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Special Report on

Negative Gearing and Housing Affordability

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4.1        There are a number of factors which have driven up the demand for housing, and in particular for home ownership, in recent years. 4.2        As Australia has lifted its productivity, and benefited from the higher prices for its commodity exports due to the 'resources boom', average incomes and household wealth have increased. [1] It is unsurprising that households have wanted to spend some of this increased income and wealth on improving the quality of their housing. At the upper end there has also been increased demand for second ...
A negative gearing strategy can only make a profit if the asset rises in value(capital gains) by enough to cover the shortfall between the income and interest which the investor suffers. The investor must also be able to fund that shortfall until the asset is sold. The tax treatment of interest expenses and future gain will affect the investor's final return too. Tax rules vary from country to country. Negative gearing on property is currently only found in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, all countries in the Commonwealth of Nations.
Israel's Financial Expert: Guest Post: Reflections on Australia's ...
I watched an interesting interview with Jim Chanos on the Chinese Property Bubble. Jim Chanos is an American hedge fund manager of Kynikos Associates, a New York investment company that is focussed on short-selling (profiting from the fall in the value of an asset). Mr Chanos rose to fame in 2000-01 when he identified flaws in Enron Corporation’s accounts, resulting in management significantly overstating the company’s earnings. Chanos began short selling Enron and made massive profits as the company’s stock declined from $90 in August 2000 to a low of nearly $1 near the end of 2001. Chanos’ ability to ... market research, surveys and trends
Opinion: Remove the tax incentives for housing investors ...
It is the elephant in the room of New Zealand politics right now. Everyone knows it, yet our leaders refuse to address it, partly because they and their generation benefited personally through the massive house price inflation it created. I'm talking about the massive abuse of the tax system by property investors that has allowed them to set up various types of trusts and Loss Attributing Qualifying Companies (LAQCs) that make losses on investment rental properties to reduce their personal income tax bills. It's only just dawned on me (I'm slow on the uptake) that this is one of the major reasons for the ... market research, surveys and trends


Housing Affordability | Negative Gearing
Hooray Henry! The tax review headed by Treasury secretary Ken Henry has "told it like it is" in several key areas of tax reform, such as housing, superannuation and fringe benefits. It acknowledges that huge perks in these areas, especially for wealthy people, cause economic, social and environmental damage. It also suggests important changes to reduce this damage. Sometimes, its views are mumbled in a few sentences rather than declaimed with as much enthusiasm as other reforms it knows to be more popular, at least with the business sector. But that is still a great improvement on the past two decades of denial, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
References Investors, taxation and the housing boom
turn leads to a decline in the affordability of housing, generalised inflation and .... remarkable 99 percent of the overall $3115 million increase between 1987/8 and 1988/9. .... As the reintroduction of negative gearing and the stock ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Housing gets the vote
THIS week I was surprised to find that the burning issue of this election is not boat people, healthcare or the size of each leader's ears - it's housing affordability. Well, at least according to's interactive voting tool, which polled more than 11,000 voters on their top election issues. Just under 30 per cent nominated housing affordability as their No. 1 issue. Yet in all the baby-kissing, hard-hat-wearing, baby-boomer-hugging shenanigans of the past few weeks, I haven't heard either leader talk about this issue directly. So I contacted Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard (well, their ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Feature story: Getting the word out
What writer hasn't dreamt of holding that bound volume in hand, relishing the fresh-ink aroma, standing with pride at the podium of a local bookstore reading his or her own words to a loving audience? All across the country writers today are not letting rejection by traditional publishers stop them from getting their works in print. In 2009 alone, nearly 290,000 books were included in the publishing bible, Books in Print. But about a million books are available -- mainly through nontraditional means, whether online, self-published or through micro-presses, according to R.R. Bowker, which compiles statistics on book publishing. market trends, news research and surveys resources


Housing Costs and Affordability in Australia
11 Kim Wyatt, Jarrod McDonald and Mohan Nandha, 'Negative Gearing and Housing Affordability for First Home Buyers'. (2005) 8(1) Journal of Australian ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cooperatives :
Housing cooperatives offer affordability, a sense of empowerment in that residents have control of their own living situations, ..... Housing geared toward low-income families may ... selling price as a negative. For lower income resi- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WIDER Research Paper 2007-27 Housing and Personal Wealth in a ...
concerns over housing affordability and the UK's unusually weak new building .... to-value ratios, thus permitting high levels of gearing, and a high .... apparently negative housing wealth effect for Italy, which could be the result of ...
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