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German retirees kidnap Financial adviser

german retirees kidnap financial adviser special research report Photo by
Three German retirees who lost $1.4 million US in the financial crisis and kidnapped their American investment adviser in an attempt to recoup the money were convicted Tuesday. Wilhelm Drescher, left, and Roland Kaspar, pictured here awaiting their judgments, are among four retirees who were sentenced Tuesday in a courtroom in Traunstein, Germany. (Michaela Rehle/Reuters) Their 74-year-old ringleader was sentenced to six years in prison. Two couples, aged between 61 and 80, had invested their savings with a man identified by many media outlets as James Amburn, a financial adviser who worked out of offices in the U.S. and ...
put an end to over two thousand years of Imperial rule. The Qing Dynasty, also known as the Manchu Dynasty, ruled from 1644 to 1912. Since the republic's founding, it has experienced many tribulations as it was dominated by numerous warlords and fragmented by foreign powers. In 1928, the republic was nominally unified under the Kuomintang (KMT, the Chinese Nationalist Party ), and was in the early stages of industrialization and modernization when it was caught in the conflicts between the Kuomintang government, the Communist Party of China which was converted into a nationalist party, remnant warlords, and Japan . Most ...
June 23 2009: Church attendance soars!
Imagine a reporter writes a story about a priest telling everyone who wants to hear it that attendance in his church has gone up enormously. The story quickly gathers steam as other reporters quote it. It's a juicy story, because it makes just about everyone feel a little bit better in difficult times. The predictable headline reads: "Church attendance soars" . Well chosen, since the reporter leaves open the option that it's not just one church, but a potentially larger drive. Just like in advertising campaigns for cars, detergent and presidents, picking the right words is imperative. There is one detail of ... market research, surveys and trends
Germany's Kidnapping Trial: Revenge of the Pensioners
Angry about losing $3.5 million in investments last year in the recession, a wily gang of German pensioners were bent on revenge, prosecutors say. So they allegedly did what some who've lost fortunes in the downturn have probably thought about at one point or another: they allegedly abducted their financial adviser and locked him in a cellar for days, demanding he help them get their money back. Now the retirees — all over the age of 60 — are on trial for kidnapping, and they seem as feisty and unrepentant as ever. The alleged ringleader of the group, who has been identified as Roland K, a 74-year-old former developer, ... market research, surveys and trends


ONTD_Political - February 12th, 2010
Last week’s breakin at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in the New Orleans Federal Building was more than it seemed, much more. All of the 4 arrested had been trained by the CIA and, possibly, Israel. One arrested, Stan Dai, is listed as an Operations Officer of the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Program and a known expert and lecturer on, not only surveillance but explosives training, assassinations and “false flag operations.” If you wanted a plane to crash, an enemy to get sick and die or a building to blow up, Dai would be the man to know how to make it happen. Problem is, his skills were being used as part of a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Automatic Earth: June 22 2009: Makes you think all the world's ...
Women are trained as engine mechanics in thorough Douglas training methods at Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California. Skipping ahead to 2009, and the end of an era: Today Kodak announced that, after 74 colorful years, it will stop making Kodachrome film Ilargi: “The smartest players in the US stock market – the top insiders who run public companies – are not betting their own money on an economic recovery,” said Charles Biderman, chief executive of TrimTabs. When you think it through, Biderman says all that needs to be said today. Executives at a large number of companies are selling their ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Censored: Indigenous Rattle News and Corporate Cages in Bolivia
The news from the Bolivia Climate Summit is too hot for most newspapers, including those in and around Indian country in the US and Canada By Brenda Norrell Photo by Michelle Cook, Navajo The bottom line of real climate change is that it is being censored and distorted in the news. I've been busy trying to give away articles on the Native American delegations to the Bolivia Climate Conference. As far as I can tell, none of the newspapers in and around Indian country published the articles. This is unusual. Normally newspapers are anxious to publish articles on local people involved in newsworthy events, especially when they ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Annual Report 2008 - Leg L SeRvice commiSSion
mid the global financial turmoil, the Legal Service can expect greater challenges in the ...... the principal legal adviser to government; ...... lucky draw scams, kidnap scams and scams involving the impersonation of ..... retirees , are able to receive their monies ...... law system premised largely on the German ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Nicaragua’s fragile democracy remains under stress. The November 2008 municipal elections were characterized by widespread irregularities, and similar concerns have been raised regarding the 2010 Atlantic coast regional elections. Additionally, the judicial system has shown itself susceptible to corruption and human rights groups and press activists have called attention to government efforts to restrict media freedom. Donor countries, civil society, and opposition political parties are increasingly concerned about the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
German retirees guilty of kidnap - The University of Tennessee ...
Some of the defendants and their lawyers in court in Traunstein - 8 February 2010 The defendants said they had invited their financial adviser for a holiday Four German pensioners have been found guilty of kidnapping the financial adviser they blamed for US property investments that went awry. The court found that the four, aged 61 to 80, abducted James Amburn and tried to force him to refund 2.5m euros (£2.25m; $3.4m) in lost investments. They took him from his home in western Germany and drove him 450km (280 miles) to southern Bavaria. He was freed after hiding a message to call police in a fax to his Swiss bank. The ...
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UN commission continues hearings on Shah's reign in Iran, but still unable to see American hostages.....Iran announces that any American reporters allowed back into the country will be closely supervised.....UN Security Council votes unanimously on resolution opposing Jewish settlements in Gaza Strip and the West Bank; American support of the resolution said to threaten U.S.-Israeli relations.....Twenty primaries and caucuses in Campaign '80 are slated for March.....Upcoming Massachusetts primary important to Sen. Ted Kennedy and Republican candidate George Bush after their recent losses to President Carter and ...