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Wells Fargo chairman John Stumpf was corporate America's highest paid executive last year. Photograph: David T. Foster III/AP A former Minnesota farm boy who began his working life as a baker has become America's highest-paid banking boss by taking a sceptical view of Wall Street's trading floors and scorning the financial industry's penchant for exotic derivatives. John Stumpf, a low-key conservative figure who is chairman of San Francisco-based Wells Fargo , is shown to have earned $18.7m (£11.8m) after executive pay disclosures by the top US banks. He edged out JP Morgan 's Jamie Dimon, who earned ...
district, located in the downtown area of the city, is shared by several of the downtown barrios, and is located approximately three miles inland from the shores of the Caribbean. Ponce is a principal city of both the Ponce Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Ponce-Yauco-Coamo Combined Statistical Area . The municipality of Ponce is the second largest in Puerto Rico by land area, and it was the first in Puerto Rico to obtain its autonomy , becoming The Autonomous Municipality of Ponce in 1992.
Remember there ARE posting guidelines (no flaming, personal attacks, be respectful .. ) Any violators will be referred to an attorney and subject to google penalties. Freedom of speech does NOT include hate speech. Violators will be instructed to CEASE AND DESIST, even if I post the comments, "consider the source" .. psyops is rampant. The J.P. Morgan Chase Watch Click here for Inner City Press' weekday news reports , from the United Nations and elsewhere. Updated April 7, 2008 Click here for Inner City Press front page Click here for media reports For some previously coverage, see, e.g. , "Chase - Bank ... market research, surveys and trends
Argent Mortgage Company, LLC+ ACC Capital Holdings+Deutsche Bank ...
Update of December 1, 2008: Robert Rubin has tried to defend his $115 million in payola from Citigroup since 1999 by minimizing his role, while now saying, “I have told Vikram that I will remain part of this and try to be helpful.” So the people who caused the problem just stay on and keep getting paid. Contrary to his claim to be uninvolved, Rubin helped hook up Citigroup’s purchase of notorious predatory lender Ameriquest. A “senior person who has no ax to grind,” he calls himself. It’s time to face the axe, some say… Update of March 10, 2008: The ACJ notes that in September, Citigroup ... market research, surveys and trends


ICP / Fair Finance Watch: First Study of NYC MSA 2004 HMDA Data of ...
Military personnel on active duty are being overcharged on high interest loans by some of the largest banks in the United States, a new investigation of compliance with the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA) by Inner City Press / Fair Finance Watch has uncovered.  Through documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, ICP had documented widespread violations of the SCRA, defrauding and overcharging of those in active military service, and regulatory inertia in dealing with the abuses. The nation’s largest bank, Citigroup , is described in consumers’ complaints as ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Predatory Bender in Commonweal magazine of Dec. 5, 2003, "Critics ...
NEW YORK (CBS.MW) - On Claremont [Parkway], in the economically battered South Bronx, a low-income housing project of 25,000 people is several blocks from the nearest bank branch. For some residents, the easiest place to cash a paycheck is across the street. But it's not a bank branch, it's a check-cashing storefront by the name of Claremont Check Cashing Co. Like other companies of its ilk, it charges a fee to cash a check. It can cost as little $7 to cash a $500 paycheck. In some states, the firms can charge up to 7 percent of the face amount. That outrages Matthew Lee, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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On behalf of Inner City Press / Community on the Move ("ICP") and the Fair Finance. Watch (the "FFW"), non-governmental organizations headquartered in New ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Inner City Press Community on the Move &
Sweden's Finansinspektionen, to which ICP Fair Finance Watch directed comments. (regarding HSBC - Household) in 2003: Thank you for your letter concerning ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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The Aid Watch blog publishes commentary, analysis and links about the international aid industry and the growth and development of poor countries. This page gathers together reports, blog posts, news articles and other resources linked to and debated on the blog. It is updated weekly. News Articles Blog Posts Academic Articles Reports, Speeches and Legislation Videos Websites Books and Book Reviews After the earthquake, A plan for Haiti - The Economist - January 21, 2010 Growth of aid and the decline of humanitarianism - The Lancet - January 23, 2010 Donations to Help Haiti Exceed $528-million, Chronicle Tally Finds - The ...
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