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Special Report on

Multi-Currency Performance Attribution

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FactSet Taking Risk Blog: When Brinson and risk-based performance ...
While the two approaches to performance attribution explain the same excess return, they are conceptually and mathematically different enough that they will frequently produce inconsistent results. Since the point of analyzing from both perspectives isn’t to instantly validate each other, this kind of discrepancy shouldn’t frustrate you. In this post, I will offer some suggestions on how to proceed when you encounter these types of differences. Our most experienced users jump on these results as an opportunity to gain insight. You can too. To begin, I should review my terminology. Brinson attribution refers to ... market research, surveys and trends
Axioma » Blog Archive » Axioma Launches Enhanced Multi-Country ...
NEW YORK, May 4, 2010—Axioma, Inc., a leading provider of decision support, risk analysis and portfolio rebalancing tools, today introduced an enhanced suite of multi-country risk models featuring an improved methodology that better captures global sources of risk. “Axioma’s new multi-country risk models better capture the nuances of risk across geographic markets by recognizing the linkages between securities trading in multiple locales and the interdependence of trading activity in different time zones,” said Sebastian Ceria, Chief Executive Officer of Axioma. “These enhancements, combined with Axioma’s choice of multiple ... market research, surveys and trends


Performance Attribution for Fixed Income Portfolios Presentation ...
particularly suited to high yield, multi currency, core plus and municipal bond strategies g return quotations and linking ... The Duration/Allocation/Selection performance attribution framework ..... Percent Invested Snapshot. P A G E 27. THE WILSHIRE AXIOM ..... 3.5 million fixed income instruments, including ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Thomson Financial Acquires eXimius For Integrated Private Client ...
Thomson Financial, an operating unit of The Thomson Corporation (TSX: TOC, NYSE: TOC), today announced the acquisition of eXimius NV from Business Architects. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The acquisition builds on Thomson Financial and Business Architects’ existing partnership announced in June 2006. It will enable the seamless integration of Thomson Financial’s industry-leading wealth management and investment management capabilities with the eXimius front-office private client investment management application, and will allow Thomson Financial to offer a fully-integrated front-office solution for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
First No-Load, Open-End Hedge Fund Replication Mutual Fund Marks Two-Year ...
The IQ Alpha Hedge Strategy Fund (Institutional Share Class Ticker – IQHIX; Investor Share Class Ticker - IQHOX), the first no-load, open-end mutual fund designed to replicate broad-based hedge fund performance characteristics, marked its two-year anniversary on June 30th, the fund’s sponsor, IndexIQ, announced today. “The past two years have seen explosive demand for liquid, transparent hedge fund-like exposures, as investors of all types and sizes seek to mitigate market volatility while maintaining exposure to potential upward moves,” said Adam Patti, Chief Executive ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Cindy Sheehan shakes up the Drone-Making Man
WASHINGTON D.C. - Cindy Sheehan, preparing to protest the US drones that kill civilians, has already shaken up the security patrol at General Atomics in DC. Before she left home, the General Atomics "landlord" called her, concerned about the protest on Thursday, July 8. After she arrived in DC, she was watched by General Atomics security. Also, Sheehan's wallet was stolen and someone attempted to run up a $911.00 bill for merchandise at Target. Backing up a bit, General Atomics is the maker of the Predator B drone that crashed near the US/Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona, in April of 2006. Fortunately, no one was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Multi-Currency Performance Attribution
Multi-Currency Performance Attribution. The two main drivers of global investment performance are local asset returns and currency exchange rate returns. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.S. Corporate High-Yield Index
Multi-factor Global Risk Model. ♦. Portfolio performance attribution .... Currency. Lehman Brothers provides a rules-based methodology for limiting issuer ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Report - Performance Attribution: Washburn Student Investment Fund
Apr 19, 2010 ... Performance Attribution: Washburn Student Investment Fund. Statistical Analysis: Alpha and Beta. In this graph we see the returns to the ...
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Any idea about examples of KPI for hedging activity? | LinkedIn ...
You can put many KPI's on each actiivity, picking them from a list of existing indicators. But I strongly believe the best indicators are those that have been developped just for you. And in this case, those that YOU will design. As usual, start with the definition. What is a hedging activity? What does it embrace? Only the financial products? Or also the structure of the department? What do you want to measure? The efficiency of a new process? The risks taken by the organization? If you don't know what to measure, perhaps you don't need to measure... Most of the time, in such matters, it starts with a problem. ...
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2003 was a very good year for the world's favorite search engine. Google is now the Web's fifth most popular destination, drawing close to 60 million visitors each month. The company boasts over 150,000 advertisers and powers search results for 8 of the top 10 Web properties. Searchers want to use Google, sites want to be listed on Google, and competitors want to be Google. Though in no danger of losing its sterling reputation with consumers, Google is running afoul of advertisers and publishers. Advertisers report return on investment (ROI) and customer service have deteriorated. Publishers are incensed after ...