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Negative Gearing in Australia

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The family home - and the odd family investment property - both look safe from the Henry tax review, after the Treasurer yesterday went close to ruling out any changes to the negative gearing system. Wayne Swan has already rejected reports that the Henry review would propose putting a wealth tax on expensive homes. The real estate industry has voiced concern about tinkering with negative gearing, which allows investors to claim interest expenses on rental properties. The Treasurer stopped short of saying there would be no changes to the system. ''I'm not going to impinge on matters that may be the purview of the ...
A negative gearing strategy can only make a profit if the asset rises in value(capital gains) by enough to cover the shortfall between the income and interest which the investor suffers. The investor must also be able to fund that shortfall until the asset is sold. The tax treatment of interest expenses and future gain will affect the investor's final return too. Tax rules vary from country to country. Negative gearing on property is currently only found in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, all countries in the Commonwealth of Nations.
Keith Johnson Wellington NZ: Negative Gearing in Housing Tax Reform
This Blog covers my two main interests: 1. Consulting in Economic Analysis and Public Policy Advice 2. Family History Well I know I shouldn’t get started on Tax issues. Here in New Zealand, we have just had what the cattlemen in Northern Australia call a ‘bang-tail muster’ (i.e. lock-stock-and-barrel) review of tax policy. Predictably, ideologues and special pleaders have shaved and warped the outcomes. To the former, taxing property or land is inefficient – to the latter it is dangerously redistributive. Anyhow, in spite of the howls of the New Right ideologues for a massive Friedmanite re-branding, ... market research, surveys and trends
six weeks of political advertising ahead - zzzzzz!
Well the PM Mr Howard finally got his permission from Australia's military Governor General yesterday to hold a federal election on 24 November. In six weeks from now Australian voters will have really had a gutful of political advertising, then we will know whether or not will will still ruled by a gerontocracy or not. I felt a bit sad for Mr Howard yesterday. In a television interview he came across to me as a little pathetic. He was like man who had spent a long time in a factory job and had become so attached he believed he was the only one could do it. He has the belief he is almost irreplaceable. He should have ... market research, surveys and trends


Government Expenditures and Taxation Levels
Some older data on government expenditures and taxation as a percentage of GDP. Australia spends less from government, and taxes less than the European countries. Yet of our direct competitors in the Pacific Rim, such as Japan, South Korea, America, Indonesia and others; we tax more, and spend more. We are a Pacific nation, not a European one. We also practice American style capitalism. Consequently we will have to reduce the size of the state to at least American levels, if not Japanese levels, so that the state doesn't over-burden us in relation to our regional competitors. Pacific Rim - Government Expenditure to GDP Ratio industry trends, business articles and survey research
Debtwatch 27 October 08: The Failure of Central Banks | Steve ...
Just two years ago, Central Banks appeared triumphant. Inflation, the scourge of the 1970s and 80s, appeared dead, the financial crisis of the Tech Wreck had been contained, economies worldwide were booming, and stock markets and house prices were spiralling ever upwards. Then along came the Subprime Crisis, and we received a rude reminder of why Central Banks were created in the first place: to ensure that the world would never again experience a Great Depression. We are not in a Great Depression–not yet anyway–but a key pre-condition for one has developed right under the noses of Central Banks: excessive private ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A clear choice, but don't expect any risk-taking
WITH the Gillard and Abbott brains programmed to regurgitate the results from opinion polling computers, how do we know what they are really thinking? Here are a few ideas on deciphering election campaign speak. The Prime Minister says she genuinely believes this will be "a very close election", that it is "on a knife edge -- a knife edge right around the country", that it will be a "photo finish". The message: Julia Gillard is out to prove herself a liar. She wants to warn people off lodging a protest vote. That is, if you're a Labor supporter but are thinking of voting for the Liberals or the Greens -- say, because you ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Campaigning against economic change
The Federal Government had only to look back at history to anticipate the fight it was going to have over the ill-fated Resource Super Profits Tax. A couple of weeks ago, mining magnate Clive Palmer described the dumping of Kevin Rudd as prime minister as an unprecedented victory. "This is the first time in Australia's history that a prime minister has been defeated by a civil campaign of anger,'' Mr Palmer said. "Have a look when we first started this campaign where he was, and where he was at the end of it." Like many of the claims in this debate, that was demonstrably untrue. Australian history ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Private Rental in Australia
'negative gearing' in Australia) has become an almost inviolable taxation right. Critics have pointed to both the government revenue forgone and its ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Family Practice: Gearing for Geriatrics
States and 5.9% in Australia.2. What, then, does this mean for .... coagulase- positive, coagulase-negative, and penicillinase-producing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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timber in Australia. The forecasting ability of the model is evaluated. Simu- ..... the treatment of negative gearing on rented property. ...
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Are tax rates in Australia high as Europe? - Yahoo! Answers
Check out the ATO (Australian taxation office) website for all the info on Aus tax. You can do a search on what you are looking for ie "Tax rates" and find anything you want. The tax rates you are looking for is at-… PS- I think Timepond is somewhat misguided (with a huge chip on their shoulder too). I would hardly think that negative gearing is a RORT because negative gearing in effect means you are making a loss, yes you get a deduction on income from other sources that reduces the tax payable.. but you only get that deduction because the expenses of that asset ...
WikiAnswers - What type of taxation system is australia's income ...
It punishes achievement and rewards failure. It stifles economic growth. It attracts immigrants who don't want to work for a living. It encourages those who want to succeed to leave the country. It... What is taxation ? What you pay to be part of a civilized society. ----------------- When the goverment taxes you .... ---- Taxation, in the way used by the government, is when the government takes a certain amount... Related articles: Negative gearing and the taxation of capital gains in Australia*. Economic Record ; Sep 1, 2005; Fane, George Richardson, Martin; 700+ Words on real income from assets...the present