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MBA Summer Intern, Corporate Finance

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Today, my spring break officially finishes. I attempted to simply relax and recharge the batteries. I never even planned on going anywhere. I knew what I wanted: a week in which I could sleep, watch some television and not have to worry about school or work. I thought about going to the beach or the pool, but as odd as it might seem, it’s been chilly here in Miami this week. I honestly do not think we ever made it over the low 70s Fahrenheit all week. For the most part it’s been in the 60s F and that’s not beach weather for the locals. Unfortunately, what I found was a week packed with activities. I had family ...
米輸出倍増計画を担うオバマの大統領輸出評議会( President's Export ...
 【ワシントン】米政権は7日、米国は今後5年間で輸出を倍増する目標の達成に向け順調な軌道にあるとの見解を示した。オバマ大統領はまた、小荷物輸送で世界最大手のユナイテッド・パーセル・ サービス(UPS)とメディア・娯楽大手ウォルト・ディズニー、医薬品のファイザーをはじめとする企業の最高経営責任者(CEO)を民間企業の経営者などから構成する「大統領輸出評議会」のメンバーに指名した。  オバマ大統領はホワイトハウスでの演説で、輸出を押し上げ、米経済の競争力を高めるために同政権が取っている様々な政策を誇示した。こうした政策には、世界貿易機関(WTO)の多角的貿易交渉(ドーハ・ラウンド)への取り組み改善に向けた尽力や、中小企業向け輸出補助へのアクセスの増強、海外企業の公正な競争推進などが含まれる。  オバマ大統領はまた、中国が最近、人民元相場の一段の柔軟化を図る方針を表明したことを称賛した。  大統領は、米経済は十分に速いペースで拡大していないとの見解を示し、米経済の拡大は「債務に基づくはかない消費のバブル」に頼ることはできないとの見方を示した。さらに、米国は「将来の雇用と産業ならびに、市場のために積極的に競争する準備がある」と続けた。 ... market research, surveys and trends
MBA Students Join Forces with Leading Companies to Cut Energy Use ...
Twenty-six business students will spend their summer break working with companies across the country to cut energy use, save money and enhance operational efficiency. Environmental Defense Fund's (EDF) innovative 10-week Climate Corps program trains MBA students in energy-efficient strategies and embeds them with leading corporations to analyze the most effective ways to consume less energy. Saving energy means less carbon dioxide pollution, the leading cause of global warming. Climate Corps "fellows" will spend their summer working at companies including Accenture, Cisco Systems, Dell, EMC Corporation, HP, Intuit Inc., ... market research, surveys and trends


Wisconsin MBA 2009 Employment Report - wisconsin
The 69% percent of Wisconsin MBAs who accepted employment outside Wis- ..... This fall, the Wisconsin MBA moved to a new, $40.5 million wing of ..... Summer Intern - Real Estate. Ruedebusch Dev & Const. Corporate Finance & Inv Banking ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tippie Finance Career Academy Blog - An inside look at the Finance ...
I will work with the investor group financial services team to provide analytic, pricing and planning support to Vanguard’s businesses. This will include significant financial analysis! Brief Description of your Background: I have an undergraduate degree in International Economics and Political Science. After graduation I worked for 3 years in business-to-business sales with Canon Business Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA. When I left Canon, I had been working in a consultative role where I called on Commercial Printers and provided them solutions from Canon’s high-end digital press line. Why Did You ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Looking Back, Looking Forward
Spring is finally here, and things feel very different. I am taking some courses that I love, I no longer have to worry about finding an internship, and I have gotten the chance to focus on what really matters to me. The first year at B-school has been enriching. It has been quite different from my educational experience in other countries (Mexico, Germany, Spain and Canada), but it has been enjoyable. It hasn't all been perfect, but even the bittersweet moments have been beneficial. Being in such a competitive setting, where I am constantly driven out of my comfort zone, has turned me into a more mature person. I dared to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Business & People Notes
Kevin J. Gross has been named president of the Oklahoma Division for Ardent Health Services and chief executive officer ( CEO ) of Hillcrest HealthCare System ( HHS ), beginning June 28. Gross has more than 30 years of experience, working with all sectors of the hospital industry. Gross earned his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. and a MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The Oklahoma Senate recently approved the appointments of Gov. Brad Henry for Martin Garber and Talia Shaull to the Tulsa Community College Board of Regents. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


MBA Employment Report MIT Sloan
MIT Sloan MBAs, whether you are looking to hire one summer intern or ten full- time .... 2. Finance/Other includes corporate finance and private equity. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Student Programs at the SEC
The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) provides an opportunity for current undergraduate and graduate students to work part- or full-time while in school. The Summer Honors College Program introduces undergraduate students pursuing degrees in such areas as accounting, economics, finance, human resource management and information technology/information security, among others, to the regulation of the securities markets and the work of the Commission. Students have the opportunity to work for ten weeks during the summer at the Commission's Washington, DC headquarters or in one of its 11 regional offices nationwide. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MBA: Summer Internships | Graduate School of Business | Sam M ...
Upon admission to the full-time MBA program, a student may be awarded a Graduate Assistantship.� Our Graduate Assistantships provide full or out-of-state tuition waivers, a stipend, and, in some cases, scholarship funding.� Students work either for the Walton College or for one of our corporate partners.�The work is arranged around your academic schedule and designed to complement your course work. Working with a corporate partner is a terrific opportunity for the MBA student who wants to pursue a career in business.� Because you are working in a business environment while taking courses, you have many opportunities to apply ...
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what an m.b.a student can do in credit analysis in summer ...
Suyash, you might more responses if you edit your question- your question is quite confusing. Do you want to know what a credit analyst does? Do you want to know what interns do? Do you want an intership? posted 2 months ago OD / Talent Management Specialist see all my answers Best Answers in: Staffing and Recruiting (3), Job Search (2), Organizational Development (2), Event Marketing and Promotions (1), Conference Venues (1), Economics (1), Compensation and Benefits (1), Offshoring and Outsourcing (1), Writing and Editing (1), Change Management (1), Project Management (1), Quality Management and Standards (1), Supply Chain ...
Finding a graduate program that's not a traditional MBA | Ask ...
I was thinking going back for an MBA, but realize I may be looking for something different. My background is in Internet, technology and media, and I have a degree in computer science. I'm also good at design. I've started technology businesses on my own, but I want to make a change and open up new directions. My interests lie more in the area of innovation, new product development/design, consulting and entrepreneurship. From the research I've done, most of the MBA programs are pretty similar, and geared to people who want to work on Wall Street or in large corporations. While I'm not particularly ...