes are excelling in the classroom and progressing towards graduation. The data released by the NCAA includes the past four academic years - from 2004-05 through 2007-08. Each individual team is given a grade up to 1,000 for each of those years as well as the past four years combined. Using single-year data for the 2007-08 academic year, seven Georgia Tech teams earned a perfect score of 1,000 or 100 percent: baseball, men's and women's cross country, golf, men's tennis, softball and volleyball. ...
blows five minutes before the hour, every hour from 7:55 am to 5:55 pm It is for that reason that the faculty newspaper is named The Whistle . Some of the traditions are well-known; for example, the most notable of these is the now-banned tradition of stealing the 'T' from Tech Tower. Tech Tower , Tech's historic primary administrative building, has the letters TECH hanging atop it on each of its four sides. A number of times, students have orchestrated complex plans to steal the huge symbolic letter T, and on occasion have carried this act out successfully. One especially well-known tradition that has ...
Positive Signs as Magazine Season Approaches - Nebraska Football
It's been said that the American sports calendar can be divided into football season and waiting for football season. But for die-hard college football fans, there's more than that. There's the fall practice season, the regular season, bowl season, recruiting season, spring football season, and what you might call "magazine season". Magazine season is basically that period of time in June and July where the college football preview magazines start hitting newsstands. But with the arms race among these publications to be first, some of them already have begun releasing content online. And the early ... market research, surveys and trends
Next American City » Buzz » Will WiMAX Bridge the Digital Divide?
Journalists and geeks have christened WiMAX, the successor to Wi-Fi technology, with many lovely names. It’s been called “Wi-Fi on steroids,” “Wi-Fi’s older brother” and even “the key to bridging the digital divide.” Purported by experts to be quicker and cheaper than Wi-Fi, WiMAX’s first two names are fine descriptions. The last moniker, however, has been much more difficult to live up to. When the WiMAX Forum introduced the newfangled technology in 2001, scientists and urban planners predicted that it would spread Internet access to underserved communities and impoverished ... market research, surveys and trends


Halo 3: How Microsoft Labs Invented a New Science of Play
an office chair and frowning slightly, Randy Pagulayan peers through a one-way mirror. The scene on the other side looks like the game room in a typical suburban house: There's a large flat-panel TV hooked up to an Xbox 360, and a 34-year-old woman is sprawled in a comfy chair, blasting away at huge Sasquatchian aliens. It's June, and the woman is among the luckier geeks on the planet. She's playing Halo 3 , the latest sequel to one of the most innovative and beloved videogames of all time, months before its September 25 release. The designers at Bungie Studios, creators of the Halo series, have been tweaking this ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Georgia Encyclopedia: Georgia Institute of Technology
The Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech, is one of the nation's top technological universities, distinguished by its commitment to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology. Founded in 1885 to help the state move beyond its agrarian roots, Georgia Tech today provides a broad technological education to more than 16,000 undergraduate and graduate students and conducts a $300 million-per-year research program on the cutting edge of engineering, the sciences, computing, and many other disciplines. The school is part of the University System of Georgia . The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Guardian Activate 2010 - live coverage
Google chief executive Eric Schmidt will take centre stage at the Guardian's Activate summit. Photograph: Paul Sakuma/AP 8.50am: Hello and welcome to the second Guardian Activate summit. Sit back and be inspired as we tap away live-ish from the conference floor in Kings Place. The Guardian's digital content director, Emily Bell, will open proceedings, followed by keynotes on society, humanity, technology and the web. From thereon in the stage will host insights from some of our generation's leading thinkers, including UK digital pioneer Martha Lane-Fox and household name of the social web Clay Shirky. See here ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


annual levels of Giving to a-t annual Giving recognition
BuZZ magazine. ■ the Good word total benefit value $250 ... at Georgia Tech. Visit for more details. ATHLETICS ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Archived: Appendices to the Fianl Report by the Web-Based ...
Commission Briefing at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA . ... Elwood Addison (Buzz) Ellis III, President, McGraw-Hill Educational Publishing Group, ... Gary Beach, Group Publisher, CIO Magazine & Founder, Tech Corps ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Buzz (mascot) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
with yellow-and-black fur, white wings, a yellow head, and antennae. He is almost never drawn with six legs, but rather with arms, legs, hands (in white gloves) and feet (in black Converse high tops ), like a human . Invented in 1972 and reinvented in 1979, Buzz reflects the tradition of referring to Georgia Tech students as "Yellow Jackets." Buzz is also one of Georgia Tech's emblems and trademarks, one that they defended in a 1998 legal conflict with the Salt Lake Buzz . Like many mascots, Buzz communicates via hand gestures and sign language, rather than speech. 1 At some school events, there are a few people ...
Small Business Blog - Recession Aside, You Still Need To Advertise
Recession or, well, recession, my RSS reader is filling up with articles about why you shouldn't cut your advertising budget just because times are tight. Let your competitors do the cutting while you maintain the status quo, they argue, and it'll look like you're doing more. "If your company has something to say that is relevant in this environment, it's going to be more efficient to say it now than to say it in better times," says Wharton marketing professor Leonard Lodish, who also says that message should be less about price cuts and more about how your offerings can benefit customers. ...
Walt Disney World: disney with a 5 year old, disney mgm studios ...
we are planning a trip for our 5 year olds birthday in october.  we will be there 4 days 3 nights.  what are the best things to do?  thanks man! Answer My friend and colleague Answers your inquiry best with links! Planning Your Trip to Disney World Make the most of your vacation with FamilyFun by Kim Wright Wiley If you haven't been to Disney World lately, you haven't been to Disney World. The enormous Florida playground is constantly adding attractions and resorts, so that every time you visit, there's something new ...