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Special Report on

Negative Gearing and CGT

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The Henry Tax Review has been released today and with it some lengthy responses to the huge number of property items it considered.  Among these items - and of significant concern is the review’s apparent acceptance of the arguments pushed by the  competition/deregulated zoning property lobby that wants to see planning and zoning  set aside in favour of short-term single-issue price considerations. (see our recent coverage on this in the search button under “zoning”). Note this comment from the review: “Higher house prices are likely to result from restrictions on the supply of housing that result from zoning, ...
appear to be inflated (when compared to some other developed economies, when compared to the long-term historical average, when compared to rental yields, and when compared to average income), and that this may constitute a real estate bubble . Broadly, Australian property prices have been rising in real terms for over 60 years, rose quickly between 1997 and 2004, and rose sharply again between 2004 and 2008. Since 2009, prices have leveled out at unaffordable levels except for property speculators. This behaviour, in contrast to many other countries during and after the current global financial crisis , has led to concerns about
Sinophobia and the property boom | Crikey
Foreign investment in residential property has been attracting a steady drip of mainstream media attention for months but is now starting to generate heat for the Government. What was hitherto a hot topic on real estate and property investment blogs and a call to action on xenophobic websites is now breaking out into a parallel issue to the asylum seeker debate: the Rudd Government relaxed the rules on foreigners buying residential property and now Australians can’t buy a home in their own country. Glenn Stevens’s statement that the RBA is “giving some attention to” the issue last week will only accelerate media interest. Most ... market research, surveys and trends
Henry: By going after the big guys, little guys will get hurt ...
The Henry Tax Review has been released and the Rudd Government has formed its response. So what good things has the government done for the average Australian family? Not a great deal. I know it’s a brash statement but when you think about it, the Henry Review is some 800 pages long, looking at things like housing affordability, childcare and family assistance. These are the things which families really care about because they are the biggest items which chew into the family budget and affect whether they have any spare cash or not. But were any of these things mentioned in the Rudd Government’s response to the ... market research, surveys and trends


Housing Affordability | Negative Gearing
Hooray Henry! The tax review headed by Treasury secretary Ken Henry has "told it like it is" in several key areas of tax reform, such as housing, superannuation and fringe benefits. It acknowledges that huge perks in these areas, especially for wealthy people, cause economic, social and environmental damage. It also suggests important changes to reduce this damage. Sometimes, its views are mumbled in a few sentences rather than declaimed with as much enthusiasm as other reforms it knows to be more popular, at least with the business sector. But that is still a great improvement on the past two decades of denial, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pre-Budget Submission: 2009-2010 Federal Budget
percent;. • low inflation and stable interest rates; ... total construction spending in 2009 is forecast to be $108 billion in ..... Support the current negative gearing and CGT regimes;. Fourth: Simplify the capital allowances regime; ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Big Choice
For many Australians, buying an investment property has long been the traditional choice to building wealth. Borrow wisely, buy well and you might enjoy the tax benefits of negative gearing until you sell — and pocket any capital gain. But is there another way? A big choice It’s one of the hardest investment questions to answer: should you invest in property or shares. Real estate experts say property — you can see it, touch it, even live in it, and many people think property values rarely fall — while other experts argue that a diversified portfolio of shares could deliver a superior result. While it’s ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ALP once knew how to sell its taxation reform
TAX reform, Kevin Rudd says, is hard business. The government is engaged in what he described this week as tough negotiations with a mining industry that is "large, big, muscley and, from time to time, . . . ugly". That's one way of putting it. But why does he have to make it so much harder for himself? There is no perfect political model for tax reform. The screams from those whose taxes rise always will drown out any praise from those receiving tax cuts or spending increases. Winning through requires a cool head and a strong heart, together with a willingness to compromise. But when it comes to the resources tax, as the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Negative Gearing & CGT
Aug 31, 2007 ... Negative Gearing. & CGT. AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS ACTION PLAN. NEGATIVE GEARING & CGT. TAXATION, FINANCE & CORPORATE AFFAIRS ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Prohibitin, an Evolutionarily Conserved Intracellular Protein That ...
multicellular organism to provide adequate negative growth ..... T1I CTC ATC CCC TGG GTA CAG AAG CCA ATC ATCTTT GAC TGC CGC TCT CGA CCA CGT AAT GTG CCG GTC ATC ACC GGC ...... Gearing, D. P., N. M. Gough, J. A. King, D. J. Hilton, N. A. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Interest Rates Effect On The Economy - Financial Forum Bookstore
Months 1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years 7 years 10 years 25 years amortization period What if i pay more every month? They are the ones who signed the loan documents If you've pledged property as collateral for a loan, the loan is called a secured debt Another re told me that although sales are slow, properties are still appreciating at a fast rate Of the seven employees selected for the pilot program, six have already served as mentors for other pbgc staff members. You can't buy a licence for version 4. In ventura county, prices fell 2. If you're considering combining your first and second mortgages, ask your ...
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I am confused as to the bailout issue. All of the articles I read about it do not discuss what the impact will be on working middle-classs americans. They only discuss the pitfalls as a whole. I feel that the articles I am reading are very biased and do not discuss the pros AND cons of the bailout for the people. They are all geared toward the negative effect it will have on our economy. I understand what that means for me if the economy continues to plummett but I would like to know where this money will come from if the bailout passes. Thanks for your help. I'm with you on this one... I think there's a ...
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For extra income, here's my plan. Buy a house, and rent it out. Hope that the rent pays at least half of the mortgage, until it's paid off. Then rent after that is pure this basically the gist of this? Or do random repairs often make it hard to make a profit off of renting out a house? Thanks. It takes 30 years to pay off a house. Do not worry about that part. Do not buy unless rent will cover rent 100% PLUS every month. Only 50% is stupid, you will be supporting people and paying for it. Right now (what is best varies by market) I am buying short sales and keeping the original owner as a tenant. ...