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Magic Circle Partner heads offshore

magic circle partner heads offshore special research report Photo by
Andrew Iyer, Ince & Co.'s global energy and offshore practice group head, has resigned from the law firm following a period of suspension for what the firm, in a statement, called "irregular financial behaviour." Ince described the matter as "an isolated" issue that does not involve any other partner or staff member. The firm confirmed that the authorities have been notified and that Iyer is cooperating with the investigation. Click and press Ctrl+C to copy and paste this discussion on your blog or site Andrew Iyer, Ince & Co.'s global energy and offshore practice group head, has resigned from ...
Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf - Chapter 2
Chips was reminded of the term 'push it up' from his meeting in October of 2009 at the Destin Hilton; he had to continue exposing the patent pool of the digital vermin devices (DVD) used to record the serial rapes of Hollie Grieg; the Lafarge barge unmoored in N.O. and the QRS 11 GyroChips taking out the Pentagon’s U.S. Naval Command; all essential parts of the STRANGLER'S SUITE of patent pool weapons in Chicago. KSM CH clippered in a story on American students at Oxford in the late 1960s; how Leckford Road lesbians arranged tethered-goat group sex and sent pre-DVD snuff films to the BBC World Service ... market research, surveys and trends
Offshore firms stay afloat while governments target tax havens
In the normal course of events, law firms would be falling over themselves to have their headquarters name-checked by the leader of the free world. But not offshore giant Maples and Calder. Its offices at Ugland House on the Cayman Islands were singled out by Barack Obama on his campaign trial, when he noted that it was home to some 18,857 shell companies. ‘That’s either the biggest building or the biggest tax scam on record,’ quipped Obama. ‘Ugland House’ has been jumped upon by the world’s media and now serves as political shorthand for the perceived excesses of offshore practice and tax ... market research, surveys and trends


Strategic Legal Technology :: September :: 2006
I recently wrote that choosing onshore v. offshore review is an empirical question. Here’s some good reading to help think about answering this.  In Onshore v Offshore Pivot Point - Part II I said in passing that software might be an even better choice for document review than lawyers, onshore or off. “Of Litigators and Butterflies: The Quest for a Quantum Leap in Large-Scale Document Review” in Pike & Fisher’s Digital Discovery and e-Evidence (July 2006) and available at H5 Technologies’ web site as a PDF is a good analysis of the inherent error in human document review. Author ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: How to Poll on the Public Option
It shouldn't be that hard to conduct a decent poll on the public option, but so many pollsters seem to be getting it wrong. Let's go through what I'd consider to be five essential ingredients in conducting a good poll on the public option: 1. Make clear that the 'public option' refers unambiguously to a type of health insurance , and not the actual provision of health care services by the government. In general, this is a concept that a lot of people seem to be unnecessarily confused by (although I suspect that a lot of the "confusion" is deliberate). The recent NBC/WSJ poll gets this wrong, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


21st July 2010 Carey Olsen presents 13 staff with Long Service ...
Jul 21, 2010 ... Carey Olsen partner, Graham Hall, who heads up the corporate and finance group was ... Carey Olsen was the Acquisition Finance Offshore Law Firm of the ... "It is like dealing with a magic circle firm outside London. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Outdoor Report
has a new look and features many new opportunities for adventure fishing, boating, camping, squirrel and varmint hunting, planting food plots, or a butterfly garden—you get the idea. Here are some of the new features we've added to the Outdoor Report : in response to reader requests, and to enhance readability, only the email you received linking to the full Outdoor Report has been sent directly to you. The entire newsletter is still available online only to subscribers. There is a new scrolling feature that readers have been asking for. Once you have opened the entire Outdoor Report through the link, you have the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Loyola University Chicago: Loyola Travel Program
The Loyola Travel Program is dedicated to giving travelers enriching cultural experiences to enhance their lifelong education while strengthening their connection with each other and to Loyola. Our itineraries offer an exciting blend of exotic destinations and traditional locales and are led by experienced guides. We work with Alumni Holidays International , one of the most respected travel vendors in the industry, to bring you high-quality opportunities and access to people, places, and events that will broaden your travel and intellectual horizons. Our trips are open to all travel enthusiasts including alumni, family ...
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