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Lien or Security Interest Release

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The vehicle’s title is the legal document that shows vehicle ownership. It includes the names of each person who owns the vehicle, and a title transfer must take place within 30 days of any of those names changing. Reasons for title transfers include: Ordering a vehicle history report is a critical step in the used car buying process. Failing to do so could result in the purchase of a vehicle with frame, flood, or fire damage, odometer rollback and more. Stay on the safe side, and order a vehicle history report before you buy a used vehicle. You may think a buyer is the only one who needs to do his research; however, you can ...
countries, the term lien refers to a very specific type of security interest, being a passive right to retain (but not sell) property until the debt or other obligation is discharged. In contrast to the usage of the term in the USA, in other countries it refers to a purely possessory form of security interest; indeed, when possession of the property is lost, the lien is released. However, common-law countries also recognize a slightly anomalous form of security interest called an "equitable lien" which arises in certain rare instances. Despite their differences in terminology and application, there are a number of ...
How a Real Estate Short Sale Really Works |
A real estate short sale situation may be right when a homeowner is in foreclosure and the loan amount is close to the value of the home. The seller cannot sell the house with an agent because the fees involved exceed any moneys received from the sale. What can you do? If you own a house and are late on your payments, you might want to learn more about short sales and if a short sale is right for your situation. Banks will consider a short sale in lieu of getting the home back. The bank takes less than what is owed on the loan. An example would be, if you owe say $300,000 dollars on your home and you are facing foreclosure the ... market research, surveys and trends
A10863 - NY Senate Open Legislation - Establishes the "vehicle ...
TITLE OF BILL: An act to amend the vehicle and traffic law, in relation to establishing the "vehicle lienholder accountability act"; to require lienholders to provide notice to the owner of the vehicle when such lienholder assigns his or her security interest PURPOSE OR GENERAL IDEA OF BILL: To require a vehicle lienholder to provide the vehicle's owner with a timely lien release when such lien is assigned so that the vehicle's owner can obtain a clear title when the lien is satisfied. SUMMARY OF SPECIFIC PROVISIONS: Subdivision (a) of section 2120 of the vehicle and traffic law is amended to ... market research, surveys and trends


Legal Life Documents File - Essential Legal Documents
A Life Documents File is a collection of important documents, including legal documents, such as your will, Birth Certificate, etc. This page explains how to create this file and how to replace lost or destroyed documents. This document is offered as a public service and a public license to link to this document is granted. Likewise, you may print and distribute this document for other than "for profit" purposes. Download our Personal Planning Forms Package and begin the process. Includes a Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and other forms. - Learn More Order your Personal Planning Information and Documents ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Self Storage Lien Laws
             Outlines the sale and disposal of personal property in a self-storage facility when there is a restitution lien.   Background               According to Arizona statute, a restitution lien is a court order in a criminal case. The lien must include specific information, which includes, but is not limited to, the name and date of birth of the defendant whose property interests are subject to the lien, the present residence of the person named in the lien and the criminal proceeding pursuant to which the lien is filed. The restitution lien may be filed in a criminal proceeding by a prosecutor in which there was an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dillon Wins First In Iowa
Austin Dillon made sure there were no doubts nor any question marks about his first career NASCAR Camping World Truck Series victory. Dillon, the grandson of team owner Richard Childress, absolutely destroyed the field Sunday at Iowa Speedway to win the Lucas Oil 200 presented by SPEED. On Saturday night, Dillon put the black No. 3 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet Silverado on the pole at the 0.875-mile speedway, and on Sunday, he ran away from the field in dominating fashion. The youngster led for nearly all the race, holding on through a couple of late-race restarts to win over the ThorSport Racing Chevys of Johnny Sauter ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
CLARENCE J. KAHLIG, II; NORTH PARK LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC., NORTH PARK LINCOLN-MERCURY, LTD.; NORTH PARK HOLDING, L.L.P.; NORTH PARK LM, L.L.C.; Kahlig Enterprises, Inc.; Kahlig MOTOR, LTD.; KAHLIG MOTOR HOLDING, L.L.P.; AND KAHLIG MOTOR MANAGEMENT, L.L.C., Respondents/Cross-Petitioners. No. 09-0093. Supreme Court of Texas. Opinion Delivered July 2, 2010. Chief Justice JEFFERSON and Justice LEHRMANN did not participate in the decision. PER CURIAM. In this case, Sondra Grohman sued her ex-husband, Clarence Kahlig II, for various torts and breach of a Security Agreement (Agreement) entered pursuant to their divorce settlement when ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Notice to the Department of Revenue Commissioner That the Lien or ...
T-4 (Revised 03-2008). Notice to the Department of Revenue Commissioner That the . Lien or Security Interest Described Below Has Been Satisfied* ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MVD | Lien or Security Interest Release
When a recorded lien or security interest holder's interest in a vehicle is satisfied, the holder should complete the spaces provided on the title for releasing their interest to include: The lien or security interest holder's authorized agent's signature, The name of the lien or security interest holder, as recorded on the title, and, The date released. After releasing, the title should be mailed or delivered to the next recorded lien or security interest holder within five-days (5) of the date their interest is satisfied. If there ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Avoidance of Liens in Bankruptcy
     In bankruptcy, secured creditors (whether consensual, statutory, or judicial) are much better off than unsecured creditors. To oversimplify for the moment, a creditor with a lien will be entitled, in or after the bankruptcy proceeding, to receive value equivalent to at least the amount of the debt, or the value of the collateral, whichever is smaller. The unsecured creditor, by definition a creditor without a lien, has no such rights.  Rather, in the common Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding, the claim of the unsecured creditor will be worthless and will be discharged, and in the common Chapter 13 or ...
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WikiAnswers - How do you get a replacement car title in Georgia
A completed MVD Title/Tag Application, Form MV-1. - This form should be typed, electronically completed and printed or printed legibly by-hand in blue or black ink in the record owner's full legal name and signed by the record owner. If the original title was issued showing joint ownership, each owner's full legal name and signature is required. The record owners are the owners shown on the face of the Georgia title and on the vehicle's current title record. A replacement title cannot be issued in a deceased person's name. In this case, comply with the requirements for obtaining a title after inheritance. For ...
Maryland Lien Release Paper? - Yahoo! Answers
I need to send my title with my lien release paper to my insurance company but i lost my lien release paper. can i get another one from where i bought the car? Member since: April 17, 2006 Total points: 109848 (Level 7) Badge Image: The release of the lien is done on the second part of the Title, which says Notice of Security Interest Filing on top. If it was issued in the last few years, it will be red in color, and the title itself will be blue. When the title is issued by MVA, the SIF is sent to the lienholder. The leinholder sends it to you after the loan is paid. Both the title and SIF are needed to transfer the title. If ...