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Special Report on

National Public Finance Guarantee

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{"s" : "mbi","k" : "a00,a50,b00,b60,c10,g00,h00,l10,p20,t10,v00","o" : "","j" : ""} Press Release Source: National Public Finance Guarantee Corporation On Tuesday July 13, 2010, 9:25 am EDT ARMONK, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--National Public Finance Guarantee Corporation (National), an indirect subsidiary of MBIA Inc. (NYSE: MBI - News ), announced today that William C. Fallon has been named interim chief executive officer. Mr. Fallon is currently president and chief operating officer of MBIA Inc. Mr. Fallon succeeds Thomas G. ...
accompanied by an equally rapid accumulation of a large fund of savings, created the need to invest those savings profitably. The Dutch financial sector, both in its public and private components, came to provide a wide range of modern investment products beside the possibility of (re-)investment in trade and industry, and in infrastructure projects. Such products were the public bonds, floated by the Dutch governments on a national, provincial, and municipal level; acceptance credit and commission trade; marine and other insurance products; and shares of publicly-traded companies like the VOC, and their derivatives. ...
Monoline datapoint of the day | Analysis & Opinion |
Ambac, MBIA Inc. and Assured Guaranty, the three largest bond insurers, have set aside 0.04 percent of the total public finance debt they insure, or $520 million, to pay claims on municipal securities, according to regulatory filings by the companies. No, that’s not a misprint: the claims-paying reserves are 4 basis points of the total quantity of municipal bonds insured. What’s more, the market capitalization of all three monolines combined is less than $5 billion; the amount of municipal bonds insured, by contrast, is well over $1 trillion . What could possibly go wrong? Update : MBIA’s Kevin Brown emails to ... market research, surveys and trends
MBIA: Tranformation or transgression? (The Deal Magazine)
and others sued MBIA Inc. and several affiliates in federal court. The complaint alleges that the recent restructuring of MBIA, completed with the approval of the New York State Insurance Department, constituted a "massive fraudulent conveyance" and breach of New York's implied "covenant of good faith and fair dealing. ..." On April 6, Third Avenue Trust sued MBIA in Delaware Court of Chancery making similar allegations. These cases raise important questions for the insurance industry. The New York State Insurance Department announced Feb. 18 that it had facilitated the "transformation" of ... market research, surveys and trends


National Public Finance Guarantee Corporation - ...
(NYSE: MBI) today announced that it has established a new U.S. public finance financial guarantee insurance company within the MBIA Inc. group by restructuring (the “Transformation”) its principal insurance subsidiary, MBIA Insurance Corporation (“MBIA Corp.”). As part of the Transformation, the stock of MBIA Insurance Corp. of Illinois , a public finance financial guarantee insurance company, was transferred by MBIA Corp. to a newly established intermediate holding company, which is itself a subsidiary of MBIA Inc. This operating structure will facilitate both transparency and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cities Ask Treasury for $5 Billion to Fund Public Bond Insurer ...
says it will ask the U.S. Treasury today for a $5 billion interest-free loan to capitalize a new municipal bond insurer it plans to create. The Issuers Mutual Bond Assurance Co. would be the first publicly owned U.S. financial guarantor. The $5 billion capitalization would make it the biggest in the industry, eclipsing MBIA Inc. ’s capital base of $3.8 billion and the $1.1 billion of current market leader Assured Guaranty Inc. The company will apply to the Treasury for a ruling that its income be tax-exempt, said Cathy Spain, director of the League of Cities’ Center for Member Programs. “Fifteen shareholder-owned municipal bond ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Insurance Draws Spark Disclosure Worries
WASHINGTON — Municipal bond analysts worry that issuers increasingly are drawing on bond insurance to temporarily pay for debt service without disclosing the action to investors. “Any time an issuer responsible for paying debt service doesn’t pay and an enhancer ends up paying, it seems to me that would be a disclosure item,” said Mark Stockwell, chairman of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts and director of municipal research at PNC Capital Advisors LLC in Philadelphia. But the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rule 15c2-12 only requires such disclosures be made when ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Unfinished business
THE hefty financial overhaul that Barack Obama signed into law on July 21st (pictured) left behind one big piece of unfinished business. In 2008 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, mortally wounded from losses on loans acquired during the bubble, were placed in “conservatorship”, a halfway house between bankruptcy and outright nationalisation. There they remain, their losses duly covered with new injections of capital by the Treasury—$145 billion so far. Tim Geithner, the treasury secretary, has promised to address the matter of Fannie and Freddie by early next year but so far he has no answers, only questions (literally so: in April he ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


National Public Finance Guarantee Corp. Ratings Lowered To 'A ...
National Public Finance Guarantee Corp. Municipal Bond Insurance Assn. Counterparty Credit Rating. Local Currency. A/Developing/--. AA-/Watch Dev/-- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Theory of Public Finance in a Federal State
the EU – guaranteed by the Treaty of Rome – has had an effect. ..... Such a compromise is unavoidable for truly national public goods, like national defense ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Summary of Public Finance
Every major economy is now of this form. The world "corporatism" has nothing to do with "corporations," instead it comes from the Latin word corpus , meaning body. A corporatist economy is one in which the major share of economic production is handled through the private sector but the government has the power to regulate and direct the private economy. In corporatist economies there is usually a significant segment of economic production directly controlled by the government. In the U.S. this segment has included the postal service, public schools, dams and waterways, highways, trash collection, ...
Better question for you is WHY you'd want to buy municipal bonds ...
Bond insurers sent shudders through the $2.7 trillion municipal bond market when the threat to their triple-A credit ratings surfaced two years ago. But now that one of the biggest, Ambac, has said it may actually tip into bankruptcy, the market can barely manage a shrug. What gives? The short answer is that muni buyers and sellers have already largely written off insurers, although Ambac and others were considered crucial to the market not so long ago. "Within the market itself, the value of them has been nothing," said Daniel Solender, director of municipal bond management at Lord Abbett. In other words, if bond ...
How do I get to "National Public Radio" on my radio in my car ...
This really depends entirely on where you live!!! NPR has affiliate stations - more than 900 of them - all across the country. Look for your city (or the largest nearby city, if yours isn't listed) at their station finder:… 5 months ago 60% 3 Votes There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: January 31, 2008 Total points: 255 (Level 2) It is usually at the low end of the fm frequency. Go to to find the station in your region. 5 months ago 40% 2 Votes Member since: September 07, 2009