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Special Report on

Long-Term Time-Series Data

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Knowledge of oceanographic processes is essential for the understanding and monitoring of coral reef ecosystem health. Ocean circulation often determines the abundance, types, and diversity of species within a particular local ecosystem; it also determines where marine debris accumulates and how it may impact a particular reef ecosystem. Local changes in seawater temperature and chemistry can have drastic effects on coral health; and episodic storms and other high-energy events can radically change these ecosystems in a very short time. In order to ...
Business Analyst
To assume a challenging and growing career position that would effectively utilize my financial and technical background and work in an environment conductive to continued advancement of my knowledge and skills of: Over 16 years of Business Analysis experience in India and in USA in with banking & finance,  investment banking (Mergers & Acquisitions), Corporate Finance, Interest rate and Credit Derivatives domain with ability to build and maintain strong working relationships with senior and junior business sponsors, as well functional specialists. Ten plus years of experience of writing business requirement documents for ... market research, surveys and trends
Malaria Journal | Full text | Space-time variation of malaria ...
Australian Centre for International and Tropical Health, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Herston, Queensland, Australia 3  Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove, Queensland, Australia 4  Yunnan Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Pu'er, Yunnan, PR China 5  Malaria Public Health and Epidemiology Group, Centre for Geographic Medicine, KEMRI – University of Oxford – Wellcome Trust Collaborative Programme, Nairobi, Kenya 6  Centre for Tropical Medicine, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, CCVTM, Oxford, UK market research, surveys and trends


Explanation of the Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in ...
is a statistical survey by the Bank of Japan in accordance with the Statistics Law (Law No. 53 of 2007). The survey is conducted to provide an accurate picture of business trends of enterprises in Japan, thereby contributing to the appropriate implementation of monetary policy. The answer sheet is delivered and collected by mail. The Bank of Japan is obliged to keep confidential information obtained from respondents under strict security control in accordance with the Statistics Law. The survey is conducted quarterly in March, June, September, and December. The survey results are released at the beginning ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on "Tankan" (Short-term Economic ...
The main purpose of Tankan is to "grasp the actual condition of the domestic economy." Tankan is a nationwide business survey conducted on a quarterly basis (in March, June, September, and December) which covers overall corporate activities. It consists of two parts: a judgement survey and a quantitative survey such as quarterly data and annual projections. The name "TANKAN (note) " is also widely known overseas. (note): " TANKAN " is an abbreviation of " TAN KI KEIZAI KAN SOKU CHOUSA" (the Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan). page top Tankan is a statistical survey ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Highlights From APOL's Q3 Conference Call: Good Progress From Long-Term ...
reported Q3 EPS of $1.74, ex-items, versus the analyst estimate of $1.55. Revenues were $1.34 billion, above the consensus estimate of $1.30 billion. Shares are trading up 1.60%. Highlights From APOL's Q3 Conference Call: (Gregory W. Cappelli, Co-CEO and Chairman, Apollo Group) We're pleased to have made some good progress this quarter on our long-term strategic initiatives, which are designed to enhance the student experience, expand student protections and ensure we enroll students who we believe can succeed in our programs. In addition, this quarter's results reflect continued success with our efforts to shift ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gaza siege damages Palestinians' health - study
LONDON, July 2 (Reuters) - Palestinian health experts studying the impact of Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip say it threatens to cause long-term damage to Palestinians' health, with many children at risk of stunted growth or malnutrition. In a series of studies published in the Lancet medical journal on Friday, researchers also said Israel's attack on the region in early 2009 had a devastating effect, causing injury, displacement and social suffering, particularly among children. Stress levels are also high, with women describing the terror of giving birth under siege. "I cannot believe that I did not die," ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


ICES Workshop on Time Series Data relevant to Eutrophication ...
temporal variations exhibited in long-term time series data sets relevant to eutrophication. EcoQOs. OSPAR also suggested that WKEUT should analyse ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Data @ NASA GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP)
The basic GISS temperature analysis scheme was defined in the late 1970s by James Hansen when a method of estimating global temperature change was needed for comparison with one-dimensional global climate models. Prior temperature analyses, most notably those of Murray Mitchell, covered only 20-90°N latitudes. Our rationale was that the number of Southern Hemisphere stations was sufficient for a meaningful estimate of global temperature change, because temperature anomalies and trends are highly correlated over substantial geographical distances. Our first published results ( Hansen et al. 1981 ) showed that, contrary to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Long-Term Time-Series Stations
has been developed in order to document seasonal to decennal scale variations in key biogeochemical, physical and ecological parameters. Long-term time series measurements are crucial for characterizing the natural variability and secular trends in the ocean carbon cycle and for determining the physical and biological mechanisms controlling the system. Year-to-year variations in physics ( e.g. , upwelling, downwelling), bulk biological production, and ecological shifts ( e.g. , community structure) can drive significant changes in ocean carbon cycling and ecology. The biological and ...
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Is there a standard for storing time series of measurement data ...
We are about to design a system that will use imaging to produce measurements, let’s say positions in a x/y coordinate system over time. The measurements are usually done in regular intervals, say every 10 minutes (could be as well every minute, or once an hour). Sometimes the system will be down and will not produce measurements. There can be several channels of data, and there can also be totally different measurements, like a weight measured on some other time scale. In addition, eventually one channel will store images per time point (probably at a lower frequency to conserve space, i.e. one image per day or so). All ...
If Lindzen looks only at short-term feedbacks and ignores long ...
A recent, paper by Lindzen & Choi, "On the determination of climate feedbacks from ERBE data" -- "has proven with hard data that Global Warming is a myth" (claims one denier), or "shows the “global warming” scare is over" (according to another denier) -- because the result of the paper is a climate sensitivity of 0.5° C for a doubling of CO2. (… In doing their study, L&C focused on nine episodes of rapidly warming or cooling sea surface temperatures (SSTs), each of which lasted from 6 to 18 months, and compared them to the outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) observed by satellite during ...