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In Defense of Zero Hedge

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Mainstream media is all, ah, atwitter about major stories that have recently been broken by blogs, as well as all that information flowing freely through social networking sites. Apparently these new media upstarts are not being properly respectful of the dinosaurs of journalism, who now plan to take decisive action – once they figure out what’s happening, that is. The NY Times , after ignoring the ACORN story for an embarrassingly long time, will now have an opinion media czar who will monitor those bloggy things to ascertain what stories might be deemed worthy of their attention. The czar will of course be forced ...
Fossil Fuel Beta (FFß) measures the percent change in excess, i.e., market-adjusted, stock returns for every 1 percent increase in fossil fuel prices. If, for example, a company (or industry) has an FFß of –0.20, then a 1 percent increase in fossil fuel prices should produce, on average, a 0.2% decline in the firm’s stock price over and above the impact arising from fossil fuel price swing on the stock market as a whole. (Conversely, a 1 percent decrease in fossil fuel prices should produce, on average, an equivalent increase in stock price.) Converting the FFß into a hypothetical ‘EPS-equivalent,’ based on, say, a 10 percent ...
Defending Goldman Sachs: Joe Hagan (MSM shill) vs. Zero Hedge (blog)
at his blog – arguing that readers of Zero Hedge are “paranoid nutters” who engage in “conspiracy theories” which — most damningly — are only right “once in a while”. Hagan on MSNBC Morning Joe (July 31) , cloaking massive corruption and fraud in the language and rituals of objectivity. Hagan identifies the “founder” of ZH as Dan Ivandjiiski, “a 30-year-old Bulgarian immigrant banned from working in the brokerage business for insider trading,” formerly with Wexford Capital, “a Connecticut-based hedge fund run by a former Goldman trader.” Ivandjiiski says he is just one of many contributors. market research, surveys and trends
News from around the web: 2009-10-02
"Professor Roy Jastram, of the University of California, conducted the longest-term analysis of this precious metal’s purchasing power, stretching back to 1560 when Elizabeth I ordered new coinage to restore the reputation of the English currency." Woods first athlete with $1 billion in earnings – Golf – Yahoo! Sports "Forbes says Tiger Woods has become the first athlete to surpass $1 billion in career earnings. The magazine estimates that golf’s top-ranked player crested the plateau when he earned $10 million for winning the FedEx Cup on Sunday." High-Frequency Gain: Citadel Unit’s $1 Billion – market research, surveys and trends


opel « Der Don
The Opel saga gets ever more embarrassing for German chancelloress Anjie Merkel from the former GDR, a failed state. She got bitch-slapped by GM for trying to sell something she (Germany) does not own. Her pre-election ramshackle deal with Magna is yet another display of her inaptitude. German politicians are lived. Forget their ramblings against the locusts, it is now „ the ugly face of turbo-capitalism“ as a certain Mr. Rüttgers put it. It remains to be seen how many factories will be closed and how many workers laid off. Can it be a coincidence that this developed as the chancelloress was in Washington DC?!! And ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
January CMBS Delinquencies Hit Record At $46 Billion, 5.8% Of ...
On one hand you have Moody's REAL CPPI index telling you commercial real estate prices not only bottomed in December, but are now increasing at the fastest rate in years. On the other hand you have reality staring you in the face (that is if you are reading the February RealPoint CMBS report ), in the form of $46 billion in CMBS delinquencies in January: this was a record 5.762% of total, and represents a 325% increase from the $10.8 billion inJanuary 2009 (and a 10% increase sequentially). Contrary to all propaganda punditry, the rate of deterioration in commercial real estate keeps accelerating. Oh, and this number does ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dems to Extend Bush's Middle Class Tax Cuts
Just when you thought Congress was spent -- literally -- and done for the year they'll turn around and surprise you. No money left to do anything? United Republican opposition? Democrats are planning to take on the great white whale of spending: extending President Bush's middle class tax cuts. The cost is estimated from $1.6 trillion to extend them to as much as $2.7 trillion to make them permanent. According to Senate Democratic sources, the latter is what they're going to go for -- and they're planning to do it before the midterm elections. As I write in a story this morning , Dems are hoping to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Sherrod not sure she would go back to Ag Dept
The woman at the center of a racially tinged firestorm involving the Obama administration and the NAACP said Wednesday she doesn't know if she'd return to her job at the Agriculture Department, even if asked. "I am just not sure how I would be treated there," Shirley Sherrod said in a nationally broadcast interview. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Wednesday he would reconsider the department's decision to oust Sherrod over her comments that she didn't give a white farmer as much help as she could have 24 years ago. A conservative website posted video of Sherrod's remarks, causing a furor ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Download Complete Paper (PDF) - In Defense of Much, But Not All ...
Feb 17, 2010 ... the case of hedge funds in particular, limited investors are typically unable ... fundamentally, trading is a zero-sum game (apart from the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Distance (Feet) From Ground Zero Area Covered by 30 psi .... to or in place of our programmed forces, as a hedge against the possibility ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What do you think of the Bank of America stock? - Yahoo! Answers
I got in BAC trade last year based on the notion that they had a 6-8% dividend, and that the gov was going to back them so there could not fail, and eventually they would turn around in a few years. It was going to be a "long term hold." I got out of that trade I think it was in the same week, after re-evaluating the trade. I determined that there is still way to much risk in banking stocks, and then I sold at around $53.00 with a small hit. I recently posted that I felt BAC would have to cut their div by 50% or more. Since that post, word is that Wall Street thinks the USG will force BAC to cut their div to 1 cent or to zero in ...
Retirement planning strategy - thoughts anyone? | LinkedIn Answers ...
For money plan on using 4% of your assets to support your annual expenses. Don't know where that 12% to 20% comes from. Also be sure you understand the costs associated with an annuity and the it will meet your needs before you buy. posted 7 months ago If you are planning for retirement, it is wise in both savings and in investments. Many people in the past have invested in just investments and look where they are now when they want to retire. When it comes to investments, stick with mutual funds where the ratio of stocks and bonds is based on your age (for example, if you're 26 years old, 26% of your fund should be ...