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Special Report on

International Due Diligence

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was launched in association with the Wolfsberg Group* and contains the primary information required to conduct due diligence checks on bank counterparties. To view an example of the Due Diligence Repository please click here By submitting your institution's documents into the Due Diligence Repository you can help reduce the time and resources spent on KYC research as it: Remove the need to send your institution's documents to multiple counterparties Ensures consistency and uniformity as everyone is using standard set of documents Provides access to a centralized source of due diligence documents and other key data ...
" is a term used for a number of concepts involving either an investigation of a business or person prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care . It can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to voluntary investigations. A common example of due diligence in various industries is the process through which a potential acquirer evaluates a target company or its assets for acquisition .
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The editor of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Scott Shaffer, Vice President of Sale, Kreller Group. Editor: ... The editor of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Scott Shaffer, Vice President of Sale, Kreller Group. Editor: Describe your activity and the services it provides to global companies?  Describe your staff? Shaffer:  The Kreller Group, Inc. specializes in providing due diligence and background investigations worldwide on corporations and individuals.  We also conduct international credit queries and assist companies with ... market research, surveys and trends
Leveraging Public Records During Due Diligence Procedures
Fraud exposure can cripple an organization. It is important that each organization look at ways it can assess its own level of fraud exposure and develop a set of policies and procedures to help mitigate fraud risk. This article will outline several steps organizations can take to better understand those the organization is conducting business with. Access to Public Records: Does your organization leverage public records? Specifically if you needed access to public records, such as court and bankruptcy records, would you know how to do so? Would you know how to access these types of records in a short period of time? There are ... market research, surveys and trends


Environmental Due Diligence in Japan . Posts . Kevin Carroll's ...
Ahhh, summer in Tokyo. The city is like a giant steambath and the government's 'Cool Biz' recommendation for ~80F in offices makes life difficult.   We discussed the concept of “perception” in the last post and you may start to see the concept in practice as we review Japanese EDD requirements.   Environmental due diligence only emerged in Japan as a result of western investors importing western EDD practices to evaluate Japanese property deals (mid to late 90s). It was not until 2004 (in line with the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law) that Japanese financial institutions realized that EDD would be ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
International Trade Due Diligence In Mergers & Acquisi
With the U.S. economy poised for recovery and an upswing in corporate transactions on the immediate horizon, companies contemplating mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or other business activities with international implications must be mindful of new U.S. homeland and national security laws that impact the viability of proposed transactions. Compliance is obligatory, and evaluation of potential international trade compliance issues should be standard practice in corporate transactions. Even inadvertent violations of U.S. export controls, economic sanctions and customs laws can lead to significant fines and penalties; ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
OTC Tip Reporter: Reports Weekly Stocks, LIGATT Security International's ...
Sign-up for our FREE Stock Alerts AND AWARD WINNING NEWSLETTER at HYPERLINK "" _____________________________________________________________________________ Ligatt Security Relaunches as "The World's News Tonight" of Security News Online is the Largest Source for All Cyber and Hi-Tech Security News for Consumers, Security Experts, as well as Journalists ATLANTA, 09/09/2010 -- LIGATT Security International's (Pink Sheets:LGTTD) subsidiary National Cyber Security (NCS), a cyber security reference ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
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Sign-up for our FREE Stock Alerts AND AWARD WINNING NEWSLETTER at HYPERLINK "" _____________________________________________________________________________ MetaPower International, Inc. Announces the Addition of Key Staff Positions LAS VEGAS, -- 08/10/2010 -- MetaPower International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:MTPR) is pleased to announce that the Company's subsidiary, MetaPower Inc. has added two professionals to its staff. Dan O'Reilly, CPA fills the position of Company Controller. Dan is a graduate of Oregon State University with degrees in Accounting and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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INSTRUCTIONS. Welcome to GlobalGiving's electronic PDF form. To complete the form, simply click on each field and type your re- sponse. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Legal Due Diligence -- U.S. Commercial Service Harrisburg
Before traveling overseas, you will want to review business travel in the Country Commercial Guides (CCG) from the U.S. Commercial Service and Travel Warnings and Advisories by the U.S. State Department. This will help you in understanding the culture for successful business relationships and also make you aware of security issues in the country you plan to use it. The CCG is accessible here . Question: I have done contracts and invoices for buyers in the United States, but never overseas. What should I watch out for? Answer: When you have found a prospective foreign representative that meets your requirements, the next step is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Due Diligence for Human Rights: A Risk-Based Approach
A risk based approach to human rights due diligence is based on international human rights standards. Some of these standards have been incorporated into ...
Good company for international background checks? - Yahoo! Answers
We have two people we plan on hiring. One if from Europe and the other person is from Africa. Both candidates have held positions in different countries, and lived in several countries. These are high level positions and they would both have access to senstive info, etc. Anyone recommend a good company to do complete background checks, or international pre-employment screenings? Wymoo International is probably your best best. I'm not sure how much they charge for employment verifications etc but they have a free quote link on their website. I do know they operate all over the world and have very good field ...
how many years has abraxas corporation been around?
It’s goal is to focus on providing its customers insights and solutions which will help them to identify risk, mitigate threats, and exploit opportunities in their marketplaces. Through the development of specific software applications, new sensor technologies, and directed methodologies, Abraxas designs solutions for customer problems to help them better understand the world in which they work. At least, that’s what they hope they are accomplishing.  by knowware on Jan 30 2008 (30 months ago) A public release on the company from their accounting firm:   Abraxas Corporation is a ...