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Lease option home tampa

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Q: Some years back in another state, my daughter and her husband contracted with a widower to rent his house, with rent credited toward purchase. After a couple of years and some significant improvements, it turned out that the man's late wife was the owner of record. The property didn't legally belonged to him, but instead to her children from a previous marriage. An expensive lesson learned. A: I would have advised using an attorney when entering into a lease-option agreement. Even without a full title search at that point, I'd like to think a lawyer would check the property tax account, which would show the ...
to satellite airline gates ("airsides"), a pioneering concept when initially designed in the late 1960s. The airport was known as Drew Field Municipal Airport until 1952. Tampa International Airport currently serves as a main hub for Gulfstream International Airlines under the Continental Connection name. It is also a focus city for AirTran Airways and Southwest Airlines . The airport presently serves 71 non-stop destinations, including international service to the United Kingdom , Canada , and to destinations throughout the Caribbean. The airport handled 16,965,545 passengers in 2009, making it the 26th busiest ...
Rent to own Florida- Lease option Florida home
We offer rent to own Florida homes for sale by owner with owner financing where we can sell you a Florida home without you having to qualify at a Florida bank. How Much Down Payment Do I Need to purchase a Florida rent to own home?? We are very flexible with our rent to own down payment requirements. We can offer you many rent to own options to make your Florida home purchase a reality, and we will always do our best to work with whatever funds you to make your purchase a reality. You can even start out on a rent to own, or lease option, and then move to home owner financing at a later date when you have the additional money to ... market research, surveys and trends
$210000 :: 4913 N Suwanee Av, Tampa FL, 33603
Historic 1925 Craftsman bungalow restored to period standards, and complete with new addition that includes kitchen, laundry room, pantry and bathroom. Brand new metal roof, air conditioning, plumbing, all lighting/fan fixtures,etc. Completely restored flooring, fireplace and master bathroom to period standards. Eligible for significantly discounted tax rate for 10-year period due to historic status. Located in desirable school district and easy access to I-275 and downtown. Large yard with beautiful oak trees in front yard, and plenty of room to add a pool or large deck in back yard. You don’t want to miss seeing this ... market research, surveys and trends


Tampa Commercial Real Estate | Florida Commercial Properties
EO:      Welcome to another update on the market with Net Lease Commercial Advisory. Again, I’m Eric Odum, Principal at Net Lease Commercial Advisory and today, we have with us Scott Jacobsen who is with – why don’t you introduce yourself… SJ:        NorthStar Bank , Commercial Banking Manager EO:      Scott has been a banker in this area for ….gosh Scott, it’s probably been 22, 23 years now? SJ:        At least… EO:      So, you’ve been around a little bit and he (Scott) presented me the other day with an opportunity I thought was very interesting in the Commercial Real Estate market in terms of the financing.  Of course, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Office Markets in Tampa, FL and Richmond, VA Still Looking for ...
(TAMPA, FL and RICHMOND, VA) - The office leasing and investment  markets in Tampa, FL and Richmond, VA remain weak but not demoralized, according to two separate GVA Advantis reports today. In Tampa, vacancy has risen a full percentage point to 14.2 percent.  In Richmond, the market rate is 12.88 percent.  A year ago, it was 12.03 percent. Two years ago, it stood at 14.2 percent. Perry Moss "The market is indeed better off then two years ago,' believes Perry Moss, regional director of research for the Richmond office of GVA Advantis. "Of course, vacancy is only one piece of a larger puzzle and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chihuly Collection opening a triumph
Susan Woods Alderson, managing editor for the Northeast Journal, is bathed in blue light as she photographs Blue Neon Tumbleweed during a media tour of the Chihuly Collection. The works are showcased in a specially designed space in a condo tower on the St. Petersburg waterfront. ST. PETERSBURG After five years and two abortive attempts, the Chihuly Collection opens today at 400 Beach Drive. It's the only permanent installation in the world that displays an array of the most famous examples of the elaborate works of Dale Chihuly, the man who made studio glass an internationally recognized art form. The artist was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Glad to hear Stuart Sternberg realizes it's necessary to have a/c at Rays games
The St. Petersburg City Council expected to have a public conversation Thursday about the Tampa Bay Rays.  Specifically, owner Stuart Sternberg’s dictum that he wants a stadium to be built for his team anywhere in the Tampa Bay area except their current domain, downtown St. Pete. But Council members got a surprise : City Attorney Rick Wolfe said they need to “watch what they say” (as former Bush White House flak Ari Fleischer said after 9/11) — at least when it comes to any competition between St. Pete and Tampa about the Rays getting a new home. Mayor Bill Foster is playing things very close to the vest, and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


3910 Northdale Blvd. #204 Tampa FL 33624. OPTION 2 ... 7- Lease Option: In the event Home Locators causes an Option to Purchase agreement between Owner and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
one year lease of the home, with an option to ..... Central Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33603 ... 1200, 501 East Polk Street, Tampa, Florida 33602. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Major League Baseball Contraction Cases
The following cases are two recent decisions brought about as a result of Major League's baseball's decision to contract two teams for the 2002 season. Major League Baseball v. Butterworth, 181 F. Supp.2d 1316 (December 27, 2001). On November 6, 2001, Major League Baseball (MLB) voted in favor of contracting from 30 to 28 teams for the 2002 season. On December 31, 2001, MLB announced that negotiations with the Players Association had failed, and thus they would be moving forward with contraction. In response to this decision and pursuant to his statutory authority to investigate possible violations of federal and ...
How can I get out of my lease? - Yahoo! Answers
I am a great tentant renting a studio apt in NYC for $1050 a month. Every since I moved into this apartment a few months ago with my newborn, there have been problems. Leaking sink, leaking ceiling, chipping paint, bugs. Yesterday, there we 3 inch long thick cockroaches jumping on me and my child. I have suffered many bug bites which have scarred my body. I was lied to and misled into this apartment by a realtor who insisted that this building DID NOT have any bugs and everything was well maintained. What are my rights? How can I get out of this apartment? There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged ...
Google Answers: How Do I Make $3000/month with a $30000 Cash To ...
A couple ideas: 1. Use the $30k to get an MBA, then get a job that pays $36,000 more than you are making now. (acutally $47,000 more if you consider taxes) 2. Use the $30k to hire a law firm, a PR firm and a stylist, then sue someone very rich and very famous. But I'm willing to bet your $30k that you really don't want to work for the money, you just want it to fall from the sky. Me too. There must have been a typo in the original question. Obviously, no one can expect to earn 3,000 per month by investing 30,000 (120% annual return.) The questioner must have meant to say 300 per month (12% annual ...